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  1. I was mentioned but rarely use Facebook. 215fivetwozerosix718. text stone
  2. can you give a pricer the package please. no value on craigslist either. stone
  3. hi, interested in the head, oil pump and book. please contact me at stone02@verizon.net thanks, stone
  4. yes the shaft on the early handles are deeper inside to accommodate the longer mechanism. most likely if you post in the wanted section, you can find a set of the older long spline type. stone
  5. Hi, the column guts are a tricky thing. once that little disc comes out, the one that you had in your hand, then the internals never work correctly again. I have had this problem too many times. the easiest way to fix this mess is to pull the column from the car and replace it. at this point you are four bolts from yanking the column. I have columns or others may have them too. if you want I can sell you one with the electrical switch attached. I also can walk you thru the whole process on the phone or FaceTime if you want. if the column shaft catches the lock bar while you are driving then there is no steering. this is why we gut the column for race cars as a safety precaution. the others have all stated reasonable ideas but changing out the column is the best choice. stone
  6. Hi, you are seeing two different era's of federal requirements. the picture with the wiring that attaches to the back of the column switches is for cars up to about 1971. those cars had a bearing that was forced into the column tube and stayed there, until the car got hit. then the column shaft would pop out of the tube and shove the shaft and steering wheel into your body during a crash. in 1971 or around then the the rules changed and there was a requirement that there be some form of restraint on the column shaft. later cars have collapse type shafts. this retainer #9 holds the bearing into the tube and also helps set the placement of the shaft into the upper part of the rag joint. the install should be done so that the rag joint is clamped first with some pressure against the shaft. then the column covers are installed and the fore and aft adjustment is made so that the horn ring is close enough to contact the steering wheel for it's full rotation and then the two bolts under the dash should be tightened. then the tube clamp at the firewall can be tightened. a small amount of compression on the spring is all that is necessary. the cover plate is very important. i have a few in the shop if you need one. stone
  7. how many would you like in the package when i send it to you? i have parted out so many cars and those rarely if ever get requested. stone
  8. Hi, i would like to give you all another option. since i recently repaired a 1976 80K mile car that to me appears to be all original, those wires appear to all be from the dealer installed AC system. usually the system is Behr, and these wires are the same as the ones i had to research and correctly reconnect in this car. wire #1 is the only wire that is not an original wire and so it may have been from the pump and rad fan to the fender relay. #2 is from the console switch for the fender relay. #3 is the connection from the body harness at the heater fan to the AC fan. #4 is also the console controls to the heater fan so that both fans cannot be used at the same time. #5 is the main power harness from the battery to the fender relay. the remainder of the pictures appear to show the wire group from the console to the fender relay and other connection ends behind the console. it took me several hours to fix this system because someone was there before. stone
  9. where are you located? is this the type of tank you want , with the twist lock type of fuel pickup? what year is the car? i have a few tanks hanging in the shop. what happened to the current tank? let me know. i am located in philadelphia pa. thanks, stone
  10. Hi, i don't usually look on the NK forum. i see you are looking for parts for the 2000. do a search for Al Taylor in NC eastern half. he has been parting out bmws for too many years and has alot of obscure and old parts. try him. good luck with the car. stone
  11. if they have not sold yet i would like a chance at them and i would like to know the price too. thanks, stone
  12. Hi,

      i am headed to Bel-Aire MD on saturday and could

    come get the glass if you are available. please call or text me

    at 215fivetwozerosix718



  13. i responded to you in the want ad section about

    coming to get the glass. please contact me.


    1. jcsteuber1


      Sorry for the tardiness about my response.  Where are you coming from?

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