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  1. All of them. (That’s from 2013) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. All, Its been awhile since you have been updated on my friend, Scott Sislane. Sorry about that, but the road has been a lot rougher than expected. In our last update, we told you Scott was about to go home. He did, but after 5 days at home he was back in MGH, and has been, for the last three weeks. Long story short, but Scott had a severe reaction to the chemo and is just coming out of a long battle with the side effects, as it caused a whole body allergic reaction that went undiagnosed for a few weeks. This resulted in multiple complications stacked upon each other. Meg has stayed by Scott’s side endlessly and I tell you one thing folks, he is one lucky guy to have a super knowledgeable professional nurse with many years of experience as a wife and always by his side. If I could only explain how significant her presence has been to his recovery, its truly heartwarming and amazing. Scott is doing much better now and hopes to be discharged soon and re-start the recovery once again. He can’t wait to get home and be with his family again and return to normalcy. Keep your thoughts with both Scott and Meg, they need every good wish and prayer you’ve got. Also, if you feel the desire, please contribute to the gofundme page, https://www.gofundme.com/sislane There is no harm in donating more than once, if you can. The expenses have certainly backed up with loss of work, hotel stays, food on the go, etc. It has gone on much longer than expected, so please find it in your hearts to consider another donation.
  3. This has been all over Facebook, but I know lots of the FAQ folks don't have Facebook, so I wanted to take a chance to post it here. https://www.gofundme.com/sislane/ Many of you know Scott, and have dealt with him personally - please take a minute to read the page, and contribute if you can. He's one of the best folks out there - always willing to lend a hand or a spare part for a fellow 02'er. If you can help out in any way, please do. Thanks, Matt
  4. Hi there - not sure how this happened - but you have my email address in there as the contact?? Definitely not correct. Matt
  5. Digging up old threads... does anyone know offhand the size of that vent tubing?? TIA, Matt
  6. FWIW, I have run the blue silicon kit from Ireland for.... 4 years now, and I've loved them. Had no issues, and as an added bonus, they look totally cool. The fit was perfect, and they installed with no problems. I'd recommend. Matt
  7. bmdubl02 - do you still have the door panels?
  8. Does anyone have a pair of '02 Mud Flaps that they'd sell? Looking for something like those in the picture. Location: Connecticut
  9. So I'm looking at a Cannon Intake Manifold - like this one: http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/2002-fuel-intake/022cannon.html And I can't tell what you're supposed to do with the coolant lines? I'm not sure how this works - looks like there's a threaded hole for an input, but I'm not sure how that would work. Can anyone explain it to me? (Like I'm a fifth grader) The IE site says "You must reuse the brake booster line fitting (BMW #34331102538 and #07119963355), and the water jacket housing from the underside of your original 1-barrel manifold." But I just plain don't understand that..... thanks in advance. Matt
  10. Just so everyone's aware - '02 Fest is alive and well - as far as I know, it's always going to be the Sunday of Lime Rock. The great guys over at Sports Car Restoration are also hosting an open house event on Saturday, August 31, from around 2-7 p.m. There's some info about '02 Fest here: www.bmw2002.us Hope that helps! Matt
  11. as has been mentioned, run, don't walk, but run away, from this one. Send me the wheels, though. Not sure what it would take to get it across the border, but you might want to start looking in Vermont and New York. Check Craig's list and Ebay - they are around.
  12. and what are the thoughts on rocker locks? http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/2002-valvetrain/02rockerlock.html Or should I just use the springs I have? or get new springs??
  13. aha!! I see it now (was looking on the phone before) - I didn't notice the tool installed in the second picture. That's awesome. As it stands now, my head has been disassembled, so I don't need to worry about getting the rocker shafts out - will need to worry about getting them back in though, I guess.
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