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  1. Is it safe to assume this is getting pushed or cancelled this year? I posted in the regional discussion thread as well.
  2. soooo is this cancelled or pushed back with the COVID shelter in place lasting through that weekend now.....?
  3. @Mark92131 wow. did not know grilles were that expensive.
  4. Looking for the black plastic grille for a late model 02 (74-76). doesn't need to be in show quality condition. Just a decent, daily driver quality condition grille.
  5. Yup! I got it in my 74. overall, its a nice config. Here are my notes on it: - I had to take the half shafts back because they or whoever did the drilling spaced the bolt pattern incorrectly, but it wasn't a huge deal. no extra charge. - The camber and toe adjusters are the exact same ones as ireland engineering offers with the eccentric rings (https://www.iemotorsport.com/product/adjustable-rear-toe-kit/). personally not a fan as I feel like there isn't enough adjustment range. Also, I 100% think they installed the toe adjusters incorrectly. you cant access the adjusters when the subframe is bolted in. I've tried all sorts of ways, but I can't access them. The little "edges" that hold the rings in, get in the way of getting a wrench onto them. I'm probably going to put in the other ones ireland offers: https://www.iemotorsport.com/product/adjustable-rear-toe-kit-posi-lock-style/ - I think the 2002undeground version is probably "nicer," but i've only installed the CA tuned one, so I'm just going off picture reference. - I REALLY like how the 2002 undergound one removed the holder/opening where the diff sits (pic attached of what im talking about)
  6. I own a faded Amazon (Corrected from my thoughts it was Agave) 74. it had a saddle/tan interior (currently out), has gold wheels and a wood steering wheel. I love BOTH amazon and agave (LOL) and will never paint it another color.
  7. Looking for rear cigarette pop-outs for the door cards. Would be for a 74 2002. doesn't have to be that year, just looking for a decent set to replace my cracked and busted ones.
  8. Thanks my fellow frankenstein builder. its been a journey but very glad I finally realized it's my car and I can do whatever I want to it. lol Also, it makes me smile every time I drive it, so it was worth it.
  10. I'm pretty sure the 240 is just a 245 in a 2 piece case....(I will defer to the experts though) I had the 240 in my 74 and never had issues with it, so don't let the haters get to you if they comment in this thread!
  11. Looking for those 2 funky nuts/rivnut that hold the driver side mirror in place.
  12. Haven't used them actually. I might pick up the rear ones. I have the aardvark ones, but no panel on it. just the wood.
  13. ireland engineering sells aluminum door panels as well: https://www.iemotorsport.com/product/aluminum-door-cards-front-2002/
  14. @magnus not sure if you found a roundie, but I ran across one in burlingame while picking up a rear diff last weekend. it is at autohaus exec (https://www.yelp.com/biz/autohaus-exec909-burlingame). Its a 72 with flares, red, fully built. The guy selling it there is named Paul. I think he said he was gonna pull the motor and trans and sell the rest, but dont take my word as exact for that detail. I don't have any ties to this sale. just got to talking with the guy and he was showing me all his projects and cars for sale.
  15. Hi all, I recently picked up an e30 LSD differential and I cannot find any details on what the "P" stamping is on the side of my diff. Here is an example of the"P" in the exact same place on another BMW diff. Any ideas? Insight? Thanks!
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