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  1. Hi, i don't usually look on the NK forum. i see you are looking for parts for the 2000. do a search for Al Taylor in NC eastern half. he has been parting out bmws for too many years and has alot of obscure and old parts. try him. good luck with the car. stone
  2. if they have not sold yet i would like a chance at them and i would like to know the price too. thanks, stone
  3. Hi,

      i am headed to Bel-Aire MD on saturday and could

    come get the glass if you are available. please call or text me

    at 215fivetwozerosix718



  4. i responded to you in the want ad section about

    coming to get the glass. please contact me.


    1. jcsteuber1


      Sorry for the tardiness about my response.  Where are you coming from?

  5. i still have daily drivers and two customers that race. in both cases the glass is old and when they get broken or are too scratched to use at night then i put in a good used one for them and it is cheaper than a new glass at $240 for a new one. also, the last two that i bought from the dealer were incorrect. they were both the wrong curvature for the car. so i am looking for several good used and also have contacted Pilkington and PGW to see if they have any old stock. i am not hoarding glass but trying to have what my customers need on hand beside the 30+ parts cars that i already have. if you have a few sources i will gladly contact them about glass. stone
  6. hey i will take it if it is good. i could come get it any time after 5pm during the week and maybe sunday if you are good with that. thanks chris 215fivetwozerosix718 text
  7. fjord -tii, i am in DC often. i will contact you a few days ahead of my trip. thank you, stone
  8. rrost, are you headed east at any time. maybe part of the way on the turnpike? otherwise i will put it on the list and hope to get one or two more in that general direction. stone
  9. Hey, i am looking for a few good front windshields (10) to buy from people who may have saved a few during parting out cars. i will be putting them into storage until needed. if you are between Boston MA and Winston-Salem NC i will consider coming to get them. even better if a few people have glass and i can go in one direction and pick up a few at a time. please let me know. just to let you know, i expect to pay less than $100 per good glass because invariably some will break during pickup and storage. thank you, stone
  10. Hey, i am not sure if this is possible but a good trans shop might be able to use a front four speed case to replace the broken five speed case. if this is possible then the older style of clutch slave could be retained and less messaging of the tunnel might be also a good thing. you could call and ask Metric Mechanic, they usually give very solid advice. stone
  11. No more hubs in stock right now, but email me at [email protected] and can get you hubs and NK wheels




    Al Taylor

  12. Al, is there another set available? the ebay sale is closed already. please let me know. also looking for 14" NK steel set if you have some. thanks stone
  13. Hey, at the track last year and saw a piece of food under the car. then i thought, no one is eating around here. look under the car and see the yellow piece on the ground. look up and see the motor mount disintegrating. once they drop a piece the remainder is junk. it is not okay to drive on this. it must be replaced. so while at the track we put back in the factory rubber part and the driver said the car was not as twitchy as before. checked the driver side and found it to be falling apart. change both back to rubber and forget about them for 100,000 miles. stone
  14. can you show the back side please. pistons arrived , thanks stone
  15. hi, i have seen this left turn stiffness one other time. the car when loaded left and steering pushing hard left, the idler arm was just loose and the car had a bent front subframe from a right side hit many years earlier. the castle nut for the idler arm was touching the frame rail and leaving slight witness mark. if it is only left turns then you want to see the loaded side. additionally check the steering box bolts to ensure they are snug. stone
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