Video: Martini 700 Start-up

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Name: Martini 700 Start-up
Category: Racing
Date Added: 2016-08-02
Submitter: NeueKlasseGuy

Jim and Travis at Racecraft have the Martini 700 engine in the car and running. Still some tuning and tweeking to do before it's 100%.


Here's a quick video of it. It's LOUD!!!


Next stop is Rolex Reunion in Monterey.

700 Martini

Martini 700 Start-up

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that´s really great!


Reminds me of an experience I´ve had already several years back. My fatherly friend Wolfgang at that time had already told me some stories how he had been competing in the german Touring Car Championship in the 60s with his then-time 700 Coupe after he had finished his studies. His studies took place at the university in Braunschweig where at that time (starting some years earlier) also Peter Schrick was a student. Mr Schrick was already involved in some private projects with the 700 of Eckard Spelsberg - a student at Braunschweig university back then, too. Wolfgang told me, that they somehow managed to get permission for using the unversities dynometer for their private racing purposes by declaring it necessary for a term paper during the semester break (not that many dynometers out there back in the days). Mr Schrick about hand-made special race camshafts for both of them and they were experimenting on different exhaust lengths which ended up in - I don´t know that term in english - "Megaphone mit Gegenkonus".

To shorten the story a bit after selling his original racer during 70s Wolfgang had bought another 700 about mid-80s and had prepared it for historical racing. He had kept the old-times megaphone-exhaust and had put it on his new historical racer. During my visits I had seen the 700 in Wolfgang´s garage but I had never heard it run until one special day. Wolfgang asked me: "Lars, can you please help me towing the car out on the fields a bit? I´ve just completed a repair and have to check, if everything comes out OK." I asked: "Why don´t you just fire it up here in the garage?" "That´s too loud and will only result in trouble with the neighbours." I thought to myself: "Well, that little car with that little engine can´t produce too much noise, can it?" But I didn´t say anything and towed Wolfgang out of the village while he was waving out of the window of the 700 in the back to make me go further and further. When we had stopped and once Wolfgang had fired up that little beast I suddenly learnt what he had wanted to tell me with too LOUD for the neighbours. Man, that thing really had put out a serious roar - or let´s maybe better say "bangbang" to refer more closely to the 2-cylinder Boxer sound.


Again: Great video!


Best regards, Lars.   

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There was one of those at BMW Vintage a few years back. It wasn't even close to me but when it fired up EVERYONE heard it. Wow!!  Would love to hear one at redline!

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