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REAL Alpina 5-Lug Wheels Wanted for a 1973 Bavaria

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I assume that you are also hanging out with us "others" at e9coupe.com ...as it also addresses e3's, and is a good audience to advertise for alpina's...I have a set that I found there a while back, (but planning to hang on to them for now)..14's are less disireable to some folks and thus less $..because of tire choices, but there still are a few around...good luck with the search.

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I had a set of 14X7 Alpina wheels on my former Euro spec E3 2800. I traded them due to lack of tire choices for this size (225/60-14) have gone the way of the dinosaur. Alpina never made a 5 lug 15" wheel, Your choices for the classic, period correct (no cover hiding the wheel hub/lug nuts)  Alpina 20 spoke wheels are 14" and 16" wheels.  The prices for classic 16" Alpina 5 lug wheel are now up to $400/500 a wheel so you need some deep pockets for them. The plus side of 16" is that there are plenty of  tire choices for performance tires.  CoupeKing sells 16" Alpina replica's  http://www.coupeking.com/product/coupeking-staggered-alloys/   but again, they ain't cheap.    Another option (read cheap!) is E34 15" style 5 wheels. Perfect hub and offset size for a E3 and you can run 205/60-15 tires with no speedo error and plenty of decent tires in this size.  15" style 5 wheels came standard on all E34 535i (89-92) and 530i (93-95) so there are plenty of them out there.  Click on this link to view my former Euro spec E12 with 15" E34 style 5 wheels.

http://www.firstfives.org/carmonth/may2009.html    Below is a pic of my former E3 2800 with 14" Alpina's.


As Auggiemize mentioned, check the classifieds in the E9coupe.com forum. Good luck in your search but you may need deep pockets to find the Alpina's you desire.




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  i have three types of rims available.

they are not alpina, they are 

for a CS model the wheels

are called "plus 100" and they

look like alpina wheels.

i also have real CS rims and

hub caps for them. finally i have

E34 bbs bmw factory wheels.

i can send you pictures of

all if you want to see them.



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I have a set of 5 Ronal wheels, 5 x 120.  Ronal was the maker of the wheels for Alpina.  They also made their own wheels that were identical to the Alpina wheels without the Alpina logo cast into the center.  They use the same center caps.  The wheels I have are completely refinished.  The centers are not painted black but you could easily do that yourself.  Email me for pictures.  Located in Vacaville,CA.  I also have a front spoiler for a Bavaria as well.  Please reply to me at: shermanmartinez at Hotmail dot com.

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I understand this is an old post.  I have an opportunity to purchase a set of Campagnolo 5 lug 6.5x14 magnesium wheels that are currently mounted on a Bavaria.  Can someone confirm that these are 5x120 spacing?  What else would they fit besides a Bavaria?


Thank you in advance for the information.



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