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  1. That looks great. Some cool custom work y'all did!
  2. This is the time to do it all....when I had the rear out I didn’t bother powder coating, but just degreased it, hit it with a wire wheel and painted it. Trust me, it feels good to put it back in there looking all fresh.
  3. I just went from US to euro. The euro ones should fit nice and tight, I'm wondering if yours are installed on the wrong sides?
  4. Oh how I wish we got the 323ti over here, but that being said, I don't mind the little M44. It's quite revvy, extremely economical, and reliable. In terms of it being the spiritual successor to the 02 touring, I 100% agree. My 02 was my first car. When it came time to get something a little more modern (this was back in 2012), the TI is what I chose - it's just modern *enough* but still simple. In fact, I've only owned 3 cars in my life, 2 of which were TIs. I will ALWAYS extol the virtues of the TI, in fact I wrote a similar piece: https://bimmerlife.com/2019/12/22/the-case-for-the-unloved-hatch/ @02Anders, well written piece. I just hope you don't sell it! It's such a great little car you have there.
  5. Hey Jerry - you're in the South Bay right? We might have a tach for you
  6. I totally misread your post - I thought you were saying there was an allen plug in there. Woops! Were you using a 6 point socket or 12?
  7. Maybe get it off with an impact gun and a special allen bit or something? Replace with this and torque to ~43 ft-lbs https://www.pelicanparts.com/More_Info/11131250089BOE.htm?pn=11-13-1-250-089-BOE&bt=Y&fs=0&SVSVSI=5420
  8. Those wheels are super pretty! I'm guessing this post will be moved to the FS section soon. Kind of off topic - I was reading a Roundel from 1973 last night and the name "Don Bower" was printed in an article about a CCA economy test. Was that you!?
  9. That's how most look. Hence why I posted. Mine looks different, but now we know it's more common than I thought.
  10. FunElan

    Grab bag

    $30 obo + shipping. If you'd like something specifically out of this shoot me an offer for it. I also have another Somertrieb that isn't pictured.
  11. Interesting! Thanks for chiming in. Mine came off the line 6 days later. Probably the same scenario as yours. What was your black plate tag? Was the car just sitting on the lot until you bought it? Would love to see old photos of it
  12. I've owned my 68 1600 for 13 years and somehow just made the realization that my VIN tag looks different than others. For starters, it's missing the "1968" stamp, and the font indicates it was clearly stamped by hand. Weirdly, it's a 2/68 build but has been registered as a '69 in CA since new. I started looking for other examples and have even consulted some of the elders on the board. We're somewhat stumped. Anyone ever see another one like this? 3 examples I've found so far: 1563167 - my car, built 2/68 1565803 - Sold on BAT, built 69: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1969-bmw-1600-8/ 1562736 - Sold on BAT, built 1/68: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1968-bmw-1600-18/
  13. I called the seller - he said another person had called and they verified that the engine # belonged to a 71 2002. He thought it was a ti motor because it did have PHHs on it and it says "121ti" on the head. And there go my dreams of installing a real ti engine in my car...
  14. Cheers to many more miles with Ludwig!
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