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1974 BMW 2002 "Schwartz" in Belfair, WA

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Year:: 1974

Make:: BMW

Model:: 2002

Price:: 5000.00

Location: : Belfair, WA

This looks like the deal of the day but needs more pictures or first hand inspection to determine what is actually there.  If original Schwartz paint, this would be a very nice edition to someone's collection.  The owner has a nice collection of new and old BMW's.  I like the early bumper conversion, euro turn signals, hella driving lights and wheels on this car.  If the interior is as nice as the exterior in the pictures, $5K seems like a steal at today's prices.  Just passing this along and wishing it was closer to me.










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Is schwartz still considered a rare color on the later square tail light cars? Seem to be a lot more common color on them compaired to the roundies.

Schwarz is certainly a rare '02 color in the U.S., but, indeed, a bit less rare on the square taillight cars. I'm assuming you're talking about factory Schwarz cars; I regularly run into color-changed Schwarz cars. (Saw an original Ceylon car, now Schwarz, at Sports Car Restoration, a few weeks ago. Ten or twenty years ago, I suspect no one thought twice about such a change. Now Ceylon would probably be considered a "hot" color, and would be proudly re-painted in Ceylon!)


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