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Aggggh! The Dreaded Heater Fan.


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So I don't know if there is a more posted about topic than the blower fan and the heater box.

I've learned a great deal from this board about the topic. I knew it would a big task. But OMG, with the FridgeKing AC system in the way it was a good hour long wrestling match. The AC system needs to be restored anyway so I decided to pull it out with the heater box. All day later I have both out and sitting on my garage floor. Now the task of finding a reasonable price on the blower motor and the time spent on the box rebuild.


Anyone have a good source for the motor, I've seen a big range in prices and I don't want to break the bank.


Thanks for any help you can give.

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If the fan on your old motor is good (not bent, hub not loose from the blades) and the old motor is shot, you can remove the fan from the old motor without too much trauma:

1.  carefully measure exactly how much armature shaft is protruding from the fan hub, so you'll be able to place the fan in exactly the same spot on the new motor.  Otherwise it'll either hit the heater housing or the motor.  And mark which side of the fan faces away from the motor.


2.  saw through the armature between the fan and the motor housing, leaving the stub in the fan hub.


3.  set the fan hub on a suitably-sized socket and use a hammer and drift to drive the stub of the armature shaft out of the hub


3.  using another suitably sized socket, carefully drive the fan (be sure and reinstall with the correct side facing upwards) onto the new armature shaft to the same spot as it was located on the old motor.


Once you have the heater box all reassembled, test the fan/motor before reinstalling the whole heater just to make sure the fan isn't hitting anything.


You're done.



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I have a cleaned and working heater motor with fan for sale, and I think I can beat any other price you've seen.  Problem is that I'm on vacation and won't be home where the motor is until the beginning of November.  I don't remember my asking price but it's in my records at home.  I also have a picture, but it too is on my home computer.  Let me know if you're interested.

Fran Ferrance


Wrightwood Ca (home)

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A Porsche fan of some sort works too. Polarity is just backwards. No biggie. Usually pretty cheap too.

The Porsche part numbers are: (both no fan)

0130007002 - with plastic girdle

0130007018 - with out plastic girdle - see pics


BMW part numbers are:

64 11 1 356 500  - No fan

64 11 1 356 501 - With fan


Hope this helps. Beaner7102



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