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  1. I’ll take the blue block. I can can pick up on Friday or Sunday as I’m local. Please let me know if that works. You can text me as I’m rarely on this site. Thank you- Cris 510.693.9385
  2. Can you do Alpina transfers for the instrument cluster and steering wheels?
  3. Do you have any other AC parts? In particular, the interior unit.
  4. Use a Kamei spoiler with a US spec e21 front bumper. Fits the angles of the 02 nose nicely and the Kamei style spoiler fills the gap nicely between the nose panel and bumper.
  5. Cover craft makes a nice custom one. Bought one off Amazon for $95.00.
  6. Inch width electrical tape works well and doesn't chip.
  7. The new OE BMW door seals are really nice. The URO BMW 2002 seals are junk, plain and simple. This is truly a place to spend your money. You won't regret it.
  8. You can get freeze plugs from a local NAPA to plug the injector holes in the head. Use some sealer around the freeze plugs and tap them in.
  9. Common in the mid-80's. They were made for BMW e30's. They also were a "tuner" fit for VW's with the BBS body kits. Depending on production, lug bores were deep and necessitate longer lug bolts or to bolt on a 2002, they needed the long shank lug nuts with a 60* bulge seat. They are cast aluminum wheels. In the mid-80's, they were fairly common. Once the RZ's came out, with the covered lug holes, sales of the RA's slowed and were then discontinued by the late 80's
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