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  1. This is a very informative and comprehensive article. Thanks for the research and thorough explanation. Slavs
  2. My condolences to your friend, he certainly had good taste. I suggest you sell those cars complete and not part them out. While not the fastest, they are both examples of the most elegant BMWs produced during the era. The 2000CS appears complete and restorable. A lot of the sheet metal from the later coupes and repair sections are available aftermarket. The 2000CS is no slouch, but its styling and elegance is unmatched by anything BMW produced since. If I was closer to you I would certainly be interested.
  3. This is a very interesting topic. There is a lot to be said about the German industry and manufacturing process. If a lower pH is associated with the anodic dipping process, this translates to an acidic process. While the higher pH numbers associated with the catonic process suggest a more alkali process. I imagine moving too extreme in each direction, especially in the direction of acidic would not be too healthy for the metal. The fact that BMW made this effort in the first place is impressive. But, it falls in line with the German industry's attention to treating metal or steel such as surface hardening, where they excelled. In regards to classic BMW's being prone to rust, they actually rusted less compared to the Japanese Datsuns. They rusted faster than anything. Well the later Alfas are prone to really rust as well. The even coat of primer probably resulted in a very clean and even final finish. Thanks for the info, Robert. SLavs
  4. If you're going to repaint the car, remove all glass, gaskets, moldings (drill out the rivets for the quarter glass moldings including the pillar molding). Otherwise grab some touch -up automotive paint that's a close match and respray the affected area. You can't get decent results, even with good paint if you leave all the glass and moldings on the car. If you're going to paint it, do it the right way and sand the old paint off. This is a very tedious and labor intensive process. As far as the quality of most new paints, including expensive paints, it's inferior to the quality of older high end paints. Furtherhrmore there are fewer painters who know how to work with high quality single stage paints. Two stage is a shortcut to achieve a mirror like gloss. But two stage paints lack dept and have what I would call an artificial glow. And, when two stage starts going south and the clear delaminates, it really starts looking ugly.
  5. Those appear to be the 1600ti manifolds. They match the 118 head of the 1600, 1600ti and 1802. They also match the 116 head of the 1800 and 1800ti NK cars. Although in this case the brass linkage shaft for the NK 1800ti linkage has not been installed. They can be port matched to the 2000cc heads or used as is. I haven't checked the part number on them.
  6. Take a pic of the port side which mounts to the head. This is the side with no studs. This will help us determine if the manifolds are for a 1600-1800 or a 2000cc.
  7. Was that Steve's car ? Great choice of livery, Steve. You're a comrade after all. How did I miss that ?
  8. First of all I didn't paint everybody here as a Right Winger. But, there are enough here to make me sick. As for History, I believe I can do circles around most of you. You don't know anything about my background. It was the glorious Red Army which marched to Berlin and raised the victory banner over the Reichstag. In the process it blew up the Swastika over the Brandenburg Gate. But, that swastika has been symbolically resurrected today by NATO and its support of Neo-Nazi militia's in places like the Ukraine. There are enough of these Right Wing bastards here to warrant my critique. It sounds like you're the one who needs to take the chill pill, not me.
  9. I stand by my earlier comments to you. I commend Germany's Baader Meinhof - RAF and Greece's November 17th for hunting down NATO's Fascist Pigs !
  10. My Comrades and I enjoy our Nazi trophies. The next time we raise our victory banner over the Reichstag or the White House, we'll collect more.
  11. Thanks for the advice, Toby. A lot of folks here are great people. I think you're one of them. But, there's also just enough of them that leave a really bitter taste in my mouth. I've been around a long time, and I have a lot of experience with the BMW community to know what I'm talking about. I believe I've been here on the FAQ for at least 15 years, and I've owned BMW's since 1982, when I learned to drive and bought my first 1600. I'm tired of some of the ignorant, racist and socially irresponsible comments I hear from members within this community dominated by the Anglo-Teuton brotherhood. I've been subjected to this crap for years. And, it's the last thing I can tolerate, especially now.
  12. I don't know what is CBD ? I took my drugs during the 80s. I don't think we had that around. We just lived on a diet of Quaaludes, Coke, Meth and Crack. That's probably for beginners these days. But, the BMW closet case Nazis are very real. They do their best in trying to keep their Fascism in check just underneath the skin. But, it always comes to the surface one way or another. It's actually a dialectical process where their contradictions manifest themselves in various comments and actions. The current bloated Capitalist Pig in power has emboldened them to come out of the closet while others remain a bit more diplomatic. "White" folks from this country predominate this BMW culture. Now, I'm "White" , but I can see through some of these bastards who dream of putting on their white sheets.
  13. I'll keep the Nazi cars as trophies.
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