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Tuning “journey”

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I’m wondering if any of you might be able to offer me some advice on my 1972 2002. The car is 100% stock save for a Weber 32/36 and a free flowing ANSA exhaust. Stock cam. Stock pistons. Really basic set up. 


So here’s my journey so far:  I just rebuilt the carb and after following CD’s recommendations, it seems to be running just a hair rich, but is working and it now runs drastically better. In the hopes of not doing too much at once, I’m just going to call the carb sorted for now. 


Then, Just when I though things were running well, I lost spark.  Turns out the ground wire came off the stock distributer and while I was going to just solder it back on, I later decided to invest in a 123 Ignition, a red Bosch coil, new plugs and new wires. I found TDC, dropped in the new distributor (I got the Bluetooth version) but found it wouldn’t start or run with whatever curves were pre-programmed on there, so I updated the curve values to what I think are the Tii numbers and rotated the dizzy a little until it fired up and ran pretty good. It’s not perfect by any means, and while it runs much more smoothly now, I feel like I can get a little more power here and there with some added advance in the right places. It also doesn’t want to fire up right away when cold, so I know it needs more finessing. 


My main question is: Does anyone (Who’s running the same set up as me: stock everything with a 32/36 and exhaust) have any screen shots of curves that you’re using that are working well for you?  I know this is an iterative process and every car will be a little different, but I’m just looking for a curve map to start from that’s a little closer to my carbed car than the curve I have in there. Oh. I’m also running a vac line from the top of the manifold to the the 123Tune distributor. So any tweaks to the MAP curves would be appreciated as well. 


I’m very thankful to be in the fine tuning stages, but any advice you could offer would be appreciated. I have the car in for paint this week and I’m excited to get it dialed in perfectly so I can really start putting some miles on it this summer. Attached are a couple of screen grabs of what I’m running now. 





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Use this chart to map your ignition curve for the 2002.  Don't use the manifold for vacuum, use the ported vacuum connection on your Weber, above the throttle plates for vacuum connection.  Turn the MAP table off (zero out the values), and drive the car around with someone to record the ported readings using the 123 ignition application at various conditions to determine where more advance or retard maybe appropriate (WOT, Crusing, etc.).  Each engine will be slightly different, but this will help you dial it in.


Also make sure that your advance table corresponds to what is actually happening.  If your table for the 2002 looks like this


0 RPM - 0 Degrees

1000 RPM - 14 Degrees

1500 RPM - 25 Degrees

2000 RPM - 31 Degrees

2500 RPM - 35 Degrees

2700 RPM - 38 Degrees


Use your timing light to verify that the "Ball" on your flywheel is in the observation port at 1500 RPM.


Have fun,







Ignition Advance.png

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Thank you! This helps a lot. I did have it hooked up to the vac line on the carb, but thought I read somewhere that it should go to the manifold. I’ll switch it back as soon as I get her back from paint. This I was just what I needed though, a nice baseline. Much appreciated. 

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On 5/18/2020 at 1:33 AM, DetroitMatt said:

rotated the dizzy a little until it fired up and ran pretty good.


Hi Matt,

The danger is that your 123 'doesnt know where it is'... all the programming and curves are relative to TDC and the 123 assumes TDC is where you mechanically set it [That bit in the instructions where you rotate till the light comes on with engine static at TDC]. If you moved the dizzy after that then you've added an unknown offset to all the timing figures.

You said it wouldnt start on any stock curve...something fishy there...it should start on every stock curve. I encourage you to go back to basics and get the basic setup to work before tweaking advance.

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Good advice.  I’ll go back to TDC, start the process over again, and then graduate to the curves Mark posted above. Then after that I’ll start to add in some MAP curves if needed.  

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