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article ...... history of the 2002 series


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Of particular interest in this SEPT 2018 article:  the author shows 1975 as the last production year of the 2002 model ..... that is of course confusing to me, I thought it was 1976. 


So your comments & commentary on "history" will be interesting to read.





The BMW 2002 proved to be a major milestone for the company as it worked to build itself up again after the Second World War. To catch a glimpse of








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They should change the name to a quick and inaccurate guide.


In multiple places it says ti's have twin solex's, then the chart shows kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection.


The charts also show all models being available with a 3 speed automatic, lol.


I didn't see any mention of 2 barrel carbs and many other changes that occurred over the years.



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