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  1. That is hydrochloric acid 5%, not sure I'd clean carbs with that. Beaner7102
  2. Ash tray up to 71 (manual) - 51 16 7 466 065 Ash tray up to 71 (Auto) - 51 16 1 801 675 Both NLA, try W&N, they had them a few years back. Beaner7102
  3. +1 If you do delete the box, DONT block off the water flow. Just run a length of rubber heater hose from the block to the waterpump. Sorted. Beaner7102
  4. Trim for all years is anodised, not just roundies. Beaner7102
  5. Can you recreate it and have it digitally printed directly to the fabric, the same way that flags and fabric banners are printed. Our sister company at work could do this, but Australia is such a long swim to the states. Rough sample of the artwork attached. Just a thought Beaner7102 Recaro fabric.pdf
  6. Alixta, I think all early OZ 02s were first delivered to the UK, until Australian compliance regs took over (not sure when) and they were sent direct. Both my cars (carb not Tii) were delivered to the UK, the 71' then went to Melbourne, the 72' went to Perth (but I bought it in Melbourne). HTH Beaner7102
  7. But I would rather pay $1.62 for a shiny new one from a dealer, or 15 cents from a bolt shop. Beaner7102
  8. The elephant trunk tubes sort of self seal - they let water and dirt drain out of the heater plenum (into the engine bay), but keep the fumes out. If they are not in place engine fumes will enter the plenum and into the cabin through the heater. The hood seal (under side of the hood part# 51235480192), and side hood seals (on the fender near the hood locking shaft, part #41615480195/6) also keep fumes out of the heater plenum. HTH Beaner7102
  9. Snowy, jump on the 123Tune group buy - it ends tomorrow - see link. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/184447-its-here-the-great-123ignition-group-purchase/ The 4-R-V model is about $405 AUD shipped for a brand new electronic dizzy, with 14 pre-programmed curves. Beaner7102
  10. That brown spacer is made from Phenolic Resin and is there is insulate the carby from the heat of the manifold. Remove it at your peril. You may find that the fuel will evaporate from the carby, causing restart issues after a drive. Beaner7102
  11. Part # is still available - approx $9 each ($144 per set of 16) IE's are only $5.50 each ($88 per set of 16) - time to break out the grinder and save $56 Beaner7102
  12. Not knowing too much about EFI tuning, but the basic science is: cold air is more dense, making the mix leaner. So you need to make the cold start tune richer - think of it like pulling the choke out to close the butterflies on a carby, to reduce the airflow for the same amount of fuel - making a richer mix. HTH Beaner7102
  13. Roberrick, I would not series 2 batteries, you will fry your 45yo electrics with 24v. Yes you could have killed the condenser, you can run without one, the points will just get eaten quicker, but not this side of Christmas. What is your spark plug gap? Are they clean (all the fuel and cranking I'm sure they are fouled). Check and recheck the basics, you will get there. Beaner7102
  14. Marshall I believe all E30s are over by 10% out of the factory. I have learnt to drive mine looking at the tacho. But it is a pain, as I just swapped tires around from the E30 to the 02 and I need to tea learn the revs again. Beaner7102
  15. Simeon, I have done a full face on my early 71' gauge. I took photos of the speedo with a GPS speedo app (on iPhone) and calibrated from there, so its perfect. The photo show an old version calibrated from the wheel/diff/rpm calculator but it was not as accurate. Let me know if you need help doing the same. Beaner7102 2002 66-71 speedo.pdf
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