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Drivers window seal- part id


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I have a '75 Chamonix 2002. Color mentioned for fans of Click and Clack. I need to replace the drivers door window seal along the lower edge.  I've looked throgh RealOEM but can't locate the part. Check out what I have now.


The rubber edge over the trim is lost after the first few inches all the way to the back of the window.  Probably dried out from living east of the mountains, like my half dozen dash cracks. The passenger seal is fine, maybe it was parked one direction. If I can find the part, how tough is the installation?




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31 minutes ago, 7502 said:

It appears I need part 6.


Part 6 is the aluminum trim strip that goes along the top of the door card.


The part the previous owner of my car pried up with a pocket knife, or something similarly sharp; kinking it every inch or so, while pulling up and stretching a bend in it.


Actually, it went so well he did both of them that way. 


I think you might want part 8, the sealing lip.

(my best guess)



edit, also shown here, in the link ray_ provided



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10 hours ago, '76mintgrun'02 said:

I think you might want part 8, the sealing lip.

Yep, that's what you want.  IIRC the replacement part is different from what the factory originally installed, but works just fine.  I believe you have to slide it in from the back end of the door rather than pushing it in place all at once.  



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I'd like to have a pair of #6 trim pieces... but not for $200.

I started hammering the sharp kinks back down, but the stretched bends are not fixable.

It is a good thing I have bigger worries... or, is it?


I do have all four of those little rubber end caps, thanks to another FAQ member.

Details details.

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