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  1. Dang - those are some seriously bitchin' memorabilia pieces. Excellent work! Thank you for the effort to get these done.
  2. Nicely stated gentlemen. Thank for all for your contributions. Really good stuff going on. Mark - the details on that build are inspiring. Good eye
  3. Excellent Doug. Your 02 is going to be an even better runner. Like the bike carbs - super cool. 44 is a good number. Round slides - nice touch Have fun. May the wind be at your back to and from the show. r
  4. Ditto w/Mark, very nice indeed. Thank you for the effort of getting that piece done. Excellent
  5. Congratulations Rocco on your first born. There will always be another '02. I hope the '02 was able to teach some lessons. They seem to be very good for this, and driving of course. All the best, rob
  6. Yes it is still available. Whom is going to pm whom? Thank you.
  7. Thank you for your inquiry. We appreciate it The first gentleman who inquired yesterday decided to conclude the transaction. Thank you all who reached out. all the best, rob
  8. Hi bob, Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately we do not have a decent 71 grill/rs. If we can turn one up we will advise. all the best, rob
  9. Happy birthday indeed. Hope it is the best one yet
  10. Thank you Steve for that excellent explanation of what was, what is, and what should be. 2 thumbs and a finger.
  11. Excellent presentation. Study what you have to, then study more of what interests you Good work!
  12. Well said sir. Invoking those images brings to mind so many others. We continue to travel that road which we are forever changing. Your representation of this community is beyond reproach, at least from this opinion. Thank you. Two thumbs up.
  13. This is one of many cool parties to attend. Thank you for the long distance invitation. What should we bring? What is the dress code?
  14. We have some spare parts such as pictured to assist. We have also had a new bushing made in the past. Sending a note to contact directly.
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