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  1. Are all the holes on the mounting surface for different wheels that were used during the life of those hubs?
  2. From the logo on the center cap those were made by Appliance Wheels. (Unless somebody bought them without center caps and simply found some replacements that fit Lol).
  3. I have a Dinan rear subframe for a short neck differential that has camber adjustment and is powdercoated. Email for pictures: shermanmartinez@hotmail.com
  4. I have a couple of good used ones. Email for pictures.
  5. I have both. In excellent condition. Email for pictures. shermanmartinez@hotmail.com
  6. Don't worry Steve! You know me. I have a NOS item that has never been mounted on a steering wheel. You know the drill, email for pictures. shermanmartinez@hotmail.com
  7. As always,"Are you looking for an original trapezoid mirror, or the later flag/rectangular mirror?" I have trapezoidal mirrors and one flag mirror with a small defect in it.
  8. That is the key advantage of the Behr unit, it uses the original parts as well as having pieces that have the same grain in the vinyl as the dashboard.
  9. He's looking for the earlier version with the barrel shaped wooden end. I have a couple as well as the other stalk.
  10. Have several in excellent straight condition. Powdercoated. Email for pictures; shermanmartinez@hotmail.com
  11. I have one from an E21 that used the 240 five speed that could possibly be the same.
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