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  1. Cost estimate? sure it will depend on count, but do you have a ballpark? Thanks, Hamada
  2. Thanks for the photos, it was much easier than I thought with the manual choke model.  In the end I just used the aerosol carb cleaners as the dips are very hard to find in none commercial quantities.



  3. Here is the link to the Solex Album. It seems that the pics are backwards so start from the last page http://smg.photobucket.com/user/mthreez/library/Solex I think its better to dismantle and let it sit for a day or so in a liquid better than spray. Thanks Hamada
  4. I used that rust cleaner bucket back when I restored my single throat Solex. It worked pretty well. Since it was my first one ever, I took a picture of every step I took for reference of how it was assembled. let me know if you need a copy of these pics. Thanks hamada
  5. I do like my IE air dam. I think it looks better with the bumper. That's just my opinion of course!
  6. I bought THREE original brand new ones (the third was a bonus just because) back in 2008 for 250 shipped...
  7. I had the same exact scenario last week. It was the nut and bolt that hold the brace piece. GL
  8. I am going to hide this thread from my wife. she made me sell my sweet baby e34 535im that I fell in love with and now I am down to 3 (500e DD/Blown M3/and the garage queen 2002). I think 4 is good.
  9. So... who lives in my old college home in Diamond bar (Image below)? My brother send me this pic the other day and it seems that there is a sweet roundie parked in the driveway. (I lived there back in the mid nineties) .. anyone here? This house saw many memories and frat parties God knows!!! and i don't remember everything for some reason have a great weekend all hamada
  10. Hi Ray! I hope all is well sir. Yes that's what 3 kids starting with a teenage high school daughter will do... suck the 02 life out of you!! lol. I had this kit since she was in 4th grads so I am the one to blame
  11. I am extremely sad that I lost my set while moving. I had stored it for a few years along with the backing kit and now can't seem to find either any where. Oh well thats what I get for not getting them done quick. I am looking for a good uncut set black/Marine blue please let me know if you have a set for sale. Thanks Hamada
  12. I have been playing the staring game with a nice set of uncut door panels + Aardvark door kit sitting in my garage for 6 years now. I wonder if I keep on staring hard enough this year, would it get up and attach itself? I will revisit with results on Dec 31st 2016. I also have a super clean spare wheel well that I haven't been staring at. I need to find a good body shop to swap them for me. Hopefully they do it so I can have time to stare more at the door panels. hamada
  13. I only remembered one thing from this commercial. And its glorious. hamada
  14. Had thumbs up from this man driving this car last year. I do see him riding his toys about 3-4 times a year.
  15. Got that old locking Gas Cap but I need to get a key made somehow
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