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  1. Rear axle back in, surface rust wirewheeled away. New wheel bearings, trailing arm bushings, spring pads, and H&Rs. Dropping off the 3.91 LSD tomorrow to get resealed.
  2. Took apart the rear subframe this week to finally rehab it. While searching for info here, I found a post I made in 2010 about the parts I was accumulating to redo the rear subframe 😳. Went to buy new M12 and M14 nuts (1.5 pitch) for the rear connections - they had the option of Nylocks but I declined because I wasn't sure if would be able to withstand the heat. Any benefit to using nylocks vs traditional locking nuts for the trailing arm/diff connections? EDIT: Doh, I ordered the wrong ones, should be M10 and M12 x1.5. Oh well
  3. That looks like the car owned by the proprietors of fourtilfour in Old town Scottsdale. Last I saw it, it was fairly clean, but I think they're still stuck in the world of Porsche values to ask that much dough. They just drove a 912 from Peking to Paris. Maybe they're selling this to pay their bills from that trip.
  4. Looks pretty damn nice. Just take off the Bavaria badge on the back and drive the heck out of it.
  5. We'll be watching closely Mark. Hoping for an entertaining auction for you. Where'd you get those gauges in the console!?
  6. My 68 doesn't have the ridges on it...this could be from a 70. This is beautiful though.
  7. Bump with an image of the whole bumper, which somehow I forgot to post.
  8. Very close! Anyone with a registry know about this VIN?
  9. This has been hanging in my dad's garage for my entire life. It's time for it to go. Kamei "style" fiberglass front spoiler painted Malaga purple. Has some rough cut outs where bumper mounts would go. Some scuffs and marks on it too, so would probably be best on a driver car or redone. $150 obo
  10. Helping my pops (@2red69s) list some stuff for sale in an effort to clean up the garage. Excellent condition front bumper with the early/euro overriders. Perfect for a driver car, as there are a couple of small marks on it. Surface rust on the interior of the overriders, and a small ding on one of them. $850 obo. We can bring it to any a car meet in SoCal or you pay for shipping. If this price is ridiculous, please let me know.
  11. Rare car and color. What a beauty!
  12. Cleaning out the garage today prepping some stuff for sale and we found your owners manual. If someone owns this car, PM me and this will be sent to you.
  13. Welcome to the fold. Seems like it will be an interesting project. 250 hp seems like a lot in this chassis, you may need to strengthen some areas. BTW someone will eventually chime in with the history behind our nomenclature... "E10" is technically an incorrect designation. You get a pass since it's your first post 😁
  14. Very nice, Larry. You will have quite the collection!

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