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  1. Looking for a used or NOS 1967 "Football" style washer bottle.
  2. Prices are going up and believe me I know what it costs to restore Bavaria's, not much different than coupes other than wood dash in coupes and generally more rust issues in the coupe. Prices are going up.....the 76' is a complete deal breaker for me in 02's, Bav's, Coupe's etc. Actually any post 75' classic. Why deal with all the hassles that come with the smogging of a 40+ year old vehicle, plenty of others out there. I'd rather pay more money for something like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-Other-Bavaria-/222128490445?forcerrptr=true&hash=item33b7e3c7cd:g:jbAAAOSwSWJXRJlq&item=222128490445 It's going to cost more than that to restore one properly and they are only original once "as they say."
  3. It's been for sale forever in Ramona........Asking a high price for what it is. Plus it's the dreaded 76' http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/cto/5609241526.html
  4. Also, anyone even considering buying this car that is a member of this site. Most of you are very well informed, this is for the ones that are not. These sort of "PRIVATE LISTINGS" - ARE TOTAL SCAMS... What I mean by that is all these guys do is get friends to bid up the price (or even themselves with separate Ebay accounts).......you can't view the bidders. I don't think it should even be allowed on Ebay. It is complete BS. I'm not being racist, but I will say it is very common tactic with a certain demographic of the community. Generalizing of course. That's all I will say about that. But please be very careful in your decision to purchase this vehicle, I think you will be in for a huge let down and reality check once you find out what you have been sold. See below for what I am talking about, click on the bidders and you will see a list like this. private listing - bidders' identities protected US $30,101.00 Apr-18-16 12:30:41 PDT
  5. Don't confuse the donate 2002day on the ice chest to my username.....unless you want to donate ......I had 2002DAY on my old license plate which is still hanging in the garage. Getting back to this particular car.....I call BS. "Rare French Ti" LOL....Somebody is crazy to pay $30K. More like a $12K car tops. My old 2002 with side drafts had way more cool stuff on the car than this.......it doesn't even have Solex side drafts...
  6. Thanks for posting the pics. Until you get the bumpers on and repost, it is hard to give feedback on the price. I'm sure you will take extensive pictures once it is actually ready to sell. Thanks for the teaser. It does look nice so far. I'm an ex-golf 2002 owner and love original paint cars, especially the rare colors. Too bad you changed it although I love Schwarz too. Looking forward to seeing the update.....The Golf 2002 tii on Bat is ending soon and it looks like it is stalled out at $12.6K with less than an hour to go if that gives you any indication, must have more issues than noted. And it is original Golf color (repaint but some original it looks like in engine bay etc.) and matching numbers. For reference: http://bringatrailer.com/listing/2002-bmw-2002tii/ UPDATE: CAR DID NOT HIT RESERVE AT $12.6k
  7. Well, like everything else in life, take the good, leave the bad. Thanks Jeff and John for all the hard work putting on the show. I know that it is not easy and could see the stress on your faces at the beginning of the show and the smiles and relaxation afterwards. Of course it was 72 degrees two days later and we finally got our rain (to grow some more grass at the park), but last time I checked your are both not Gods. Although some may argue that. Thanks again and if anyone returns an XLL T-shirt because they didn't like the show, you know where to send it
  8. Year:: 1974 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Price:: 12900 Location: : San Juan Capistrano Here is a link to the latest TII up for sale. This one is very similar to the other one we are selling but NOT #'s matching. It is a TII block however #2781052. So priced $1K less than matching number Malaga TII. I lowered the price $1K on the matching number today as well. This TII is a runner, come by anytime to test drive, please make an appointment first. I am not on this site all the time so respond to the CL ad please and make arrangements with me. Please direct any questions through the CL ad as well, my cell phone is in the ad, click on "Contact Info." The paint is nicer than the matching numbers car but the interior headliner will need to be addressed. We do have a headliner for it. It is a solid CA car. Price is negotiable, as usual, we would like this car to go to a FAQ member if possible and will help in any way we can coordinating with a shipper, etc. Here is the CL ad: http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/5255607128.html
  9. That Colorado car in first pic is a picture off 2002 AD website. Still for sale for $14.9K looks like, NO AFFILIATION.
  10. Year:: 1974 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 TII Price:: 14900.00 Location: : San Juan Capistrano I told you guys I would post when some more cars came available for sale. Here is the Matching number Malaga 1974 TII. http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/5233589189.html There will be another Malaga TII on CL tomorrow, I will post here too if nobody else does. Again, inspections are welcome, PM if you like but not on here all the time. Better to get a hold of me through contact info on ads. Thanks, 2002DAY
  11. So I am on the FAQ. This car is part of a collection. It is not a shop open to the public that anyone would know (well some of you will but keep it to yourself please). I am not the owner of these cars, simply a friend and broker for the owner. To avoid lookey loos and to save my friend the time and hassle of selling cars on the open market I am helping him out. There will be more to come, when they are ready you will see them on OC Craigslist, Ebay, or BAT or a combination of all three or just one forum depending on the car and what we feel would be the best target market. We of course prefer to sell to members of the FAQ so you will be given consideration and priority if you mention you are a FAQ member. If there is a 2002 or 1600 for sale in the next few months from SJC, most likely it will be one from the collection. Just PM me and I will let you know if it is one I am selling or not. I will not be showing the cars at the "shop" to avoid tire kickers and what not. So, please, serious inquiries only. We are ready to sell so make offers that are reasonable. I prefer to show these cars in person, they do exist and I do welcome inspections. We will ship at purchasers expense. I will be happy to arrange delivery with your shipper. Please respect the privacy of the owner. I will be happy to answer any questions pertaining to the cars for sale. I know them and have been a life long 2002/Bavaria/Coupe you name it as long as it is vintage fan. So, thanks for posting the ads on here and there will be more to come. We do have a clean title for this convertible so if anyone is interested in taking on this project it will be challenging but worthwhile. As we all know, these cars make great convertibles, most people have not seen one in person so always draws a crowd. Happy 2002DAY
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