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Hard Brake Pedal


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I'd check the hoses before suspecting the booster; they're pretty long-lived. 


The hose that connects the brake booster to the intake manifold is in two pieces--booster to check valve (long), and check valve to manifold (short).  Leaks are hard to detect because of the cloth covering--the rubber can crack underneath without your noticing so inspect carefully. 


The long hose wears where it's clipped to the OEM air cleaner can; check that spot even if you have an aftermarket air cleaner.  The short hose is always bent to one side, and is usually the one that fails first; replace it with the same hose from an E21 320i; it's moulded with a bend in it so won't be stressed. 


Don't forget to reinstall the check valve in the correct direction (marked by an arrow)




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