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  1. I used uship to ship some heavy optical equipment cross country. Worked out pretty well.
  2. My pops has a '69 Elan. I made the screename before I had my learners' permit and it stuck
  3. I'll take them if above ^ doesn't, assuming they're gently used.
  4. Very bummed I'm missing this year. Have fun!
  5. I think I made my own with my dad...much easier and cheaper.
  6. If it were me I'd drop the front subframe and do that while you're there too - nothing like fresh rubber. I assume it would also be easier to do the clutch and trans swap outside of the car and then drop the whole unit in, unless you are using a lift and a transmission jack. Be sure to bang out some room in the tunnel.
  7. IIRC there are a couple different types of swan necks, depending on where they were originally mounted. Maybe you have to go in from behind the door panel? @tjones02 would know
  8. I don't think it's just on eBay. Every time I look in the classifieds section here I have to filter through all of the ads for overpriced foglights from the same seller in Europe.
  9. I love mine...great companion for an 02
  10. Oh how we all wish for times like these, but this thought can almost be applied to anything. People used to be able to buy homes in their mid-20s and pay them off quickly. Most in my generation will be lucky to even THINK about owning property (I'm 27). I've said it before, but if I didn't buy my 02 when I was 15, I probably would not be in this hobby now. I'm just glad I got into it when I did, because like @saaron says, the best thing about this obsession are the friends you make. So yes, we can wax nostalgic about "the good old days" but that's what they are - "old days." Time is always the independent variable, right? Do you have a magical plan to take us all back? Because if so, I'm listening! But otherwise, let's talk about the old junkyard deals and be glad that we were even able to do it back then. Oh, and if anyone has an extra set of that sweet black over grey interior that @Slavs mentioned, my Caribe car could really use it!
  11. Not sure how I missed this! Good buy
  12. I also yearn for the days when parts were cheap and plentiful, but if 02s hadn't increased in value, I likely would've sold mine. I've held on to it during many years of being a poor entrepreneur because now the replacement value would be too high.
  13. I will have my 02 there soon as well. This seems like a better location than the small parking lot it used to be in.
  14. Know if they're "hot" or "cold" thermostats? I need to run a hotter one
  15. They also didn't come to the Chicago show this year. The auto shows probably aren't as big of a draw for 'regular folk' as they used to be.
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