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  1. The best thing you can do to the carb is to get it to work correctly. The most common problem, although easily fixed, is A clogged or partially clogged idle jet. Over time the small piston attached to the lid will punch a hole through the lid, rendering the carb almost useless unless you replace the lid. The needle valve on the lid also gets dirty over time, causing the float to get stuck. The carb body also warps at the mating surface with the bottom butterfly / throttle assembly, resulting in an air leak. And, most butterfly / throttle assemblies are worn at the shaft, resulting in an air leak. Some people attempt to adjust the air fuel mixture and in frustration turn the adjustment needle all the way in and further torque it into the throttle body, rendering the adjustment and throttle body useless. Back in the day they made spare throttle bodies, both factory and aftermarket, but they are nearly impossible to find. A machinist can repair it, though. This carb is a very good carb, but 50 years of use takes its toll. Do not replace it with the 34ICH Single barrel Weber. It is too small for the 02 despite being advertised as a replacement.
  2. Somebody decided to weld your brackets to the frame rail, not a good idea. This is an example of why some people should not allowed to get next to an 02. The heads on the carriage bolts slide into slots in the frame rail. And, then you simply tighten the bracket down with the corresponding nuts. The brackets are designed to be slightly adjustable and removable for straightening following a front end fender bender or collision. It's very difficult, if not impossible to straighten the brackets while they are still mounted. Now, you have to find a way to remove and / or break those welds. I'm not a welder, but a good fabricator can do the job. Stay away from most of the muffler shops as they are weld happy and will weld your entire exhaust together, making it impossible for you to service your car unless you chop apart your exhaust system.
  3. Does anybody know of a source for genuine Solex jets, not the aftermarket ones which are often just junk ? My box containing all my jets was stolen. So, I want to replace them. Slavs
  4. There was a similar vendor in Canada who did the same crap. After taking $120 from me, I never received my part nor was I successful in ever reaching him. I forgot his outfit's name, but, I will look for it so that we can add to the toilet scroll list.
  5. The Me-108 was often confused for a Me-109 as their silhouettes are nearly identical aft of the nose, where the Me-109 had the longer nose to incorporate the more powerful inverted 12 cylinder Daimler Benz 1,1200Hp - 1,500Hp engine. The Me-108 was very innovative for its time and set the trend for both civilian and military aircraft which followed. This was a light weight all metal low wing monoplane with retractable gear, very good power to weight ratio, fast, able to seat 4 with an excellent range. It reminds me of an 02 in many ways. The engineering and build quality is excellent. For those of you who are unable to grasp good aviation technology, you might as well just ditch the 02 and buy yourself a muscle car which has a heavier frame than an 02 whole. The Allies loved these planes as they used captured examples and continued to use and produce them well after the end of WWII.
  6. The Messerschmitt Me- 108 Taifun has many of the same attributes as an 02; A four seater, smart styling, economical, sound engineering, fast, good range, excellent visibility etc. But, it is not a car, but, rather a plane, built by the Nazis during the 30s. It is the cousin of Messerschmitt’s famed Me-109 fighter plane and has a similar silhouette. I’ve attached a pic of a post war Swiss Air Force version. Most of the pics are in Nazi livery, something abhorrent to me.
  7. Wow, Danco, you bought a small plane ! If automobile chassis were only built like planes. Well, I guess some are or were, but they tend to be expensive. What type of plane did you acquire ? Or maybe we can drive and visit Coop in the bay area, and I can tell you all about my first trip to the bay area back in 1987 on my 22nd birthday, in my first BMW, a 68 1600. Yes, those were the days when a hard earned $180 ( A weeks salary at a 2nd shift job at a video-porn duplication facility in Van Nuys - don’t hold it against me as I was a starving student at UCLA) will pay for fuel and an entire 5 days in San Francisco. Well not exactly all in San Francisco, as one must not confuse the periphery of San Francisco with San Francisco itself, otherwise the provincial snobs up there will immediately correct you, "Berkeley is not San Francisco, while enunciating San Francisco". And, God forbid, don't ever refer to San Francisco as "Frisco" in the presence of one of those characters, otherwise, you will never hear the end of it. Well, the lodging was free, at a commune in Berkeley with plenty of wild mushrooms, if that is your thing). And, free live music. All I can remember is the heavy metal death cult style band with the singer playing a fiddle and chanting "Nietzsche said, God is dead". And there were the poetry recitals by the wanna-be Bukowskis. And, yes, most of the tenants at the commune were Berkeley students who maintained a high GPA, all while digesting plenty of wild mushrooms. The Yuppies in San Francisco snubbed you for driving an 02, as they were all driving newer model BMWs. But, now they are paying $$$ for 02s. Ha HA Ha ! But, I did also notice that the 02 had a more dedicated and stronger enthusiast base up there. Fuel cost $1.00 / gallon of Super Well, there’s a lot more to that trip. Slavs
  8. Back when foraging through the junk yards, I noticed the carbed 70s era Audis had a manual choke and mechanical secondary version of the Solex 32/32. At least that is what I thought I observed. I think it was the Audi 100 or something. Never paid much attention to Audis, especially from that era.
  9. One of my cars has the older ST Springs. They are linear rate and drop the car about 1/2". Whatever you buy, I would stay away from progressive rate springs. You don't get that crispy tight handling feel with them as you do with the linear springs. And, I would stay away from anything that is too stiff for the street. My other car has something that is too low in the back. So, I had to bring back up with a 3 dot spacer. Now, it sits at about the same height as my car with the ST springs, which is about 1/2" lower from stock.
  10. If your car is a 67, you instrument cluster is unique to the 66-67 in that the electrical gauges are 6v unless it was converted to 12v. Furthermore, the 66-67 cluster does not have the brake warning light. The odometer reset knob is metal vs. plastic on the later cars. You’re not going to find the silver cluster in a factory finish that has not faded by now. Just disassemble the cluster and repaint it. It is no big deal. Take a look at pics of the 66-67 clusters on the internet.
  11. No, I'm not going postal. No need for psychoanalytical evaluations. Otherwise, I will start talking about Psychoanalytical Marxism. And, that's another can of warms, which perhaps may be out of place here. And, as for firearms, got to admire the well built stuff, if for nothing, but engineering. The steel hardening process used by many European firearms manufacturers is superior to the current US made stuff where environmental laws prohibit such processes. The tennifer hardened and forged cranks on the 02s are one such example. They will never build them like that again. The forged and tennnifer hardened and blued steel of some of those firearms is of exceptional quality. Anyways, back to 02s and NK cars............................Got to get back to my engine builds.
  12. That's right, This is a town of every type of thief imaginable; 1. The two bit thief including the pick pocket and purse snatcher thieves praying on mostly the elderly ( I was in a produce store in a part of the San Fernando Valley, just a few blocks away from the old 2002AD location and all those Pick A Part style junkyards which were once a goldmine for 02 parts, when one of these predators snatched a wallet from an old women before trying to make a run for it out of the store. I was caught off guard as I was busy selecting a watermelon (5 lbs for $1). He ran into me and clobbered me in the kidney. One of the shoppers in the isle caught up with him before slapping him around and recovering the wallet. He then let him run off as the idiot pulled out a pocket knife and started swinging it around wildly. I've been there hundreds of times over the years, and this was the only time I witnessed something like that. I could have been stabbed or killed picking out my watermelon. One would expect my untimely demise while crawling under a car at a junk yard, but no, I almost got stabbed while being fixated on the melons. On another occasion I found a homeless lunatic sitting behind the wheel of my car and wearing my prescription Ray Ban Sunglasses. This occurred in the parking area of a convenience store in the now trendy Echo Park neighborhood. I don't know if the guy stole anything, but I quickly yanked back my sunglasses before pulling him out of the car. He was singing the entire time. 2. The typical industry thief ripping you off while throwing you under the bus to get ahead. 3. The idea thief ripping off the subculture 4. The mechanic thief 5. The screenwriter thief plagiarizing and ripping off your work 6. The gas station identity thieves ripping off your credit card info. 7. The real estate and banker thieves sticking you with crummy real estate loans while investing in credit default insurance, betting you will loose your house and money within 3-5 years. 8. The "Gone in 60 Seconds" thieves stealing your cars. 9. The doctor thieves 10. The lawyer thieves 11. The Contractor thieves including the plumbers. Yes, you can learn to reset or change out your own toilet and save $$$. If you can change out a single barrel Solex carb, this is no big deal. And, if you happen to be one of those snooty types, it's a good educational and humbling experience. You will gain a completely new outlook on life after realizing that your crap is just like all other crap. 14. Oh ! almost forgot to mention the "Green" thieves. They are at home here in California, the "Green" state, where these characters bamboozle unsuspecting people by persuading them to enter into very questionable "Power Purchase" contractual agreements. They'll even stick a solar system on your roof for "FREE", but you soon find out it's not so free after all.
  13. And, I've had nothing but negative experiences with anything related to the entertainment industry. That includes professional work related affiliations and classic BMWs. This is an industry which draws status anguished and self centered individuals who are ever ready to do anything to climb another rung on the ladder, including stabbing you in the back at the first opportunity. Sure, there are honest and nice individuals there, but they are in the minority. It is an industry which popularizes and promulgates the official agenda and mainstream propaganda of an Imperialist state. And for some reason it draws a lot of coupe owners. I've dealt with them and worked on their cars one too many times, but no more. They can humble themselves and learn to work on their own cars and get their fingernails dirty. And, while they're at it, they can learn to replace their own toilet and come face to face with their byproducts. If that's not a humbling experience, I don't know what is. Or, they can go to the Coupe King or some other BMW specialist and pay the $$$. And, they can call their own plumber. I've had enough of them.

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