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  1. I have the mounting bars, cage nuts, and gaskets for the flag mirrors.
  2. I have several good used steering column pads available. shermanmartinez at hotmail dot com
  3. And then according to election law, you have to pay a price depending upon how many items on the list you want to see! Lol
  4. You are absolutely correct. I am having a battle of wits with an illiterate. Hypocrisy is spelled with an I not an O. Your is possessive, the correct use is the contraction you're (you are). I love it when people of your mental capability attempt to show their intelligence and show their lack of it in simple diction and speech. There's an old saying that your mother obviously did not tell you:" Sometimes it's better to remain quiet and simply be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth (or misspell or use incorrect diction) and remove all doubt". Actually people like you that lack the ability to tune their own car keep automotive programs alive. Thanks for your help!
  5. I actually did in telling him I had some cage nuts available. Done. The reasonable and fair offer was presented to you when I made it. I didn't tell you to make me an offer. It seems that got by you, just like the fact that I told this poster that I had cage nuts available. The only one sniveling was you: when you were trying to bust somebody's balls over ten bucks. You fail to see the hypocrisy in refusing to pay a fair price and try to haggle over 10 dollars yet see no problem in steering somebody to pay a high price on a small part .
  6. Those covers are very hard to come by since that style of knob was only used for one year I believe. The knobs are basically the same as the knobs used previously in terms of attachment and outward appearance. I am guessing it may be possible to use the covers with the smaller opening and the corresponding knobs. I have one cover with the 60 mm opening but it is for the left/driver side seat.
  7. The hypocrisy is astounding. Why would you haggle ten bucks on a used part but refer somebody to a cage nut for twenty-two dollars?
  8. Well Chris, you're holding an upper cover and saying you need one with a different sized hole yet you say you need a lower cover. I am guessing you need an upper cover with a different sized hole. The upper covers I have available have a 46mm hole.
  9. There are two covers: the upper hinge and the lower hinge.
  10. Appears that you have a driver's side saddle door panel with a passenger side door panel and left and right rear panels that are tobacco.
  11. Hello Rick, Yes, I have several of them as I stated previously. Did it occur to you that your email did not go through? In this case I did not receive an email from you. It also appears to me that you want to get one from another source which is perfectly fine. Thank you, Sherman
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