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  1. Is this statement true if the window is rolled down?
  2. Looks good from here. I'm enjoying watching all you have done on your car. Not seeing a side view passenger side mirror yet but I think I see the mounting holes. eric
  3. I took a chance and tried a little paint thinner on old combination sponge scouring pad. I used a thin piece of plastic between the body and the rubber so as not to get thinner where it didn't belong. Washed and wiped down any excess thinner w/ soap and water and alcohol solution under the seal and the edges Pretty happy about how it turned out. I wasn't getting good results w/ just physical means like scrappers, pads etc. Now to get that window back in.
  4. Removed the pop out window to replace the B pillar rubber seal and got side tracked on the over spray. I would really like to remove the paint now while the windows out. Appears the trim is fairly new and still pretty soft so it makes it difficult to scrap off. Yesterday I had much less on the drivers side but even that small amount pretty stubborn. Tried scraping it off and also a scouring pad with so so results. Are then any chemicals that work? Thanks for any ideas to try. eric
  5. I replaced the drivers side pop out window seal piece at the B pillar. The old one was split and really deteriorated and the window was so loose I was afraid it might fall out every time I opened it. Found out there weren't any sheet metal screws holding the metal piece to the B pillar! Wasn't that hard of a job after all. A good rainy day job. I'll probably do the passenger side tomorrow since I'm sure it's going to be raining again.
  6. I'm in a similar situation as the OP but don't have a built engine, but it does run well. This thread makes me want to go out and start cleaning my CV joint hex bolts. Eric
  7. Thanks for the pointers. This morning I loosened the bearing lock nut a bit and was able to get it to a point that the upper perch became movable and was able to align the notch in the perch to line up w/ the end of the spring. Should be good to go, but I'll monitor the steering to evaluate if I got it correct.
  8. Thanks, Jae, I am unable to move the upper perch when the suspension is unloaded. Spring is loose but if I grab the upper perch is seems locked in place.
  9. Can I reposition the upper spring perch? For some reason the notches that catch the springs are not lined up on the drivers side. It appears I need to move the upper perch from it's current position of 7 o'clock (looking down) to a new position of 1 o'clock. Using H&R 50401 F springs if that matters. I think this drivers side mismatch causes the car alignment/steering to occasionally get out of wack developing a slight pull to the left. The passenger side spring perches both top and bottom notches, line up as expected and catch the end of the springs. In the picture below the drivers side the spring catches the notch at the top, but at the bottom the notch is 180 degrees off where it needs to be. What the heck's going on here? Eric
  10. Tires are about a year old and not worn out. Toyo Eclipse M+S 195/60R14 Treadware 580 Traction A Temperature B They don't seem to be very good at all in the rain. I'll just have to keep that information in the front of my mind.
  11. There is always the no protection, fiberglass bumper. I think mine is an IE unit.
  12. Purists probably won't like my solution to leaky door seals but this is what I came up with this morning I've added a few inches of extra foam toward the trailing edge of the door seal where I feel cold air entering the cabin. Not going to win any beauty contests but it has helped to seal up my doors at bit. Today I drove 170 miles down the interstate during heavy rain and wind and it was an improvement. I did have one interesting moment when all 4 tires hydroplaned and floated off the pavement at around 60mph during a slight turn in Everett. Thankfully, it resolved itself under control as I let off on the gas and brakes and I got grip back. Good to be home and safe and sound however.
  13. Forgot to mention, the re-balance solved the vibration issue approaching the interstate. Today I drove 60 smooth miles with no vibrations. Yeah, this spacer business is all new to me. I would like to think if the lug nut can be tightened 7 or 8 turns it should not be an issue. Actually, I can't wait to change out these Schwab tires. They have horrible traction in the wet, which is what we get about 7 months out of the year.
  14. A small rant if I may. This morning I finally got around to getting an appointment at one of the many Les Schwab Tire places in town for a tire balaance. After moving the car into the work area, before he even started he asked me if I have spacers on the wheels. I confessed the fronts have 5 mm spacers. He absolutely refused to even touch the wheels stating "It's our policy" and I would have to remove them myself and take them in later and he would do it for free. I reminded him their tires always come w/ lifetime free re-balancing so he wasn't really doing me any favors. I asked nicely a number of times and he just flat our could not go against the policy. I left the shop and mentioned I wouldn't be buying any more tires from them and drove down the street to Discount Tire and they were happy almost excited to check my tires. One tire was 1 oz out and the other 1/2 oz.out. The guys at Discount Tire were really interested in the car and took a few pictures. The second shop did the re-balancing for free even though they were Les Schwab tires. I guess they don't have a spacer policy. I'll be visiting them next time I'm in the market for tires.
  15. Too bad those darn 510's have you on the long straights. Enjoyed the video. Eric
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