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  1. That’s AWESOME Daniel! Congrats!
  2. Surely @rey949 should know about the auction of such a special engine... To go with his special car.
  3. tjones02

    Snowball Rally tire advice

    For tires you have several choices, depending on size. While it’s certainly possible that there’ll be enough snow on parts of the rally route, it is unlikely that the roads will have enough snow for the local constituencies to close them and or require chains. Run whatever summer tires you normally would on the car and take the chance that you’ll be turned around if there’s a chain requirement on one or more roads on the rally route. Run a set of M&S Mud and Snow regular road tires... While not outright winter/snow tires, these M&S rated tires are better suited to cold temps than summer rated ones. You may still be required to add chains to these somewhere on the route. I agree with tou that buying a set of dedicated winter/snow tires for this one event isn’t worth it. As for chains, it is vitally important that you are using a set of tires that are small enough that a set of CABLE “chains” clear the fenders, tie rods, control arms and front footwell before you need them. On an ‘02 with stock fenders this means either stock 165r13, 165/80-13, 175/70-13 (which are slightly shorter than stock, allowing slightly more clearance), or possibly 185/70-13 on a set of wheels that don’t have too much positive offset. I am not an experienced winter ‘02 driver, or chain installer, but I suspect that most 14” wheel/tire combinations do not clear chains. Test install your cable chains beforehand so that you know how to, and that they clear everything properly. That means driving slowly in a parking lot turning left and right to be sure they don’t rub at full lock left or right. I would really ask your question in the General Discussion, as many there, like Mike Self, have been driving ‘02s long enough, and in winter, to remember installing and using chains on them.
  4. tjones02

    Logo Belts

    Could these have been a European option that we never saw i the US. There are 2 and 3 point seat belts listed in the ‘67 BMW accessories book I have.
  5. tjones02

    Tii VIN Number Thread

    Hi Bruce, I would love to hear some of your exploits with the TiSA sometime. And, of early Tii's in the US. Regards, Tom
  6. tjones02

    The Story of the NK Estates

    Oh, I’m sure it was just, research. 😉 Great article Anders, and with a few pictures that I hadn’t seen.
  7. tjones02

    BMW 1800 TISA

    Such beautiful! Bristol always looks like shiny primer to me, and I like the color a lot. It makes me kinda wish my dad’s TiSA was Bristol.
  8. Yes, a group 47 is correct for a ‘74 US Tii. This may not be true for the Euro market square taillight Tii’s, as I do know that the Turbos do have the same smaller tray as the round taillight Tii’s.
  9. Fuel mileage, it’s all about as little drag from the alternator as necessary.
  10. Are you sure the foot tucks under the ledge in the battery tray? I say, only because I’ve measured and tried many many batteries including the 26RC.
  11. While the Group 47 is the preferred replacement for the R56 Minis and regular 2002s and ‘74 Tii’s. And, it may be smaller than the optional factory installed Mini batteries, it is much larger than the standard original Mini batteries, which are the same size as the original 2002tii batteries. And... When you upgraded to an AGM battery in your Mini, did you have the car reprogramed to know that it now has an AGM battery? And or, did you have the new battery registered to the car? These generation Mini, and BMWs, require that whenever a new battery is installed that the car’s computer be told that, so that it’s computer controlled alternator can charge the new battery accordingly. These cars charge an ild battery differently than a new one and can, and will, overcharge a new battery. Especially a new AGM battery that shouldn’t be charged with the 16 Volts that these cars alternators can put out... The car is likely still also programed for a standard lead acid battery and will overcharge that AGM.... Our ‘02s old school alternators/voltage regulators don’t usually charge over 15 Volts, so there’s no worry in using AGM batteries there.
  12. The feet on the end of the 26RC are too high up the battery for the factory tray and hold down. They can be found for under a hundres dollars though. I’ve done quite a bit of research on the subject...
  13. The battery that my dad and I found for his Tii is the front starter battery for an ‘08 Mercedes CL550. But, it’s a little bit smaller, and requires a regular 2002/E21 hold down. The best alternative that I can find in the US is to find the original small size battery for a second generation modern Mini. So say an ‘08 Mini Cooper. The hard part is, that while these come new with a perfect size battery, the replacement is a group 47, even from BMW/Mini. Yet, while there are only three main battery companies that sell in the US and none of them sell a proper battery for the 2002tii, there are still some small marine type battery shops that can get or build the correct size battery for the 2002tii’s... I just saw a customer’s 2009 Mini Clubman with the perfect small battery from a battery builder in Sausalito California, Arc Batteries. Another alternative is to find a friend in Europe who can help you... The European battery manufacturers still list and sell proper fitting 2002tii batteries. Likely due to so many small cars that American buyers just don’t understand. That’d be Bosch and Varta batteries. Hope this helps,
  14. tjones02

    BMW 1800 TISA

    I have a TiSA supplement pdf that someone here on the FAQ did, and an original that my dad and I picked up off of eBay a while back. I’ll see what I can do to post the pdf here later today.
  15. Well, 2760007 definitely had the “spaghetti” Klippan seatbelts with the big loop ring on the trans tunnel. The shoulder belt was mounted on the top section of the quarter panel below the quarter window. Also, These Klippans in 2760007 had a hook on the plastic bolt cover rather than the earlier seperate plastic clip screwed in front of the shoulder bolt, like seen in Jim’s ‘69. I also happen to have worked on 2760048, Atlantic blue, and it had original carpets with evidence of the Klippan belts in the carpet on the trans tunnel and the quarter panels.  With the Klippan belts being such a struggle to keep straight and use, many people upgraded to inertia reel belts, my father included. We used to get the Quelle catalog from Germany, like a German Sears catalog back when it was good. Dad bought Romer Britax front inertia seat belts, swapped the quarter “door” panels from the ‘67 1600 he had at the time. And, also installed Romer Britax rear shoulder belts around the same time, in the early eighties... even a fifth seat belt, lap only though, for the rear center seating position.  Cheers, and hope this helps