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  1. I had my 240 rebuilt by Pete's Gears in Hayward like 5 or 6 years ago. He said the bearings were "cherry" and that they last forever in those boxes and he replaced 2 synchros. It wasn't expensive. https://petesgearshop.com/
  2. I had to grind away one of the ribs on the case of mine to clear the drag link. No big deal.
  3. I used to do that on my MS2 but honestly, with the ITBs, there's little point. I just have it give it a little extra fuel during warmup and I'm good. I may have added some advance but I can't remember.
  4. Yeah, its fine. Warms up quick (on cold days I do have to kinda do a heel/toe move to keep the throttle open, but just for a bit) and it returns to idle perfectly once its warm.
  5. For a 4 cylinder the 750 is all you need. It has onboard logging, self-learning that works awesome, and plenty of I/O. I'm using haltech's wideband that connects via can and its a million time better than the Innovate crap that I used for years. For sure you could get a 1500 and that has more stuff for like launch control or whatever but our cars won't ever use that. I used to run a stepper motor IAC with my megasquirt and it was ok. With the ITBs and where I live (Marin County) things warm up enough that I never really need it so I've just left it off.
  6. Everything myself. Its hard to think about because I did the Megasquirt conversion on the car like 10+ years ago but I was running the 318i manifold and EDIS. When I went to the Jenvey setup that I when I put in the Haltech, which I highly recommend. The conversion was easy especially since with the Jenveys you get all the linkage and it works great. The Haltech is also SO MUCH easier to deal with than the Megasquirt and everything works with minimal fuss. Their wiring loom and fuse/relay box make it a breeze. The hardest thing for me was something stupid, actually. I kept having the connectors to the LS2 coils fail because all I could find were the cheap chinese ones. Finally I got a hold of some AC Delco ones and everything has been rock solid. These are the connectors between the ECU and the coils.
  7. I have an old 02again.com wheel (36-1) back from when I was still running megasquirt. I've toyed with the idea of adding a crank angle sensor but honestly it feels unnecessary.
  8. I have been running the 40mm Jenvey's on the short IE manifold and a Haltech Elite 750 powering it with LS2 coils for about 2 years and its great. I daily the car (commute from Marin to SF) and its been super solid.
  9. If you can come by and pick it up. I don't have time to ship it with the move.
  10. Lowered to $150. I've moving next month and need this gone! Make me an offer!
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