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  1. I guess mine was not reassembled correctly at some point because it doesn't automatically pop up. If I want to engage the deflector I manually raise it, then it stays up for the duration. I removed the sunroof a half a dozen times in the first year of ownership fiddling with various problems, don't remember playing with the torsion spring. I do like the deflector and all its shiny bits.
  2. Bought a Dremel tool this morning. I tried to make a slot for a screwdriver blade but in the end I had to just cut it off. I will take the good upper mounting bolt to the Hardware store and get something similar and should be good to go. Pulled the water pump and cleaned things up a bit but more to do as I wait on shipping for a new water pump. I did manage to do one incredibly stupid thing. As I was pulling the still wired up alternator out of the way I touched the positive (unprotected) post of my battery with the alternator and made a good short. No fuses blown but I hope I didn't damage the alternator. It irks me because just minutes earlier I noticed that the battery post cover had gone missing and I got distracted before I could replace it!
  3. Here's a pic of mine from yesterday before I pulled the radiator.
  4. I like your idea of slotting the end. Good excuse to buy a Dremel. Thanks.
  5. Pulled the radiator this morning for a R & R of water pump. Now trying to remove the center grill, turning the fastener just allows it to spin and I'm not feeling a bolt head to up there behind the grill even if I could get the 8 mm wrench behind there. It feels smooth so not sure how to remove the fastener. I assume it's rusted together. Am I going to have to buy a Dremel and cut that sucker off? I can't even figure out if that is one nut and a washer or a single piece. Thanks, Eric
  6. Plan to replace water pump next weekend. My research on the FAQ tells me I can do the job. But of course I do have 1 question. I have not begun to disassemble anything yet since it just began to leak from the weep hole in earnest yesterday. Q1 : Car originally had air conditioning, air compressor has been removed by PO. Can I simply remove the troubling air conditioning bracket in that area to make the job easier? Been reading the AC bracket or studs can make the job tougher to install the new water pump. I've read people have to grind or cut something off related to the compressor pump. Or even grind down a part of the water pump housing. Will I really have to do that? Be nice if I could just unbolt something and throw it in the neighbors hot tub. We don't have pools up here. Thanks
  7. Today I installed an excellent used passenger side front turn signal assembly I got through Tom Mintrgrun the Master Tinker, thanks Tom. My original was smashed after my car rolled away in a parking lot. Getting ready for the 8 months of rain and snow. For the last few vacation days I've been working mostly under the rear of the car including the wheel wells addressing potential future rust areas. I cleaned road dirt and reformed any surface rust I could find then painted w/ POR15, shot cavity wax in every orifice and used 3M seam sealer liberally where needed and finally sprayed 3M rubberized undercoating. During this work I discovered some poor welding panel replacement sections on the upper part of drivers side wheel well. That area scares me, hope my fix last a few years. I got the car for a good price but I always feel like it's a ticking rust time bomb due to the poor prep work for the sloppy repaint. I removed my rear IE fiberglass bumper and support tube so I could re-spray the area behind and below the bumper and around to the lower side of the body back to the wheels. Not a perfect match but that area is pretty much out of casual sight. I also started to repair the bumper since I backed into my garage a couple weeks ago and cracked the fiberglass. I reinforced the inner radius with three new layers of fiberglass cloth and am still working on the repainting the damaged area. Q. Wondering if I should just repaint both bumpers chrome color? I'm not a big fan of the body matched painted bumpers but also wonder if spray can chrome would look cheesy. These came painted from the PO.
  8. My '75 2002 has been my only usable car for almost two months now since the VW is laid up. Finally, this afternoon I solo installed the engine and got that bastard back on the road! I had to replace the swing axle transaxle on a '63 Karmann Ghia, it was a lot of work. I'm a glutton for punishment I guess. Now the BMW can have some late summer attention that it deserves. Raised the car super high this time and rolled the engine under on a dolly, then dropped the body down around the engine. Floor jack under the dolly and raise the engine to the bell housing. Plus lots of swear words.
  9. The aroma of Tacoma has this one : https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/pts/d/tacoma-1974-bmw-2002/6943897800.html I asked about that passenger side turn signal but got no answer? Maybe I can buy it off you?????
  10. Last time I tried to post a pic on the For Sale section I wasn't seeing the attach files link either, had to use the edit feature after it was placed and was then able to attach files.
  11. PM about the front turn signals. Eric
  12. Interesting post. My 75 came with a deflector system like this. Don't know if mine is a repo or original Golde. I assumed it was standard equipment for sunroof cars. I always thought it looked cool and while it doesn't completely eliminate noise, it does eliminate the buffeting pressure waves felt at higher speeds. Another neat thing - it sometimes can act as a mini sun visor. Mine currently doesn't automatically spring up into position when I open the roof. This post educated me that it's suppose to pop up by itself. I wonder if I have the mini torsion bars spring clips?
  13. Check your PM Nancy. Eric

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