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  1. oh2fly


  2. Doesn't look familiar at all to me and I live in Eugene. I will check with my better memory bank and report back if I learn anything worth posting. On first glance, I would say the hood is a lighter color than the rest of the pass. side.
  3. oh2fly

    seat bolts

    There are two lengths of those bolts. The thickness of the metal brackets is your clue as to which bolts go in which holes. The wave washers go between bracket and seat, not bracket and bolt head. The thin, flat washers go under the bolt heads and are somewhere between cosmetic and functional. Be easy with them. The 17mm flat sides of the bolt heads touching the washers need a quality 17mm open wrench, some common sense and a little luck to end up with a win-win ending for all . Dave's new shop rules include: no bleeding and no cross-threading of any fittings. There's more rules, but these two might get you through this job.
  4. Looks like a 2002 replacement part.
  5. I have a new early nose panel for the project, in stock. $1100 in Eugene.
  6. I bet I could find 3 more to match this one for the same price of $70 each. Mine are in Eugene, OR. I would rather not ship these either. If I knew the date stamped on the wheel offered, I could find more with the same prod. date and manufactor's stamp to make a real set.
  7. Our 69 1600 "Plan B" has a square decklid as well. It also has a warmed over tii engine. It has been begging me to bring it back to life and start driving it again.
  8. Great color, limited availability and girls love it.
  9. oh2fly


    How long do tribute hoses have to remain firm? Four hour max rule still apply?
  10. Judging by the date (02) and the offset (13) , I would say you have a sweet set of e21 wheels. GLWS
  11. Sherman, those wheels sound like the uber rare and desirable, original, never run on spares.
  12. I vote for a probationary timeout for Mr. tii. If he can actually sell and deliver parts here without any drama or scamming, it would be a step in the right direction for the future of his relationship with the 02 community. If only bad news comes from dealings with him, then banning seems a more appropriate approach .
  13. I recall many years ago that we drilled the hole in the boss for the oil return fitting to make a non-tii block work in a tii. Pressed the tube in the new hole and smiled
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