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  1. Jerry0721


  2. Jerry0721

    Wall Mounted 2002 Key Hanger

    I'd like to have one of these key hangers. Any chance it could get it by Christmas? I'll send funds via PayPal right now. Thanks, Jerry Atkinson 577 N Peace Haven Rd. Winston-Salem, NC 27104
  3. Jerry0721

    Various parts from a '72 non Tii

    Hey there, it's Jerry from Troutman, NC. I am working on installing an LSD in my 68. I need the rear axles and the rear cover from your dif. What do you need for them? Any chance you'll be in NC this summer- I can pick them up. Did you get the windshield installed yet? Thanks, Jerry
  4. What's the proper way to install E21 Recaros in my 1968 2002? Thanks, Jerry
  5. Jerry0721

    Remove tranny

    No, I didn't even think about the starter. I'll try that. Thanks
  6. I'm removing the 4 speed, getting ready to upgrade to 5sp. I've got all the bolts removed, clutch slave unbolted, etc. It seems like it's ready to fall out, but something is still holding the bottom. What am I missing?
  7. Does anybody know how to remove the headrests from a Recaro sport seat? The seats are out of a 1982 320is. Thanks, Jerry
  8. Jerry0721

    5 speed transmission

    Will in Asheville. I'll take $500 for the LSD. It's a 3:91. Paid $600' but just don't has time to swap it out. 5sp is still in a 1980 320i. That makes it a Getrag 245. Guy I bought it from drove it to his house when he bought it. He assured me it shifted fine, but it is not drivable now. So, i can't guarantee it. Floors in the 73 roundie are "shot". I bought the car for the spare tire well- it's almost new. Hood, trunk lid front fenders in good shape. It is a sun roof car. I'll take a look at the roof and see if it's got any goodies. Bumpers are ok for a daily driver. Brand new fog lights.
  9. Jerry0721

    5 speed transmission

    Price:: 650.00 Location: : NC I just bought 2 320i parts cars. Both were divers until parked by the guy I bought them from. I'll sell one 5speed tranny, a nice LSD rear end. I am also parting a 73 roundie. Let me know what you need. My parts are cheap! Jerry 704-506-9074
  10. Jerry0721

    5 speed tranny

    I just bought 2 320i cars for parts. Both were drivers before being parked. I'll sell one of the 5 speeds and a nice LSD rear end. Also parting a 73 roundie. Let me know if you need parts. Jerry 704-506-9074
  11. Jerry0721

    Alloy wheels

    Looking for some correct alloy wheels for my 1968 2002. Anybody have 4 for sale, let me know. I am also parting out a 73 roundie. Consider trading some parts? Jerry
  12. Jerry0721

    E21 Euro Bumpers

    Anybody got an E21 Euro front bumper? I just bought a 1980 320i for the 5 speed. Now that I've looked at it closely, it's way too nice to strip. Thanks, Jerry Location: Troutman,NC 28166<br />
  13. Jerry0721


    I am a 02 man, but I have an E21 that is my daily driver. Does anyone have a windshield for my 320i? Thanks, Jerry Location: Troutman, NC<br />
  14. Does anyone know where to find a front spoiler for a 320i that replaces the huge bumper? Thanks, Jerry