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  1. John Barlow is up there. I can't speak for how much room he has available but he does have some fun cars
  2. Played a little morning hooky from work and drove Angeles Crest Highway in my sh*tbox
  3. Mike - that could be due to the acidity of the tomatoes. When I got my CS hubcaps, I was told to shine them up with -not joking- ketchup.
  4. Beautiful work, Larry. Does this mean I can send mine to you for rebuild??
  5. You could always get 14" steelies with hubcaps. I do like your steelies though
  6. Bill Auberlen races for BMW! Saw him race at Monterey this past August. Good to know this place is nearby...been needing to get my speedo and tach calibrated...
  7. Wow, you weren't lying. That's a damn howl. Take the belt off and spin the alternator fan to rule that out.
  8. @2002#3 Larry - I'll be watching closely. I have my set of PHHs in waiting. Still missing some linkage.
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