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  1. What year is your car? By the rear side panel and the rear seat upholstery I would guess you have a pre 74 model. The early cars up to 73 had all chrome latches and the 73 models used latches that were black and chrome. shermanmartinez at hotmail dot com
  2. All Getrag 245 transmissions sold and shipped out. 240 Getrag still available. shermanmartinez at Hotmail dot com
  3. The only thing on the center cap that is metal is the waffle. The hex portion is plastic and does not thread into the centerbore of the wheel. The RS wheel uses an aluminum hex although the threaded portion is still plastic. shermanmartinez at Hotmail dot com
  4. Golf73 is correct. Just remove your radiator and take it to a radiator shop and have them put in a 3 row core. Don't let them tell you that they have a high efficiency two row core that will work fine! You might also research to find out the radiator shop that Curt used as he did not do the actual work of removing the old core and installing the three row core. You could then package up your radiator and send it to that shop if it is still in business. shermanmartinez at Hotmail dot com
  5. Although they are set up as passenger side seats (backrest adjust knob is on the right on each) I bet you can acquire the correct driver side outboard hinge and inboard hinge to turn one seat into a driver. I have several of those hinges available. shermanmartinez at Hotmail dot com
  6. Have one with original bore, deck height, and crankshaft bearings. Unfortunately, I am on the west coast. If you get desperate I guess. Lol shermanmartinez at Hotmail dot com
  7. They are simply the original part that has been modified. If you look in the BEHR installation instructions you will find the way the shift surround is modified. I acquired these installation instructions from a BEHR technician back in the early 90's and gave copies to both Mike Macartney of Jaymic in England and Bob Murphy of the tii register so many people have copies now due to my footwork and patience in acquiring them. shermanmartinez at Hotmail dot com
  8. Sorry Tlambert I sold my last cast iron tii exhaust manifold about three weeks ago locally. I do have Stahl headers which are not a bad way to go and give a slight horsepower and throttle response increase depending upon any modifications you have done to your engine. shermanmartinez at Hotmail dot com
  9. I have a couple in excellent condition. Email me for pictures: shermanmartinez at Hotmail dot com Please email direct, not the PM/private message method.
  10. I have them in excellent clean used condition. Shipping to Canada is not a problem. Email for pictures: shermanmartinez at Hotmail dot com
  11. PM's replied to. As stated in ad, reply by direct email for fastest response to avoid disappointment! shermanmartinez at Hotmail dot com
  12. Hi Sherman

    Phone no worki

    Call me 818-203-0639

    Season Greetings


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