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  2. Thanks Rob for scanning that. As noted earlier it was a spark in my automotive life. And if you by chance get an update on this thread I'd like to thank you for your work in general. With my son I have restored a 69 Westy, rehabbed an E46 that I love, and currently working on a 67 Beetle thanks in no small part to your writing. In the "it's a small world" category; to further jog my memory on Dan and his writing I found out he had been an engineer with AT&T in Atlanta. I was too earlier in my career and in Atlanta, but I don't know when he retired from them and our paths didn't cross. Since I am still on the hunt for an 02, I'm going to keep an eye out for that VIN Mike. Maybe the car is still here in Atlanta! That would be amazing to find it.
  3. Ray thanks! That's it I'm pretty sure! That article really reignited things for me back then. For a few years there I had fallen away from messing with cars; busy getting married, establishing a career, buying a house and having kids. It it reminded me of the ill advised road trips I had taken in my old Beetle back in college. It also put me on the path of 2002s and BMWs in general. Much appreciated, really. As are the other responses with info I'm sitting down to read now. Thanks all...
  4. Back before I ever owned a BMW I read an article where a guy was taking a recently acquired 2002 to a meet up. I think he was taking it to maybe one of the first Mid America 02 Fests because I remember he broke down in Arkansas. Also, I remember this being in the early 2000s because my brother in law had bought an E46. I think the article may have been in Bimmer magazine because the brother in law did have a subscription and I always read it when I visited. Does that by chance ring a bell with anyone? I know this seems like a shot in the dark but I wouldn't be surprised if there were some "archival" minds on here. Thanks in advance....
  5. I've got a '72, original Colorado color, that's a good driver.  PO took care of any rust with some new metal patch panels.  It's had an engine rebuild in the last 5K miles, new clutch, and a whole host of other replaced parts.  It has nice Recarro seats, carpet, and a crack fee dash.


    It also has the single DCOE 45 carb and intake.  It is not a numbers matching car, but solid.  I'm in the less than $10K class, but not by much.  If you have some interest, I'll be glad to send more details and more pics.


    dick Smith

    832-205-2512 (Houston)

    [email protected]


    C Dick and his Pride & Joy1.jpg

    Easter 10-2.JPG

  6. Well I'm back to "bump" this up again. I just read my original post and my thinking remains the same. Still trying to be patient and still hoping to find one from an enthusiast. in the meantime I found a year model 2002 E46 Touring with all wheel drive AND a stick! (It's my daily). And, I was able to drive a friends very nice '75 2002 which fanned the embers. Thanks in in advance for any leads....
  7. I just updated mine in the last day or so as well and I think for the same reason, not sure I knew it was an option when I signed up. And, I've recently noticed more GA folks it seems. Which is good to see, hopefully one of y'all will put a nice one up for sale soon :-)
  8. Agreed. But, I've been looking for so long for something fairly complete at around this price I've thought I might have to fly to CA to pick one up. The ones in the South seem so often rusty and unused. Dang I wish that was a different color....
  9. Beautiful area, headed there soon for some camping, Topsail.
  10. What a great event the Mitty is. 02s were well represented today. Barber over in Birmingham, AL is starting a historic race weekend this year May 15 - 17. For those of you in the Southeast who can't make Mitty, it's supposed to be all the same racers there in May basically. I may have to go in the Westy, still on the hunt for my next 02....
  11. Some nice 02s at the Mitty today:
  12. thanks! I appreciate the heads up and that could be helpful, I will keep that in mind. thanks, where in NC? Does the car have AC by chance? Man, that would be nice to be able to drive it in Atlanta summers.
  13. My condolences to you and your family. When I started my first 02 project I read your posts so many times and the part I liked best was the family aspect of it, as I often had my son and daughter with me in the garage. We will be praying for you and your family....
  14. I saw this one earlier using another search engine (that linked to eBay). A close up of the shock towers would be nice as well as a pic under the spare tire, not to mention any shot of the car underneath. I did not see any signs of overspray. If it's always been a CA car, then it's got a greater chance of being more solid with less rust. That does seem a it high to me....
  15. Good question, hope my answer makes sense, it does in my head at least. I buy a lot of cars but there are a few that are on my "keeper" list if and when I come across them. The 02 is a "keeper" since it falls in the sweet spot of a Venn diagram of great driver-great community-attainability. (My '69 Westy falls in this category. The Miata will some day be gone on the other hand.) However, 02s in my area seem to have become ever less frequent in being offered for sale. So I'm trying to be more open to what I find (hence the expanded search into Bavarias) without going overboard with spending. I still have to put kids through college in a couple of years. Plus, I follow the market close enough to know the different price levels and what that gets you. So, if I find a good driver for around or less than $10k, I'll go for it. I could go $10-$20k for the right car. Below 10 I would be more flexible on colors and mods. Above it I get more picky. I could add; on my VW Westy search I took YEARS and finally found everything for a great price. I did the same thing with a Sportsmobile where I found one with the coveted 7.3 Diesel engine. I'm willing to be just as patient for a BMW, especially after that 72 rust bucket I bought. It's one of the reasons I stated a preference for a FAQ members car. I don't expect members will want any less than top dollar for what the market will bring. Statistically, I think members here will be more reasoned in the approach they took for pricing. As opposed to the common craigslist flipper, or "exotic" dealer who has read how early BMWs are skyrocketing and thus cycle the same car through various search engines at ever changing prices.
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