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  1. I have some bones to pick on CA Tuned and their s2000 parts offering (I have all their stuff on my s2000 swapped 2002). In summary, I would have chosen some other providers. @Mike A I've done the s2000 swap and have it fully running. LMK what questions you have.
  2. Easiest that I know of is going to be a E30 or E28 Medium Case Diff with cover for one of the reinforced rear subframe options. ex: https://2002underground.com/store/p1/New_2002_Rear_Subframe.html - doesn't AEM have something for the k24 yet? i'd be shocked if they didn't have one. You shouldn't need much to power the engine from the stock 2002 harness. Its like 4 wires for the s2000 swap to get it electrically powered. - dash could just be some simple digital gauges from various suppliers, but I haven't dug that deep into the swap yet. I'm most interested in fitment in the bay and transmission.
  3. This would have been my next engine swap instead of my s2000 eng/trans I did. I haven't seen a k24 outside of a car, so I can't comment on size difference, but assuming it is very close to the F20C s2000 specs, it shouldn't be too difficult of a swap. I'm really vibing the stuff people are doing to them even on stock internals! Things to consider: 1- Trans tunnel - had to cut the top out of mine to fit the height of the s2000 trans. not a big deal, but will need to get done 2- motor mounts- oil pan clearance, steering clearance, orientation (perfectly upright or tilted like an m10?) 3- rear end- LSD? 3.73? 4.10? what case? e30? 2002 I dont think will survive 4- k24 to transmission adaptor- i recently checked this past weekend for Sh*ts and giggles and I found one for s2000 trans to k24.... i know Hert from hoonigan did a k24 to a bmw trans (its on youtube). So people are coming up with some fun stuff. If you do end up doing it, I will be following extremely closely... and taking notes!
  4. maybe just a multipack of varying sizes: https://www.amazon.com/Whitelotous-Multi-function-Grommets-Electrical-Firewall/dp/B07D2CDYDC
  5. how does wiring these in work with these on a stock 74 2002 wiring?
  6. @otisdog basically brand new. I took them off my old e36 coupe for some euros with angel eyes and put them up in my attic. COVID WFH got me cleaning and I found them. I have no use for them and I'm not gonna attempt to sell them for profit. they should go to a good home.
  7. Hey all, Had a conversation with some other 02 owners at a C&C today and there wasn't a set answer on the door window track grease/lube. I had Lithium grease on them before and it did more harm than good. What is the correct grease to use? Silicone lubricant? Bearing grease? Something else? Cheers.
  8. as the owner of a non BMW engine swapped 2002, my suggestion is don't let the haters put you down! Be ready to spend some coin on a re-enforced rear subframe. my guess is steering and pedals will be a big hurdle. Will be following!
  9. Hey All, I still have some parts left on the shelves that gotta go before they get banished to the trash! Please reply in the thread and I will PM you. Thank you. 2- Rear eccentric toe/camber bolts and rings - $30 - Don't have the brackets for these as they are still on the car. Here is the exact ireland engineering example: https://www.iemotorsport.com/product/adjustable-rear-toe-kit/ 3- Gas pedal combo - $15 - gas pedal, gas pedal arm, spring, plastic sleeve for pedal box, even the little nubs that go into the floor board!! FREE SECTION 1- Shift knob- no branding on it. leather, driver condition 2- If by some chance someone needs stock e36 headlights for a coupe, I have those too.
  10. Just to be clear so I can start saving my pennies for this... you are going to have kits soon for quick ratio steering to fit into a stock LHD steering box?
  11. Stuart, I see you are bay area based.... we have a huge community in the bay, so let us know whats going down and we can hopefully help. No other words of advice from me beyond that.
  12. not sure if you are trying to keep this 2002tii 100% stock down to the sunvisors, BUT if you are not..... sun visors out of an e28 fit perfectly and are built better than the 2002 ones. And they are cheaper too-> https://www.ebay.com/itm/82-88-BMW-E28-5-Series-Front-Sun-Visor-Pair-Black-525i-524td-535is-533i-528e-M5/133424310596?epid=1311182291&hash=item1f10b56944:g:bRsAAOSwD4Je0bwQ
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