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  1. I have a pair of flag mirrors available. PM me with your email address and I can send you pictures.
  2. If you are referring to the bracket which is held to the door skin by two countersunk head phillips screws they are the same left or right.
  3. Actually, I had replied to your post telling you I might have what you need but there was never a reply from you with your email so that I could send you a picture. Somebody else replied after several days and they purchased it. Opportunity sometimes slips from our grasp.
  4. Those bolts are 22mm in length. It's shown on the parts manual diagram.
  5. Well Mr. Webster, just because something is porous doesn't mean that the porosity extends all the way through to the outer surface. I was referring simply to the quality of the casting and lower grade castings usually are porous which is structurally weaker than a better quality mold in the casting process since there are pockets of air rather than metal due to sand getting into the molten metal during the pour.
  6. Well for starters, anytime it has "Brand name here" followed by "style" it is a copy to avoid litigation. The fin layout is different from a genuine Alpina cover (probably to also avoid litigation, since it could be argued that it's not trying to be the same since the fins are laid out differently than the genuine article). As Russ mentioned it also does not have Alpina cast into the upper right corner . The interior casting is also quite porous.
  7. Wow Steve, I am truly disappointed and shocked! You forgot to state that the bumper brackets would be different for 73 model year US cars.
  8. Well, never heard of that happening before. You really must have made your kugelfischer pump unhappy to make it throw that "nut with big washer" off. LOL
  9. I have a very nice clean 3.91 open E21 differential. Email for pictures: shermanmartinez@hotmail.com
  10. As 76mintgrun02 said, it would help you to either show the distributor number on the body or give the number in your post. He also stated correctly that the 74tii distributor is a vacuum retard unit and not vacuum advance. That is something I have pointed out to more than a few self proclaimed experts (LOL) over the years.
  11. Have several of them in excellent condition.
  12. Have several good used units pulled from running cars.
  13. Have several excellent used ones and a new one as well. If you have a/c you will need to open up the bottom of the shield to allow the belt to pass through.
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