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  1. put me down 2nd for the front bumper - also in Texas
  2. Thanks. Went and had another look today - forgot that the stud that holds the adjuster bar had come out with the nut still attached. I will try to separate ..
  3. Hi simple question - can’t seem to find a good picture of the bottom alternator mounting bracket and bolt, bracket, sequence and size - 1976 2002. I’m putting my alternator back on but it’s been over 7 months since I took it off. Thanks
  4. Paid for Automatic transmission - never shipped!!!

  5. ill take the alternator bits - do you have any of the bolts and nuts?

  6. just checking - is this a BMW part? If so ill take it for my '76

  7. 3rd in line for the brake kit :)

  8. Hi After a Petri hub. I have a good wheel but the hub is damaged. Location: Austin, Texas
  9. Any chance of finding the original pictures for the heater box removal article - the text is good but the pictures are great.
  10. I am after a Petri Hub for a 2002 or a Petri wheel with hub - any condition. I have a good wheel but the hub does not fit my 2002.
  11. What is the correct oil pressure gauge range I should get? I have seen 0-100 PSI , 0-150 PSI. Sender will of course match the gauge range. Please confirm
  12. Awesome - thanks! Everybody really needs some sort of visible rear 3rd Brake light for these older vehicles!
  13. Thanks - please take notes of your install and post to the board if you can
  14. Hi, My 2002 tii valve cover has seen better days. Is there a difference between mine and a standard 2002 cover. It appears that there are differences looking at the images on the web.

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