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  1. My issues with Recaro's iare all of the above: 1. The way they fit. I'm thin to medium build and 6'3". The Recaros along with the e30 sport seats are too narrow. And, I would never sit in them on a long trip. That's torture. 2. In my opinion, they din't match the car, aesthetically. 3. Their prices are too high. I have a set . And I think they are garbage. From an ethical point of view, I will either give them away or sell them for $30 for the pair. That is what I paid for them. And, I think that is even too much. I'll have to take a second look at them for tears, etc. When I got them they had no tears. And, if somebody here is willing to make a trade, I would be glad to trade them for early style low- back 2002 reclining style seats with the chrome hardware. They were fitted to the 68 2002. We're not left with many good choices for seats. BMW had the optional sports Recaro style seats for the 2002. And, they look like they were made for the car as they are lower profile from the e21 Recaros. But, they are nearly impossible to find. I wish somebody would remake them. I've been through the bone yards and attempted fitting various seats, but they all looked too bulky and ./ or were too tall. The problem is that the junk yards have nothing from the sixties when the 02 was designed. I imagine 60s some era seats from other cars might fit the 02. Our stock seats work well when new. But, look what they are asking for the pads, simply ridiculous. Are we to pay $300 -$600 for one pad which includes 1/2 seat only ? The 02 is going the way of the Porsche 356 and 911. The 02 was the affordable entry level BMW. This is certainly no longer the case. I've seen that supercharger advertised during the 80s. I don't know anything about it, except I've been told it produces way too much heat. They were sold as bolt on devices, and I personally wouldn't trust it on a high mileage road car driven on a daily basis. During the late 60s the Alfa Giulia GTA 1600 produced 220hp with a Supercharger. It was the 2002s main competitor in the European Touring Class endurance races. So, superchargers obviously work, but if it wasn't designed by the factory, I wouldn't trust it that much. I don't know anything about its value. Maybe some of the other guys here can give you their feedback. Once you remove that lower trim from the door, you will be left with large holes for the fasteners / clips. So, best to leave it on unless you plan on welding up the holes and repainting the car. That trim kind of matches the 72-73 bumpers which wrap around to the rear wheel well. I would get rid of the reflector's at front and rear. But you got to weld those holes. But, then you need to repaint your car. So, it's all about economics. If the car works well, even with the supercharger, I'd leave it alone for the time being. But, I would definitely keep my on the supercharger.
  2. Skylund caught me in his rear view mirror in LA traffic. That is proof !
  3. Skylund,


    Yes, that's me in mt 67 1600, Bristol. You got me ! I'm not joking when I say I drive my 1600 everywhere.



  4. Really ! Please Stop ! Not in an 02 ! Have Recaros become the holly grail of seats for 02s ? During the 90s Recaros were plentiful at the Pick Your Part yards which were littered with 320is, some equipped with LSD diffs and Recaros. Some of the yards were selling them for $15 each. The Recaros never fit well into the 02 and are certainly a bit too narrow. And, in my opinion they are too tall. They were over hyped in the 02 community. I keep a set in one of my parts cars, only. And, I would never install one or anything that looked remotely similar into one of my drivers. But, different strokes for different folks. During that time a fellow bone yard buddy informed me that a Lancia Flavia Sports "Zagato" was sitting at the local "Pick Your Part", just a short jaunt on the freeway from my home. So I rushed over there to find a chap tearing out the racing bucket seats, covered in sky blue leather. He said he was going to install them in his "Souped Up" Corolla. "Please Stop", I tried stopping him since I had already spoken to the manager who had agreed to sell me the car for $600. But, to no avail, the seats were gone by the time the forklift arrived to lift the car, but not before the operator drove one of the forks through the bottom of the hand crafted aluminum body, one of only 17 built for Rally competition that year (1962). I guess that's God's joke, sending such a rare car to the dusty and sweaty bowels of the car world, Sun Valley Pick Your Part. And, I imagine he was playing a joke on me as well " You want a Zagato, hey ? Well not before I give its rare seats to the chap with the Corolla....Ha ! take that !
  5. Slavs

    Free: Early seats

    I'll take them off your hands if they are still available. They are buckets from a 1600. I'm Local. Slavs
  6. Slavs

    BMW '67 1600-2 Patrol Car

    That color blends in well with the desert.
  7. Andrew, That's weird you mention the homeless guy with really good knowledge of 02s. I must have also run into him at a light after an off ramp. The guy knew details and BMW colors. He knew the color and year off my car right away. I was completely taken back. There is not one time I take it out that someone doesn't say something about my car. I get more positive comments vs. negative by far. And, one of my old friends who has a Lamborghini Diablo didn't understand why so many people reacted positively to my car. I think he was envious not to have received as much attention.
  8. Well, I agree. The positive reactions far outweigh the annoying ones. The only thing many people know with regards to our cars is "Tii", so I presume that is why they bring it up so often. "Is that a Tii ?" is the most common question. I'm personally not a fan of the Tii as it is not as user friendly and utilitarian in comparison the standard 02. And by the time the "Tii" made its debut, BMW had already slapped on many of the after thoughts which were never part of the original styling, especially here in the states. "Tii" as an acronym has taken a life of its own. It's become a catchword like the word "Green" (Green economy, Green friendly, Green business, we'e all going "Green"). And, we're all "Tii". And, yes there are many people asking if it's for sale. When I say No!, they just drive off. The guys from the Middle East relate it to their youth or someone in their family back home, the muscle car crowd knows hardly anything about it and wonders why the Germans only put a 4 cylinder in the car. To them it's all about cubic inches. And, then there are the opportunists thinking I don't know what I have and trying to buy the car for $500, and the young guys trying to race me in their new BMW coupes and of coarse the self professed experts who try to convince me they are more knowledgeable about my car. I think it's time to retire my cars after using them as daily transportation for 36 years in an area with some of the world's heaviest traffic. One gets annoyed at the attention after a while, not to mention the toll on the cars and all of the accidents etc.
  9. Slavs

    Piston identification.

    Another Frankenstein !
  10. So besides the occasional thumbs up etc. from other drivers, I also get some annoying reactions to my 1967 1600 - Bristol. I've summarized some of them below: The most annoying of all are young drivers of modern BMWs, usually M3s, who pull up next to me and then proceed to cut me off at full throttle. I guess they have something to really prove to themselves;that their new BMW is faster than my old BMW, and they are going to remind me of that. And there is the 2002tii syndrome: Onlooker: "Is that a 72 Tii" Me: "No it's a 67 1600" onlooker: "I had a 72tii" Onlooker: "Is that a 2002Tii" Me: "No it's a 67 1600" Onlooker: "I had a 72tii in Iran" Onlooker: "Is that a 2002Tii" Me: "No it's a 67 1600" Onlooker: "My Dad had 72tii in Iran" And, then there are those who attempt to convince me that I'm wrong about my car: Onlooker: "What year is your BMW ?" Me: "It's a 1967 1600" Onlooker: "No, your car is a 2002, and it came out in 1968. I know, I had a 2002". Onlooker: "What year is your BMW ?" Me: "It's a 1967 1600" Onlooker: "No, your car is a 1987, I had one just like it. It was a 1987" Onlooker at gas station: "What type of car is that ?" Me: "The same type as your car, a BMW, but mine is from 1967 " Onlooker: "BMW came a long way since 1967" Onlooker at grocery store parking lot: "What type of car is that ?" Me: "A Zaporozhatc (reference to a Russian boxy air cooled rear engine car) Onlooker: "No! that is not Zaporozhatz, We had Zaporozhatc in Armenia" Me: "It's a BMW" Onlooker: "No ! that is not BMW, I had a BMW" Onlooker: "How old is your BMW" Me: "It's a 1967" Onlooker: "Is that the original color ?" Me: "Yes, it's the original shade" Onlooker: "It looks like shiny primer, if you painted it a bright color, it would look so much nicer. My Dad had a red 2002Tii. It looked really nice". Onlooker: "What type of engine do you have in your BMW ?" Me: "A BMW engine" Onlooker: "What size" Me: "It's a 1.6 liter inline 4 cylinder" Onlooker: "Only a 4 cylinder, I thought it would be at least a 6. Why didn't they use something bigger" Onlooker: What type of car is that ? Me: "A BMW" Onlooker: Why do you like foreign cars. Why don't you get yourself an American car ? Onlooker: "Is that a Tii ?" Me: :No it's a 1600" Onlooker: It looks just like a Tii " Onlooker in traffic: "What year is your car ?" Me: "1967" Onlooker: "Ha Ha Ha", laughs before driving away.
  11. Slavs

    SoCalVintage Picture Recap 2018

    I agree with Simeon with the classifications. But, I can't even see the 80s and 90s era BMWs as "Classics". I drive my 67 1600 on a daily basis in Los Angeles. And, I feel like an anomaly in traffic which consists of a great deal of E30s etc. So, why go to the car show to see the same cars I see on the road day after day. There is nothing "Vintage" or "Classic" about them. There are plenty of car shows around LA where you can find the relatively modern BMWs and Japanese imports in that "Tuner - Ghetto Fab" look. Different strokes for different folks, but that's not my thing. And, this show is going in that direction. It's not the organizers who are at fault. There is a lot of work that goes behind organizing an event such as this. So, credit must be given to John and Jeff. But, it's the people who are getting involved with these cars. You're not going to find such sacrilegious manifestations at the Porsche or Italian ( Alfa, Fiat, Ferrari etc) events. What next, are we going to have the "Tuner" Chicks in skimpy outfits and 10" heels sitting atop a pink pearlescent painted 02 or e30 with 22" wheels etc ? There is a show called "Bimmerfest" which kind of goes in that direction.
  12. Slavs

    SoCalVintage Picture Recap 2018

    And, you guys can drink your "Grog" together, count me out.
  13. Slavs

    SoCalVintage Picture Recap 2018

    You find e30 BMWs all over Los Angeles; on just about every street and neighborhood, many dumped to the ground and with all types of personalized modifications. Its a very common car on the street. The car was built using the manufacturing process of the late 80s and early 90s; plenty of plastic, etc. This may be your idea of "Vintage", but not mine. It all depends on your definition of "Vintage". "Vintage" for me stopped with the early 70s, when the last of the 60 era styling and designs died. Look what they did with the beautifully crafted Alfa Giulia GT. By 1970, it had a redesigned plastic dash, front grille and US spec bumpers. The 1600-2002 suffered the same faith. The 02 is a transitional car in that it was "Vintage" at its debut, but certainly no longer by 1974. There is nothing wrong about taking your car to a gathering of e21s or e30s at the park and sharing your enthusiasm for your "Pimped Out" rides, but "Vintage" it is not. I enjoy the somewhat period correct resto-mods, though, such as that beautifully prepared New Class 1800Ti with the Alpina A4 motor.
  14. Slavs

    SoCalVintage Picture Recap 2018

    I hate to be the Ney-Sayer and rain on the parade. But, this parade had less vintage BMWs and more of the 80s and early 90s cars, tuned in the typical "Pimp My Ride" style. Some of these pictures illustrate my point. SocCal Vintage should think about changing its name. Can you seriously call most of this stuff "Vintage" ?