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  1. My guess is that many younger 02ers just went to Googleland to find Sonett... Concurrent with one of my 02's, I had a 95 (5 cylinder wing-ding) and a 96 (V-4 designed and never used by Ford in US, with 4 on the tree), the gateway drugs to a Sonett. Yours looks beautiful, and I'm sure that you miss it...Transmission will last longer on an 02 tho.
  2. The trick (from this end of the country), of course, is to know what goes to the warehouse, the price on that item, and then how to identify the item of interest to the estate sale company....etc.....Then, the logistics of shipping. Wish I was there. Best of luck to Bill. I don't guess he knows/would share the contact person for post sale sales...?
  3. I was still riding the blue bike that Bev Sherwood sold me for $5.00. My first car was a 69 2002 in high school. Manila with black interior. Put a Stebro on it and thought I was cool. I think it was about $700, and sold it for $900, then bought a 72....then a 320i (mistake) in 83, and went dormant until about '98 or so. Then bought a 76, now Nevada, almost restored, and a Taiga 76, since sold...
  4. Still trying to get a removable hardtop from near Baltimore (Ellicott City) to NC...maybe someone coming to the Vintage with truck/trailer?. Happy to pay $100 towards fuel. 52" x 52" x 22"...not really heavy as much as size is problem...Wont fit in my Volvo wagon and my pickup is too old for the trip. I resemble that remark myself. Appreciate any help. Dave V. in western NC
  5. I want the spare wood dash parts to restore...the one on the ground in the pics just before the carbs.... Alas, I'm 2800 miles away... Wait times? I do quite a few estate sales, and since covid, my advice is go early and still take a chair, a drink, and a sandwich (maybe an umbrella)...each of the 15 (knowledgeable) people inside will spend at least an hour-ish inspecting the contents. Good luck to those local.
  6. I really appreciate the feedback folks. It all helps. Dave V. in NC
  7. Thanks for the quick replies folks, and especially the pic 99. I'm sorry I'm been AWOL for a while, but haven't we all. I've missed being in tune. Pun intended...Hey John, ever get rid of those old yokohamas? Is my recall working...Cant afford Prevegen. Again, appreciate the input. Dave V. in NC
  8. Not quite a mechanic, yet...any trick on swapping a new fuel pump for an old one (carbed engine)? Do I need to prep the new gasket with anything?...obviously make sure all old surfaces are clean, hoses are new, and filter...and a catch can under to keep peace with my wife...Thanks, Dave V.
  9. I have a fibreglas hardtop for a 68 Datsun roadster (42"42"20"h) that is in Ellicott City MD, near Baltimore... (pickup at the guy's house; he cant box it and has no truck) and needs to come to somewhere near me...I'm in Morganton, NC, on I-40, about 90 mins west of Winston-Salem...so I am not far from I-85 either...(would even consider a meet-up at I-95, but thats 4.5 hrs..). I know that this is a covid-shot-in-the-dark, but I would kick in $100 for gas...Best bet might be to lure someone this fall during the Vintage, but I would really love to have the thing sooner. Cant win if I don't enter...Thanks for any great ideas, etc, Dave V. dvdesignsATbellsouthDOTnet
  10. Look forward to it. I'll have a few parts and some cool t-shirts at hotel Fri PM....Maybe next year, you should have a tent with lovely frauleins mit lederhosen demonstrating a set of your re-furbed (and outstanding) shoulder/seatbelts... travel safely. DV
  11. Hey Al! are you coming to Asheville this weekend for the Vintage? ...should I load up the wagon with goodies? Hope to see you there., Dave V. in Morganton
  12. Wow. Thanks Steve, Nick, Gordon, et.al., for paying attention, and sharing your expertise. Yes, I could use a single...can I sell the other three? Who knows...Will be great to get a barometer reading on current value..or at least the B.A.T. version. Alfa guys tend to open their wallets a little wider, it seems. Dave V. in NC
  13. Steve's note sorta reminded me of an "Antiques Roadshow" that I watched recently where the guy was asked what he thought was the value of a pair of 18th century family portraits, and the owner said "well, it's family and it really doesn't matter"...and the appraiser said, .."well, for insurance purposes, I would estimate $35-40 thousand", to which the owner said "you want to buy them?"
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