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  1. Will these work with standard '76 automatic?
  2. mosman58

    Front sway bar orientation

    Thanks - this is not mine but there is no mention of orientation in any of the books.
  3. OK - have checked the forums etc. Is this the correct orientation? does it matter?
  4. mosman58

    WTB behr expansion valve

    what does that look like?
  5. mosman58

    WTB 2002 tii exhaust heat shield

    thanks - i'll go with the combo gasket/ heat shield
  6. mosman58

    Automatic gear selector

    there is a guy who sells the brushes - not factory but very close!
  7. After a good used heat shield.
  8. mosman58

    Crusty 1975 part out

    is the front subframe any good?
  9. mosman58

    Am I caught in a Behr trap?

    I have a complete Behr unit - replacing it - I think I have the switch - not sure if it works... Happy to send and we can work something out - unless there is a simple test I can do ..
  10. Scott Tony - based in Austin. ’76 2002 Auto
  11. Scott awsome - one more of the belt on the alternator pulley would be most useful thanks
  12. Scott could you take some top and underneath pictures of the new install please
  13. Some pictures would be great! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk