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  1. @Fernando Macan Hey, Just edited the post with a link to the photos. Let me know if that link works!
  2. Hey All, Looking to sell the following things. All photos located here: https://imgur.com/a/EUDM9nz 1- Weber Carbs: Both 32/36. One has a manual choke, one has an electric choke. the newer of the 2 is less than 3yrs old and less than 5,000mi used Both previously used on my M10 stock motor I don't know the jetting as my mechanic dialed them in selling as a pair so you can have backup parts/ use what you need the newer of the two has the sync kit for dual throttle plate opening. $150 for the pair (shipping TBD) 2- Sun visors good shape, but need to be cleaned pulled off a 74 arm/ spring is strong and doesn't sag filling is a little soft, but the skin is in great shape $40 for the pair (Shipping TBD) 3- Center console pulled off a 74 good shape! still has the OG speaker panel ready for DIN sized radio leather boot in perfect shape $125 (Shipping TBD- I will probably partially disassemble for easier shipping) 4- Gas tank newer fuel sending unit- never had any issues with this. Last I checked, this unit alone was hard to find has some minor bumps... remember, this tank is 45 yrs old sanded and painted scuffs out came out of 74 stock 02 $75 - not sure I can ship this. 5- BBS wheels and tires 3 out of 4 in decent condition. the 4th decided to hit a cement curb... these should be sandblasted and repainted these are just "roller" wheels or a big weekend project I can take better pictures if interested $20 - I can't ship these sorry 6- Full exhaust from downpipe back. this will fit almost all setups with a shorty/stock header Center exit rather than side exit This was used with my getrag 5 speed and m10 motor muffler is a "cherry bomb" - sound is excellent at full throttle and you can still enjoy a conversation inside the car while on the freeway with windows down Legit ANSA tips $150 - If someone wants me to ship this, I think i'd have to cut it into a few pieces and you can re-weld them. 7- Fittipaldi Wheels "Indy" model 4x100 sandblasted then spray painted gold (3 coats) then clear coat (2 coats) some paint chipping I hand wet sanded down the previous curb rash and then painted I used a 10mm spacer, but you could probably get away with 5mm depending on tire used $300 - I will be posting these on CL too as these fit miata specs
  3. @steve k. Hey hey, just saw faq's IG post about contacting to reserve a space to sell parts. Can you put me down? I can PM my info if easier. Thanks!
  4. Give them a spin (so punny) and report back. lol
  5. If you are looking for one on the cheap (price, not quality), check out renown USA http://www.renownusa.com/category/steering-wheels . I love their designs, but have yet to actually try them. I don't have the right adaptor currently.
  6. And your point is? last I checked, there wasn't a rule about delayed posts in threads.
  7. I highly suggest the s2000 driveline... 👀....
  8. @JohnS wow, hahah good thinking on BMW's part. Thanks again for the help and confirming.
  9. interesting @JohnS I'll have to check the grommets out. If someone has other PN for grommets, please let me know!
  10. @steve k. Quick Question: Will everyone be able to sell and swap stuff or is there some signup/payment you have to do?
  11. Hi All, Does anyone have the PN for the grommet for the hardline that goes from the Clutch master up to the reservoir? Also, what is the trick to installing the line and the grommet without ruining the grommet.... Attached is a photo of the exact grommet I am referencing. Thanks!
  12. @steve k. is there a "solved" tag for threads like this? (assuming these grommets do in fact, fix my issues!)

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