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New interior w/ Estys carpet

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Hey All-

It's been a few months since I've posted on here but I wanted to post my latest weekend work. Last year or so I finished the body work on my 76 and painted the car myself. It was major project but until the interior was done, I still had a lot of work to do. I just finished it this weekend!

This was on my list:

- New Carpet

- New Headliner

- Redone seats

- Redone rear seat

- New Door Panels (front/back)

- Turn all tan interior items to Black

So here are the before shots:

My old Headliner:


My Old Carpet and Seats:


Thanks to Esty's fast skills with her sewing machine I received my carpet kit in no time (and the quality is outstanding). Made some MINOR adjustments to it during install but if anyone is considering a carpet kit, Esty is the ONLY place to buy from.



With some local help from my favorite interior shop, I had them redo my seats and headliner. For the headliner I made a risky choice and chose a gray color.




I just moved out of the Bay Area to Salt Lake City. If any 02ers are in SLC pipe up, I'd love to see what meets you guys have here.

Thanks again to Esty

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Did you get the headliner done in the bay area, or SLC? If in the bay, can you share where you did it and how much it cost? Did you have the glass pulled, or did they work around it?



+1! If the work was done in the Bay Area, or nearby, please tell who, and how much. I'm in the process of redoing my interior and yours looks great.

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