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  1. Peeked underneath to try and locate a noise...sporadic click sound on takeoff (one or two clicks max). I assume the rear hubs are in okay shape as I just had the wheel bearings changed, but I'm not sure. The noise almost sounds like it's coming from the giubo area but it's hard to tell. Then drove the car to find a 36 mm socket (so I could check the castle nut tightness) but harbor freight didn't have one. Drives like a champ though. I'll try autozone next time
  2. Falken Azeni 195/60. They're a great summer tire, obviously won't last as long but who cares
  3. Yep, still available. Can ship out this week
  4. The base looks correct, the mirror and glass don't appear to be an original BMW swan neck mirror
  5. Billie HDs, H&R sport, ST (or IE) sways is an ideal setup.
  6. Glad the forum could help out here. I know of a freshly rebuilt 235 dogleg FS in case anyone's looking...keep an eye on the FS section
  7. I wish I didn't have 3 of these because I'd be buying this one
  8. I actually added that frame last year...I bought the car in 2007. I do live about 1 mile from the original Vasek Polak location though!! Also, go drive Danco's car. it's pretty sweet.
  9. Bought my 1600 for my first car back when they were inexpensive little shitboxes. It's still a shitbox but I love it and won't get rid of it.
  10. a 32/36 fits on this yea? Haven't had mine apart in so long I can't even remember. If so, I have a friend who's interested
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