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  1. \\\Mink

    BMW 2002 shell

    She used to look so much happier. :(
  2. Happens to modern cars, too. My wife was driving her 2019 Clubman the other day when the left rear glass exploded.
  3. Great choice, I love my CD32s. I would be curious to know what method you end up using to restore them.
  4. Sorry, I was unavoidably detained last night and couldn't get it boxed up/weighed. Probably won't get to it until the weekend at the rate things are going. @InkaTii still has first dibs. Sorry for the delay.
  5. Sounds good, I'll get it packed up and weighed this evening. Here's a pic from when it was in my '72.
  6. And the ashtray section as well. I put a Clardy AC setup in my car and needed both of those bits.
  7. I'll have to pack it up an get back to you this evening. You realize it's incomplete, yes?
  8. Still available. This console never had a radio in it. What do you need photos of? Pics above show condition of inner/outer sides. It's fair, not perfect.
  9. This is a working clock from a silver dollar cluster. Clock is dated 9.69. I hooked it up for about 24 hours and it kept pretty good time. $50 shipped anywhere in the continental US.
  10. Silver dollar temp/fuel gauge in working order. I plugged this unit into my own car to verify functionality of both gauges. Dated 3.71 $50 shipped anywhere in the continental US.

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