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  1. Thanks for the photos, it was much easier than I thought with the manual choke model.  In the end I just used the aerosol carb cleaners as the dips are very hard to find in none commercial quantities.



  2. I have been playing the staring game with a nice set of uncut door panels + Aardvark door kit sitting in my garage for 6 years now. I wonder if I keep on staring hard enough this year, would it get up and attach itself? I will revisit with results on Dec 31st 2016. I also have a super clean spare wheel well that I haven't been staring at. I need to find a good body shop to swap them for me. Hopefully they do it so I can have time to stare more at the door panels. hamada
  3. I only remembered one thing from this commercial. And its glorious. hamada
  4. Had thumbs up from this man driving this car last year. I do see him riding his toys about 3-4 times a year.
  5. Got that old locking Gas Cap but I need to get a key made somehow
  6. Here is the story on how I found mine http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/59067-so-guess-what-i-found-the-other-day-behind-my-fender-pics/?hl=hamada#entry548617 it was a pretty good day. hamada
  7. My deepest condolences. Your father was a great man and very helpful to me many times on this board. I am sure he was just as great in person. May he rest in peace, This is truly saddening hamada
  8. Bill, My deepest condolences. I am sorry I just saw this post. As a parent this hits hard and as others noted, the worst thing that can happen to a mom and dad. May he rest in peace. hamada
  9. Pretty interesting, other than calling the car ugly on the first sentence, rest is great. starts at 12:33 Enjoy http://youtu.be/_8JTP-Qd05Y?t=12m33s hamada
  10. I would like a driver side rear quarter panel and the one behind it that goes on the rear driver side trunk lid. The very good condition ones please. ready to pay. Price Shipped to 92832 please Thanks, Hamada
  11. man this is amazing. I bought my set 7 years ago for 250 each!! hamada
  12. OK I gotta tell my little story here. I'm 43 and by no means into any kind of street racing. I'm done with that stage years ago already. But here is how it went: I'm in the left lane, this kid driving moms mazda3 most likely is looking at the 02 and laughing hard pointing with his buddy like WTF. I just thought to myself nice day, open road with no lights or crossing ahead and a bit of a couple of twists with no one behind us or even ahead of us for a while so why not? light turns green, I pull first gear and i can hear the mazda 3 (I think it was a 2004) engine screaming, then I go to second gear and the webers started to sing the gasoline symphony. By third gear he was fighting hard in my rear view mirror and wait a second, the twisty is coming up, so I smoked him there again for giggles. I slow down and take the right lane and decided to get back to being 43 instead of 23. I give him way and comes the red light ahead of us. I look at him and say not bad for a 43 year old car eh? he answered "my car is only four cylinder man" I told him have a good night and left. Of course he tried to do another run, but there was traffic ahead and I wasn't having any of that crap. Matt Farrah seems to Love 2002s though... I met him last weekend at supercar sunday and asked him to showcase 2002's sometime. He was excited to see mine which was cool.
  13. needs more lip. nice wheels and car. hamada
  14. Goodwood Revival and for the love of God I would love to go to Monterey week which is only 4 hours away from my house. Every year something happens and I can't make it for the last 5 years at least. Favorite local one is C & C Irvine of course hamada
  15. I contacted Jeff from IE and they don't sell separate pieces of the exhaust system so scratch off the idea of new center, besides eurotrash is saying that it wouldn't fit the old setup anyways. I honestly was happy with the tone and the car indeed felt that its breathing better, but darn that thing was welded so many times its crazy. Thanks for everyone's input. I will have to do some more homework apparently. hamada

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