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  1. Vintagedavid

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Barney --- You are my idol. It's amazing how quickly you can have a car restored. David
  2. Vintagedavid


    Excellent story! I really like that bucket seat.
  3. Vintagedavid

    Steering Wheel Thread

    1968 Nardi restored by the best in the business -- Bruce Crawford.
  4. Vintagedavid

    WTB: Fuel tank for 72 TII

    Wanted -- Good rust free fuel tank for my 1972 2002TII.
  5. Vintagedavid

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Found this cool Autoflug seat belt extension in the rear seat pocket of my TII which has been stored for 28 years.
  6. Vintagedavid

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Transported it cross country to home in WA. 1972TII. Stored for 28 years. Originally Polaris/Blue interior. Early production. I plan to slowly bring it back to life. VIN is under 500 of first production in late 1971. Yes, matching motor. Even steel wheels are all dated 11/71.
  7. Vintagedavid

    $40K driver 2002 at RM Amelia

    My early 72TII has dash control writing + fasten seat belt pod on top of dash. I also have yellow center tail lights.
  8. I found a derelict 2800 in PNW that has sat outside for many years. It is a complete car, but really a parts car. Are there any parts that are compatible with 2002? I see dual carbs. The clock is a pretty interesting little part. This does have a full set of 14 x 6.5 Campagnolo magnesium wheels which are 5 bolt pattern. I am wondering if there is anyone on the board needing 2800/Bavaria parts?
  9. Vintagedavid

    Passenger Seat Belt.

    PM sent
  10. Vintagedavid

    REAL Alpina 5-Lug Wheels Wanted for a 1973 Bavaria

    My apologies for the poor photo, but this is all I have at the moment.
  11. Vintagedavid

    REAL Alpina 5-Lug Wheels Wanted for a 1973 Bavaria

    I understand this is an old post. I have an opportunity to purchase a set of Campagnolo 5 lug 6.5x14 magnesium wheels that are currently mounted on a Bavaria. Can someone confirm that these are 5x120 spacing? What else would they fit besides a Bavaria? Thank you in advance for the information. David
  12. Vintagedavid

    WTB - Petri 2002 steering wheel hub

    Wanted to buy -- Petri hub and horn button to fit my 1972 BMW 2002TII. I have the wheel, I just need the correct hub.
  13. Vintagedavid


    Wood wheel is still for sale.
  14. Vintagedavid

    FS: Interior rear view mirror for 1974

    This item is still available. Price is $100 or reasonable offer.
  15. Vintagedavid

    FS: Horn pad from 1974 2002

    This part is still available. Please make a reasonable offer.