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  1. The one I installed above was a BGA. I didn’t take any pictures, but I do still have the E21 pick up. As to whether it’s rebuilt or a new casting, the pickup shows no BMW markings or pn’s. I’m not sure if the factory part would have them or not though. I’ve got about 500 miles on it now, including a really cold morning (for Florida). No issues and the pressure is rock steady.
  2. Just installed one in my '76 with a rebuilt engine. After swapping the pickups everything bolted on with no issue. However, I did have to use approximately 5 shims to get the chain tension correct. I assume they must shave the mating surface as part of the rebuild process. Anyway, from a performance standpoint it works perfectly. Pressure is super smooth and stabilized once the relief opens, holding approx 65psi at anything over 2krpm. Hot idle with 20w-50 is right around 30psi. Cold starts run up to about 80-90. I also know my bearings are on the looser side of spec for what it's worth. I bought mine off of eBay.
  3. It’s time to get my 76 02 and 74 CS new paint jobs. For the 02 I’m envisioning a daily driver level respray to correct a cheesy budget maaco job by the PO. Limited to no bodywork and no rust repair needed. Does anyone know of a decent painter in central Florida? I plan to pull all the trim and deliver a glass out body, so prior 02 experience is not necessarily required. Thanks!
  4. Will you ship? I'd think if you sister the seats they'd fit into a reasonable size box.
  5. Healey, I'm in Alameda. The car is in the middle of a Microsquirt conversion and isn't drivable, but you're welcome to swing by. I'm running a 325I TB w/02Again adapter plate.
  6. Just note that his tune is AN based versus SD. I'm not sure how well the tables translate. I ended up using the auto-generated one (using his dyno #'s since we have similar setups). Also, 02 Again has this guide which includes base maps: http://www.02again.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Megasquirt_presentation.pdf
  7. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the spacer is too long if the sway bar is not parallel with the ground. If it's too long, the ends of the bar will be pointing away from the road; too short, they'll point towards it. Hope that helps!
  8. If you want to really see something, look up Blue Origin. They're using 3D printing to make rocket engines. Let me say that again, ROCKET ENGINES. It's amazing how far that technology has come so quickly.
  9. Like the others, 1 for stock, 1 for EFI, and 1 for a VDO sensor. However, I only have one VDO temp gauge in my console, so I made sure the water temp sensor and oil temp sensor are the same range (0-300F if I remember correctly). I normally drive with it hooked up to Oil since I have a good idea how my stock gauge reads. One of these days I'll put in a switch so I can go back and forth on demand.
  10. 02Coastie


  11. I'm going to be a slight contrarian here. Having recently reacquired my dad's old coupe, I can confirm that they're wonderful driving cars. What everybody says about rust however is absolutely true. If you can see rust in the fenders and in the rockers, it's likely pretty substantial. We're talking $30,000-$40,000 dollars worth of work if you send it to a shop to properly repair (possibly more). Having said that, mechanically they're very reliable and very easy to work on. If the car is drivable and safe to be on the road, I'd say go for it. Just realize that at some point you're going to have to part it out. From what you describe, there's easily 5 to 6000 worth of parts on there. For now just enjoy driving it and avoid putting a ton of money into it. Post some pictures over on the coupe forum, we'll help you get a sense of fair value. 12,000 is a lot if there's terminal rust.
  12. After moving from a fixed Craftsman light to a dial-adjustable unit from Harbor Freight (never again), I finally found a great deal on a used MATCO adjustable/digital light (Ebay: $50). I will never go back! Having the RPM display and adjustability is fantastic and well worth spending a little more. Having said that, once you set the 123, you shouldn't really *need* the light again. I'd recommend either spending enough to get a known good light or just borrow someone's for the initial setup.
  13. Jim where was that made? Any chance more are available?

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