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  1. These o rings worked for me, no leaks so far.
  2. Pulled my brake light switch and determined it's pretty worn out, wasn't able to get get it cleaned up and functioning 100% so ordered a new switch from NAPA. Someone was kind enough to tell me my brake lights weren't working this morning at an intersection, now I wonder how long they have been out of commission.
  3. I grew up exclusively driving air cooled VW's. Beetles, FI type 4 bus, and Karmann Ghias until I bought my 75 2002 a few years ago with the money I received from selling my 77 Westfalia bus. I still have my 1963 Karmann Ghia w/ a 1600 engine. I drive just the VW and the 2002 all year long so I'm always on the lookout for rust. I think I actually baby the 2002 more than the VW when it comes to bad weather and rain. I often keep the 2002 in the garage and take the VW when the weather is a bad. The VW may actually be less rust prone that the 2002. The 2002 is my first water cooled car and I only got that a few years ago, I'm almost 60 yrs old. Picture of the 1963 taken this evening after some of the clouds cleared. I drove it earlier this morning in the rain and then dried it off with a big towel. A light rain followed by a towel dry off helps to keep it clean between washing space
  4. I'm wondering if the forward rubber grommet behind the turn signal lights that I'm using as a pass through for an extra permanent good ground was originally a water drain of some kind. I added these grounds a couple years ago when I put in Superbright LED's. My new light assembly is in much better shape that the previous one, the grey gasket is even in decent shape and the lens is clear, not cracked. I find it nice to have the extra ground when troubleshooting the light functions since I've seem the lights work fine before attaching to the body, but once jammed in there no longer work. So what about that forward most grommet? PO used the overspray king of all time. HiHi
  5. I know it's not what this post is about, but are their gauge pictures on these set ups?
  6. if you were messing w/ the blue bundled smog wires make sure the coil is still connected as Mark92131 mentioned you need power to the coil from the #12 fuse. That connector on the alternator could very well not be used. And 1 more thing, that coil does not look like a generic IE replacement coil. Looks like a good Bosch blue coil w/ internal resistance don't use the original resistor coil lead.
  7. Today I tried the tennis ball trick on the pop out windows. Drove down the I5 this morning cruising at 70 * mph, had sunroof open about half way and rear pop outs open. Great ventilation and the noise wasn't too bad. The pop outs stayed open and never rattled. I still kept the heater core valve open, so had nice heat in the morning.
  8. It's a 1963, so fairly early I guess, It has skinny drums all around and a single stage master cylinder w/ no brake booster. Suspension is the early swing axle for exciting cornering thrills. Pays to keep the brakes system adjusted and up too snuff. I would re-reinforce the idea that if more than 1 wheel on the OP locked up, it probable wasn't just from deteriorating rubber hoses.
  9. No, it was just a couple if I'm remembering correctly. I let them cool off for a while and dumped water on the wheels to help cool thing off and I drove home being careful not to apply the brakes unless absolutely necessary. Replaced the flexible sections and all was good after a fluid flush.
  10. I had that exact thing happen on my Karmann Ghia years ago. The cause was internal deterioration of the flexible rubber sections of the brake lines, As you apply the brakes it allows fluid to move forward but it would not allow it to return. Brakes got tighter and tighter until I ended up in a rest stop on the side of the highway with HOT wheels!
  11. That's cool, have to admit I needed to google cornhole boards. I knew enough that corn wasn't in season. Enjoy the games.
  12. Anyone have a decent front marker lens? Could probably use the under mounting piece as well. Thanks for looking. Eric
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