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Favorite car shows - and the ones on your bucket list

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Favorites so far:

1. Vintage in Winston-Salem

2. the infield at The Mitty and other historic races at Road Atlanta, everyone seems to drive their old car

3. Caffeine and Octane north of Atlanta

On the bucket list:

1. Mid-America 02 Fest. I once read a story about a road trip to it that was an early inspiration for wanting an 02.

2. Bugapaluza in TN

3. Any of the historic race/events in CA

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Every BMW enthusiast needs to make a pilgrimage to the Nurburgring Historic races, that should be #1 on your bucket list.


Crank up the volume on this link http://www.avd.de/ogpracing/english/index.html

Here's pics that my friend Imran took when we went to the ring for the Historics in 2008. I was working in Stuttgart that summer and we drove up to the ring, what a great weekend.



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We go to a lot of shows ... I may be biased but the 02 community has the friendliest people. Our favorites are

MidAm both spring and fall

At the Vintage


Again, its the people. Any of these could be held in a parking lot somewhere and still be a great time

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1. You guys in the NW may have heard of the Harold Lemay annual show near Tacoma. The guy owned the trash hauling franchise from Seattle to Portland. Was filthy rich and purported to own the largest private auto collection in the world (over 2,000 cars). Kept half in the deserts of eastern WA, and half in the Tacoma area and opened it up to the public one day a year for free (even the food was free!). Had nine buildings on the property where his home was, and bought an old Catholic school down the road that he also filled with cars. Mostly antiques and classics, but some muscle cars and some European stuff too. The gym of the old school held every Chevy from 1909 to 1980. There was one room with 15 Studebaker pickups! It was an incredible day and my buds and I just walked around with out mouths hanging open the whole time. Mr. Lemay died a few years back and I heard the family is building a museum to house the best of the collection that will be open year round.

2. Used to go to Hershey when I was a kid and lived in PA. Still lots of fine memories of those shows.

3. Attended the Amelia Island Concours last year and it was a class event with lots of incredible cars. Also attended the R&M and Gooding auctions and met Wayne Carrini filming a show of Chasing Classic Cars at the Gooding auction.

4. Once got a private tour of the Lotus factory in the UK and met Collin Chapman as he strolled through.

Bucket List

1. Monterey

2. Anything in Europe

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Goodwood Revival and for the love of God I would love to go to Monterey week which is only 4 hours away from my house. Every year something happens and I can't make it for the last 5 years at least.

Favorite local one is C & C Irvine of course


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