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Early 1600 Master Cylinder options?


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Hey all, got an early '68 1600 with a leaky brake master cylinder. I looked into a simple replacement but the one it currently uses is NLA. It has two ports on the top for brake lines and two on top for the reservoir lines. I cannot find any available in this layout and may have to resort to an upgrade or a rebuild. Does anyone know of a way to do either?

I found a couple of threads on here regarding the same issue but neither had an ending or conclusion on what to do. I will be pulling it out ASAP and working on trying to get it rebuilt but wanted to check on here first. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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My 69 02 had the same issue. Unless you have the very early remote booster, you can use an e21 MC that has single line brakes like your 1600. I also upgraded to 78 and on e21 calipers (that go with solid rotors) which has a larger pad than your originals. Grommets are available to convert your reservoir to the new MC. Part number 34311121911 which is 22/8mm for MC/reservoir respectively. Mesa Performance in Costa Mesa knows this issue.


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I recently rebuilt the brake MC for my 67 1600. I used the rebuild kit from an Alfa. There are 2 styeles of brake MC's that mounted to the pedal box. The earlier model (67) is shorter while the later (68) is longer. But, I believe they are the same diameter bore. I'll get you the parts source for the seals. Don't freak out, there are rebuild kits out there. You will also need to get a small honer to hone out the bore. They are between $15-$20. The rebuilt kits for the MC are usually between $15-$30. I was told that the MC was NLA and quoted big $$$$$ for rebuild / replacement etc. The company which originally supplied BMW with the MC was also used by most other Euro car manufacturers. Many MC's differed from each other in minor detail only while the internals remained the same. In many cases the identical MC was used by more than one manufacturer as well. The same holds for the calipers.


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Only option atm will be rebuilding for the cars with the remote master. Good luck!

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clean up, you can send it off to White Post Restorations (White Post, VA). They will bore it out, sleeve it with brass and rebuild with new innards. Haven't priced their work recently but should be less than the $245 you were quoted.

Minor pitting can be honed out, but the slightest pit left will cause your rebuild to fail in short order, so examine the bore carefully.



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