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Half Shaft/lsd???


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If you are using stock 2002 axles and CV joints, you can get the stock E21 OUTPUT shaft flanges drilled and tapped to match the 2002 joints.  You will need to add spacers since the E21 diff is a little bit narrower.   Contact Dave Varco of Aardvarc Racing in CA and he'll help you out.


edited to correct the differential flange nomenclature.

Edited by jgerock

Jim Gerock


Riviera 69 2002 built 5/30/69 "Oscar"

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yes, as jim said....both sides of a stock 02 half shaft are the same.


to use e21 diff....the OUTPUT shafts of the DIFF need to be redrilled to accomodate the smaller bolts the 2002 halfshafts use.  and a spacer needs to be put between the halfshaft and the diff output shaft.


there are other combo's of e21 cv joints'n stuff that you can cobble together, but using the 02 halfshafts and a spacer is simplest method.  dave at aardvark has it all in a kit.


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Since the 320 LSD shaft CVs are going to get redone anyway, I'm just going to do do the "cobble" route and put the 320 inner and 02 outer CVs on the same shaft.  I was on the way to a junkyard this afternoon that supposedly had an 02 in it and didn't want to by 2 shafts if I didn't need to.

I did the Frankenstein shaft install on my LSD in 2000 and put 30K on it. Unfortunately the yard I went to crushed the car last week...

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If you use the "thin" e21 CV's you still very much need spacers between them and the diff output flanges. If you get '79 e21 "thick" CVs then you do not need spacers....

Tom Jones

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