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  1. Look forward to it. I'll have a few parts and some cool t-shirts at hotel Fri PM....Maybe next year, you should have a tent with lovely frauleins mit lederhosen demonstrating a set of your re-furbed (and outstanding) shoulder/seatbelts... travel safely. DV
  2. Hey Al! are you coming to Asheville this weekend for the Vintage? ...should I load up the wagon with goodies? Hope to see you there., Dave V. in Morganton
  3. Wow. Thanks Steve, Nick, Gordon, et.al., for paying attention, and sharing your expertise. Yes, I could use a single...can I sell the other three? Who knows...Will be great to get a barometer reading on current value..or at least the B.A.T. version. Alfa guys tend to open their wallets a little wider, it seems. Dave V. in NC
  4. Steve's note sorta reminded me of an "Antiques Roadshow" that I watched recently where the guy was asked what he thought was the value of a pair of 18th century family portraits, and the owner said "well, it's family and it really doesn't matter"...and the appraiser said, .."well, for insurance purposes, I would estimate $35-40 thousand", to which the owner said "you want to buy them?"
  5. I cant say that I'd argue your points. I have been around these little cars for decades, now, and watched the angst of the woulda, coulda, shoulda of buying and upgrading/restoring round and squaretails...I now realize how fortunate (I would say smart if I had bought 10 2002's when I bought my current 02..) that I was to do what I did, and when I did it. This looks like an honest "moment in time" opportunity for someone, at 23K. I wouldn't make any 911 comparisons, but would look at what similar period Alfa'$ are doing. The demographic for 02's is such that the demand is still really strong, and should stay that way for several more years. $30K is a good low retail number, and I think a great place to start, but there is much more karma to be had for the right loving buyer at 23-25K. Plenty of profit for the seller, I'm guessing, but not greedy. Maybe its just old-fashioned, but I get much more satisfaction selling for a little less, at times, to folks who obviously have the passion, rather than the ones who just want something. I think that there is a difference. So, as stated, no real argument at 30K, and cutting the right someone a great deal... Dave V., lousy capitalist...
  6. I've been away for a while, and I come back to this. Amazing. My only advice can be gleaned from this short story.. In a design class final in college, c. 1975, we had to build a chair built of cardboard and Elmer's; nothing else. I had to borrow a truck from a "farmer" friend to get my magnificent, modern chaise lounge, that was a cross between a stealth bomber and a storm chaser trapezoid-mobile (it really was pretty cool..) to class and back. We had a big end of semester party, and left it on the back deck of the apartment overnight, and it rained like at the Vintage last weekend...The next morning it was boneless chicken ranch furniture. McArthur's Park. Someone left the cake out in the rain. As Colbert says, ask your grandparents.... Anyway, I am amazed at your x-actomanship, and attention to detail. Best smile I've had in a long while. Thanks. Dave V. in NC
  7. Is that a goose egg in your pocket, or are you just happy to see...Glad that your spirit is strong, and attitude still intact. And that your Lady is there for you. Anything that you currently need?..within reason..:) We have your back brother. Dave V. in NC
  8. https://www.gofundme.com/paul-wegweiser Heard some disconcerting news over on the E9 board, that Paul started a go fund me page, and is ill. Its Facebook, and I don't do that, so hopefully someone more familiar can advise. I've always liked him, and fell hard for the f-bomb when he first brought it to Winston-Salem for the Vintage at Old Salem IIRC. My first true love was a 72 Riviera that I bought used c.1975. Keeping Paul in our thoughts and prayers. I've been away for a while, so forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere on the forum. Dave V. in western NC
  9. Well there you go...so my new price is $50 for both, plus shipping in US! Black Tuesday special...:)
  10. I'm not a body repair guy, but looks like the side part of the frame that holds the gas tank has some rot, and where it attaches to the quarter panel, and maybe the quarter itself...as noted, the patch panels are 6.75", which would be taller than that point, if memory serves... But not sure if what I have serves your needs. If so. give me a yell...
  11. I thought there were viewable pics...so I haven't learned yet!...drop me a PM with your email and I'll send a couple..DV
  12. NOS bott rear quarter panel patch panels, W & N sticker says made in Belgium, some scale/surface rust from storage, but solid, will clean with a quick blast to be very nice. Cant find in their website for comparison price/etc. $50 for either, or $90 for both, shipping at actual price to USA. Measure 6.75" in height (blue/white is stryrofoam so no more blood spilled..) Check or postal money order. Dave V. in NC.

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