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32-36 Linkage

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I paid a little attention to my 32-36 yesterday.  There was significant slop in the fast idle rod and it would rotate in its pivots before doing its job.  I made a couple of aluminum washers and now it works like it should. 



I have a few Webers and the other two did not have the same problem.  Worth looking at yours though, just in case. 


The pin on the linkage was worn, so I filled it and filed it round.





The auxiliary venturies  were very loose, so I shimmed them tight with a piece of paper, on the non-hole side (which was why I looked into the carb in the first place). 



several cheap fixes.  drives much better now.  these little things do add up.


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Some good ideas, I am trying to get some slop out of my fast idle linkage too.  One thought I am having, will paper hold up in the carb body, maybe thin brass shim?  You can get thin sheet brass at many hobby shops and hardware stores, maybe the paper will hold up, but if not that would be an alternative.

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I repaired the worn pin on the rod that connects the vertical carb linkage with the carb by taking some brass tubing, cutting off a piece and pressing it over the worn pin.  I have a nice long piece left over, so will be glad to share an inch long piece if you want to repair yours.  Drop me an e-mail if you're interested.



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HA!  You're welcome.  Mine fired right up today too, but I had not made the connection.  Once I was inside the carburetor I found several problems.  I reset the float height, tightened the power valve mounting screws and the accelerator pump discharge screw.  Put in a new gasket and shimmed the auxiliary venturies.  Apparently I was a little light handed while assembling things during the recent rebuild. 


I made some new cardboard gauges used the float settings in the Weber book I have.   




I have been dealing with a very slow cold start, often accompanied by a backfire.  It sure will be nice if that is behind me.  Thank you for helping me diagnose the improvements :) it is hard to know which fix does what when I find so many to do at once.  Tom



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