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  1. Silver dollar temp/fuel gauge in working order. I plugged this unit into my own car to verify functionality of both gauges. Dated 3.71 $50 shipped anywhere in the continental US.
  2. Driver quality front bumper blade, photos tell the story. Center section has some pitting and there are a few minor dings here and there. Overall decent driver quality. Blade only, no guards included. WSYIWYG. $125 plus shipping (US only).
  3. Partial long console - includes parts as shown. Has some extra holes in the panels and the side panels are cracked internally but it doesn't effect its functionality, I had it mounted in my own car for a while. $100 plus shipping.
  4. A friend and I were there, neither of us in our 02s. Got some goodies in the swap and then got jammed up in traffic on the way back. Apparently someone decided to have a crash on the Bay Bridge at Treasure island. 🤬
  5. This is a driver-quality right-side shallow grille for 72-73. The headlight ring has been riveted in (not visible when installed) and the bottom grille slat cover is missing (that slat is painted black). finally, there is a small hole drilled next to the reflector. See photos. $125 includes shipping in the lower 48.
  6. \\\Mink


    Received a bit of polish over the weekend.
  7. \\\Mink


    Originally an automatic, converted to 5-speed OD. Replacement engine, Cromodora CD32 wheels dated 1972.
  8. This might be the best description I've ever read in a procedure. In fact, having just gone through it, I read this line to my wife and she suggested adding "spouses" to the list of things you're going to scare away in your rage. Seriously though, thanks for this writeup.
  9. ttt...you know you want them!
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