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  1. Subscribed to see the answer to this. I experience the same thing. my guess would be to adjust the location of the switch/ arm holder OR to just dremel out more space to be able to activate it.
  2. @AustrianVespaGuy nifty Idea. I figured out how to re-assemble. The trick is to compress the spring and use zip ties to keep it compressed. put the unit back in and once the backing plate and screw is secured, cut the zip tie. @steve k. whats the best way to mark my solution here ^^^ so people can future reference if needed?
  3. https://www.neueklassesupplyco.com/
  4. ah yes yes. the only small detail is I have to use my old spring style lighter. It is a long story!
  5. ^^^ @ray_ details? I am not familiar with this option....
  6. Hey All, Does anyone have any nifty tricks to re-install the cigarette lighter unit up by the cluster? The large backing spring is definitely making it difficult to piece everything together AND put the small 6mm nut onto the back. This is for a 74 2002 if that changes anything. Thanks
  7. have you looked into cobra seats? their historics options are quite nice and much cheaper than recaro. I have a set of the cobra le mans and love them. only had to make a small adapter plate or them to fit onto the stock 2002 sliders. https://www.cobraseats.com/historic.html
  8. @NYTransplant thanks for doing this! Also, on amazon, I can't tell if the order comes with 1 or 2 bike clamps. All the photos show 2 clamps...
  9. @NYTransplant wow. 100% subscribed to see the end result.
  10. @Guest_anonymous awesome, thanks!
  11. Hi all, Looking for a cluster face for a 74-76 (square tail). I just need the outer piece/ front plastic & wood surround. Don't need the gauges or anything behind it. just the front. Can be scratched. I just need it for a template design/shaping. Thanks!

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