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  1. Curious, where is the date code on it?


    Thanks, Joe in NH 

    1. Vintagedavid


      The date is on the back side of the bottom spoke.

    2. Vintagedavid


      You can see the date circle in the last photo.  It indicates 68 made Italy

  2. Welcome back! As most have already mentioned, Sahara is a great period color...
  3. 2002#2 -- Your wheel/tire combo is stunning. Did you order the tubes also from Longstone?
  4. Price drop shipped from WA for this rare wheel.
  5. For sale is my original TISA wood steering wheel with horn button and hub. Wheel is in excellent original shape. Wheel is 17" end to end.
  6. Vintagedavid


  7. This seems like a nice example of an early 2002. Maybe it is just me, but it seems like the underside of the car has been patina'd to look dry and original. The more I look at the photos, the more I see that is unoriginal. Is it just me or does anyone else see a light coating of light paint to make it look dusty?
  8. That is like opening up a tomb. Cool stuff! Glad you were finally able to open the trunk up. It could have looked much worse.
  9. Wow! Great responses from others. I guess I'm not the only one who enjoys the "Projects" Any idea what the BMW sticker is to the right of the shift pattern on the dash of my first photo? Also, here is another photo from my travels.
  10. How about some photos of cars that are too far gone to be put back on the road? I'll start.
  11. Message sent regarding manual
  12. My oldest on her first drive in the 76 Automatic. She loved it!
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