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  1. Unless you find one of the non rubber boots at an auto parts store that happens to fit your 50 year old axle perfectly, or you convert to regular CV joint axles, you really have no alternative but to use the clear boots. Those original early sliding joints use oil rather than grease. Rubber CV boots are designed for grease rather than oil. I’ve sean many failed joints because people used grease and rubber boots rather than clear boots and gear oil. I don’t have access to check current availability, but the last time I checked, BMW had replenished their stock of the clear boots, and at a reasonable cost considering it’s a part for a 50 plus year old car that they don’t make batches in the millions of.
  2. My July ‘67 1530962 had a smooth no date valve cover originally. i can totally see the 2-liter 2000CS and maybe the 2000TiLux having ribbed valve covers to denote the upper class of the newer larger engine. But, have seen original early ‘65 and ‘66 2000CS with smooth valve covers, including in factory literature. Don’t know about ‘67 and later ones though.
  3. I’ve heard, and have one but haven’t tried, that the ADDCO 7/8”/22mm ‘02 front bar fits NK. It’s the one you may have seen that drops down and forward of the nose. http://www.addco.net/aftermarket/catalog/bmw/ Jaymic does make bars specific for the NK, up to 22mm front. And E9 rear bars in 22mm also. https://www.jaymic.com/
  4. Here’s some shots of the 13x6 et15 magnesium Chromodora CD40 wheels on my parent’s Tii. They bought the wheels new in 1978. These are still unrestored, thus, they were originally quite a bit brighter and shinier. We have always had 205/60-13 tires on them, from Phoenix Stahlflex, Pirelli P6, Yokohama AVS Intermediate, to the current Toyo RA-1. The suspension is still the original stock springs, yet Koni reds, Alpina style aluminum fixed 1/2° fixed camber plates and the fenders have been mildly rolled. The current Toyos do rub the front fenders under hard cornering and on bumps and driveways if the wheels are turned.
  5. See everyone at Legends of the Autobahn tomorrow and at Festorics at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion on Saturday and Sunday. I brought my parent’s Tii.
  6. Wish I knew you had these for sale!...
  7. I’ll see everyone there Friday morning at LotA, and at the track Saturday and Sunday.... Unless, someone has a ticket for me to get into Pebble with Sunday. 🤞🏼 I’ll be in my parent’s Tii again this year.
  8. That’s not a problem, IF you remember how ‘02 front brakes bolt to the hub.
  9. Mesa Performance Parts was rebuilding Tii fuel pumps a while back. I don’t know if they still are. http://www.mesaperformance.com/
  10. How about some NK shots... Here’s Heinz Eckhardt in the 1800TiSA my father owns, at an SCCA race at the Port of Stockton in 1966.
  11. That’d be like a 2000TiLux... With Webers.
  12. They are two piece; overlap in the center. I don’t know the current availability. Paul Wegweiser of Maximillian Importing would be able to check current price, availability and sell you one. https://www.bmwmobiletradition-online.com/
  13. After having another look, my 1800A’s hood badge may be one piece. I’ll look at it in person when I get another chance in the daytime.
  14. Duggi, My 1800A was built June 3rd ‘66. Dad’s TiSA was built May 26th ‘65.
  15. And, here’s the one on my ‘66 1800A. Still two piece, but silver rather than brass colored and no serifs.
  16. Here’s an example of an original ‘65 hood emblem. Trim ring and serifs included.
  17. Cool, doesn’t show up for me. Could it be the mobile version?
  18. Why does my signature not display when I post? Is there a setting I haven’t found?
  19. There are aftermarket/replica round ones available new. They just don’t have VDO stamped in them like the originals. They only crack when kept full of water... From time to time I do see NOS round ones available, but they are date coded and the majority of the NOS ones I’ve seen are from 1981, likely the last year they were produced. http://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-2002-round-windshield-washer-fluid-reservoir/ There are new rectangular ones available from BMW that many vendors sell. Those have VDO stamped in them. This vendor also sells an aftermarket choice which does not. http://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-2002-e9-windshield-washer-fluid-reservoir/
  20. In my humble opinion, a 2000TI is closer to an 1800TiSA than an 1800Ti. But that may just be me.
  21. I believe that's Neil's old white 2000TI that is in @rey949 's collection now. And, I worked on that red 1800Ti for Sean in like '09 or early '10, but don't know of the whereabouts now It was pretty darned rusty, the seats were definitely the best part!.... PM sent.
  22. They’re the same round VDO bottles as any other 2002 of the same year.
  23. Surely @rey949 should know about the auction of such a special engine... To go with his special car.

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