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  1. @DFechner The inscription still on the autocross trophy of the Golden Gate Chapter of the BMWCCA: “Franz Fechner – 1935-1991 – Past Chapter President – Founder of the Chapter Autocross Program – Franz Fechner was a caring man and a true friend. He was an excellent mechanic and a talented driver. He loved the competition of the autocross and enjoyed the people involved in it. Those of us who knew him well are richer for the experience. We miss him. This trophy is in honor of his memory. We challenge all to try to win it. We know Franz would.“ Page 13... https://ggcbmwcca.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/bombe03janfeb.pdf
  2. I remember the white with blue corduroy that replaced the rollover. That’s the one Boyd had. I have no idea who got Boyd’s stuff after he passed. My dad still has two transmissions Franz built that he hasn’t used yet. I plan to finally get one in their Tii by next year.
  3. Pardon my mistake Janette! You would love this photo I took then. Ignore the white car... That’s my dad talking with Franz, and of course you in the seat. I might also have photos from Colorado in ‘83. Remember when us kids would switch witch back seats we rode in on some of the club drives? eBay is a good source for the book. https://www.ebay.com/itm/322077168349
  4. Franz was a good man. My dad Rich and I often think of and miss him. It’s been a long, long time Briand @DFechner. Do you still do any art, or, when was the last time you did any calligraphy.
  5. While all were model year ‘74, I’m pretty sure there were 2002 Turbos built prior to Jan ‘74. I can confirm with Sean Casey @factory02boy as he was past head of the 2002 Turbo registry in the US, has worked on almost a dozen of them, owned his own since the eighties... And I’ve helped him restore a couple and worked on a few more myself.
  6. tjones02


    It appears that ATX-Z8 does indeed know what they have. And the car seems to be in good hands.
  7. tjones02


    Bring a Trailer failed you, they got the sale but didn’t care how much it sold for beyond that. Not nearly enough emphasis was paid to the fact that this is an extremely early production Tii, nor that it contains a Close Ratio FIVE SPEED. Not that it’s original to the car, but it’s worth 1/3 or more of the final sale price! It was also too close on the heels of another much cleaner Tii. The auction title should’ve read: 1972 2002tii Very Early Production or 1972 2002tii w/ Close Ratio 5-Speed The buyer just got an AMAZING deal on both the CR 5-spd AND an extremely early Tii to go with it, one of the very earliest US market Tii’s known in existence! AND they don’t seem to care! Quote ATX-Z8, the buyer “Thank you. Now the angst begins. I want to do right by this roundie. But I really like those ponies. Lots of ponies. Sleeper build?” It’ll be a travesty if this car gets flares and any other body modifications. 😢 Expect the CR 5-spd to soon part ways from the car, be sold off and replaced with an overdrive.
  8. Exactly, like my parent’s ‘72 Tii is 2760007, built October 20th 1971. Then my friend owns 2760001 near Sacramento CA, built May 12th ‘71. And, we suspect it 0001 was the one Road&Track and Car and Driver road tested. I’m actually looking for any other North American publications that may have driven 0001 before October ‘71 if you can think of any. I know for a fact that it’s not the one Motor Trend drive for their Jan ‘72 issue.
  9. May ‘71 The first two US market 2002tii’s are produced, 2760001 and 2760002. A couple more in September and the bulk of production ramped up towards the end of October. In total 422 US 2002tii’s were produced in 1971.
  10. https://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=394010 https://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=102714
  11. @Volkscafe I have a friend in Germany who has a bin that they might be interested in selling. They’ve shipped large parts here many times. BUT, you’re being a childish brat! No Soup for You! Yet... I am from the Bay Area and remember the Volks Cafe in Santa Cruz know of their stellar reputation in the VW community. Your behavior here is unbecoming of that good reputation in the VW scene. You have been a whiny childish brat towards my friend @Conserv here. I hope you can live up to your good reputation and apologize for being such a brat to my friend. Unless, you’re of no relation to the Volks Cafe? Then I would ask why you’re masquerading as someone from there? Tom
  12. Hmm, I wonder when the engine was separated from the car. And whatever happened to the rest of the car, it was rather rusty. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/registry/2760811-r320/
  13. tjones02


    Now, get under the car with a couple of rags soaked in WD40, Super Clean (wear gloves!) or other, and let’s see if there’s evidence or not of four speed mounting ears. Remember, factory CR 5spd ‘02s never had 4spd mounting ears.
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