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  1. @Captain_KeramAll 156xxxx 1600s were 12 Volt. All 1600s had 6 fuse electrical systems.
  2. tjones02


    How did the VIN come to be known?
  3. @PatAllen, Please, please, please add me to the list for when you do another batch of these. 🙏🏼
  4. @Mike SelfI suspect your car’s original mirror was broken in transit or otherwise before delivery and the dealer or Hoffman replaced it with whatever they had on hand.
  5. Gents, 1560847 still has its forward door mirror location, though it currently has a flag style mirror on it instead of a correct swan neck style one.
  6. tjones02


    Also, keep in mind that even though the photos in the Road&Track article are black and white, that 2760002 was Polaris Silver, the pre production Euro VIN Tii sent to the US for EPA and DOT testing was Chamonix (both of those cars are known to still exist in the US), no other Tiis were known to exist in the US, especially with US side markers, US turn signals, bumper guards, and as can be seen the engine photo, a US air cleaner with evap pipe. The black and white photos show a Tii that is obviously not silver or white.
  7. Ok, of my four ‘66-68 1600-2s I know for sure that my Oct ‘66 1508028 and June ‘67 1528923 both came with 10 slat kidneys originally. I’m not 100% sure whether my July ‘67 1530962 had a 10 or 8 slat grille originally since it had some rhinoplasty before I knew the car, but it had an 8 slat when my family bought it from the original owner in ‘88. But I absolutely know that my Oct ‘67 1560847 and all other 156xxxx ‘68 model year 1600-2s did, not, ever, come with 10 slat kidney grilles; they all had normal 8 slat plain aluminum ones.
  8. Any word on being able to print these?
  9. @ConservSince you like the shroud on your ‘76 which you have to use with a 360mm fan, I would then run a 400mm fan on your Tii without the shroud to make up for the difference.
  10. We have very close VINs, mine is 1560847. ”The BMW 1600 US VIN 1560847 was manufactured on October 9th, 1967 and delivered on October 17th, 1967 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Manila, paint code 004.” Mine has a chrome lower dash.... Whatever else you need to know, just ask away, I have four ‘66-68 1600-2s. Between what I have and everyone else here we should be able to figure it out.
  11. Did I really just miss out on another batch of these. Is there any way I can get in the door for one?
  12. Awesome! Happy 50th Orange Car! Born Oct 20th ‘71, and bought new Feb 5th 1971, my parent’s Tii will be there soon.
  13. Sorry Nick, but it’s early 1800’s that have the 84x80. The late ones are short stroke big bore. 😘
  14. tjones02


    I believe that the fasten seatbelt warning system was an integral part of the original inertia belt system, that no ‘02 that originally came with spaghetti belts would have. My parent’s 0007 never had a fasten seatbelt pod, there’s a service bulletin here on the FAQ that @jgerockshared a while back that shows Tii’s changed from spaghetti belts to inertia reel at 2760049. I’ve worked on 0048 and can confirm that it had spaghetti belts originally. I would install inertia reel belts for anything that gets driven even in a semi regular basis, but, collect all the parts and pieces of the spaghetti
  15. Hi Samuel. I’ll post my same answer from Facebook as it’s save here and more easily searchable by others on the interwebs. Yes on all counts, mirrors, steering wheel and especially the silver grilles. It also very likely still had the chrome lower portions of the dash like a ‘67 and European market models. All 1600s had silver grilles from the beginning of production to the end. Among the four ‘66-68 1600-2s that I own or have owned is 1560847, which was born Oct 9th 1967. An email sent to the BMW Group Archive requesting info for your car will be replied to in a few days with the original color, birth date, if it was a USA market car; the date it was signed over to the Hoffman Motors agent to be imported. [email protected] Hope This Helps, Tom
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