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  1. Hello RayC911,

    If you still have the .pdf on rebuilding the fixed brake calipers on a tii kicking around in your hard drive, would you please send it my way?


    Many thanks,




    1. RayC911


      Brian, sorry for the late reply. if i didn't send it to you already, email me directly, thanks


      [email protected]






    2. run4wrd


      Hi Ray,


      Thanks for the reply. No worries. I got the job done.


      The biggest challenge for me was to properly seal off each cylinder while I attempted to blow out its opposing piston. I prepared a narrow piece of 1/4" oak, cut a piece of Scotch Brite abrasive pad for cushioning, and carefully wrapped it with a rubber glove to provide a seal. Whatever it takes...


      I also found three of the pistons very stubborn, but I got them to blow out after carefully compressing them a little further into their bores.


      Everything cleaned up nicely, and the FTE seal kit went in very well. I carefully wire-wheeled the calipers and painted them with VHT caliper paint. They look nice now, but we'll see after a couple of years.


      I wish I could say my car is on the road, but now I am about to dive into a clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder replacement. The PO left this for some time given the rust around the pedal area, but it could be worse.


      Thanks again for your support. I will download your guide for future reference.






  2. Good seeing you John! Decks are meant to be used
  3. I'm glad I did mine 11 years ago when parts were much cheaper. No way I could do it today.
  4. 195/50, your offset should be et33. 195/55 series may be too tall & 205 may be too wide for 6.5 width.
  5. 2900 miles?!?! I would have driven the snot out of it! Just glad he swapped out those e39 wheels that didn't do the car justice at all.
  6. I did my s14 swap 10+years ago and it has been very reliable. I've never tracked it but have DD it alot over the years. I wouldn't be able to do it today with the parts in it's current value. SInce you have most of the pieces, I would vote yes for the s14. With that said, i would love to have a stroked m10 too!
  7. This is the first SoCal vintage show that I've missed due to the date. Hoping it will change next year. Will catch up with you soon, maybe at Centro Basco!
  8. SoCal Vintage has always been a great show. It probably takes a full year of planning for John and Jeff to pull it off so efficiently. My only complaint is that this year it was on Halloween!
  9. Lenny, I remember the first email from you dad thanking me on my positive comment of his signature picture that he would post of him, you mom and the pair of 02s. We ended up chatting not just about 02s, M cars but family. There are a lot of good people on the FAQ and Bob was on the very top of that list. This pic was probably back in 2010-11 when you were restoring your M3. He was obviously a very proud dad. Hope you and you family find peace during these hard times. -Ray
  10. Get well soon Ryan! 02s can be repaired or replaced.
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