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Best Book Or Online Resource To Learn About Solex Carbs


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Coupla thoughts...


Just in case you don't know (and I'm sure you do!) those Solexes are fraught with problems--especially the choke assembly and the vacuum diaphragm that opens the second barrel).  Most folks think the best solution to the OEM 2 barrel Solexes is to toss it CD's neighbor's pool and install a Weber in its stead.  However, not all Solexes are a PITA--the 1 bbl's used on pre '72 2002s are bulletproof, and other older Solexes without all the emissions stuff but with mechanical secondaries and manual chokes are also very good carbs.  I've been looking for one from a mid 60s' M-B 220 that fits this description; want to try it on my '02. 


That being said--there's a good book called "Tuning the Solex Carburetor" that was published by the S.H. Arnolt Corp back in the early 60s that really goes into a lot of detail on the subject, including how to calculate jet sizes based on  engine displacement, compression ratio etc.  The trick is gonna be finding one--but perhaps someone has scanned it and put it on a disk or web site.  It's the best book I've seen on Solexes...




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