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Shipping a Car? Logistics.


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My search for a Project 2002 has me looking a thousand miles from home. Has anyone found a trucking/shipping service that could pick up the car (say in CA) and deliver it to CO?

Or is it best to borrow a trailer and make a long weekend of it?

I'm curious to see what others have done. Thanks.

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When I used to work for a "Major" classic car auction firm we recommended lines such as Reliable & Intercity. Those enclosed haulers criss-cross the country on a daily basis.

There are also many companies with open haulers that are reliable, but I don't have any recommendations.

Renting a U-haul open trailer or borrowing from a friend may also be a nice way to see the sights, but budget & time-wise hiring a professional service may be a better way to go.

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If you're lkg at a project '02, meaning it will be in less than perfect condition, I would go with an open trailer transport company for the $$ sake.

Here's Charlie C's Tii being delivered from MA to Portland, OR. His car arrived in perfect order. (fogs were tilted back by him before car was loaded)

Getting a reputal transport company is important though, otherwise, your car can end-up on any trailer w/ mashed cars. Oh, and trailoring yourself would be costly nevermind the time involved.


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My search for a Project 2002 has me looking a thousand miles from home. Has anyone found a trucking/shipping service that could pick up the car (say in CA) and deliver it to CO?

Or is it best to borrow a trailer and make a long weekend of it?

I'm curious to see what others have done. Thanks.

here are some guidelines from ebay that may be helpful. I used the ebay recommended carrier a few years ago with no complaints. Cant recall the name... DAS, I believe, or something like that. U-ship is cheap, but kind of a roll of the dice. Lots of choices out there. good luck.

Here are the guidelines:

Here is a very quick and easy guide to saving you the most money when shipping you car, truck, or other vehicle!

I am a licensed auto dealer in Florida that has shipped many vehicles all over the world.

Quick Facts:

You will typically save $300-$500 shipping the vehicle on an open trailer as opposed to an enclosed trailer

You will typically save $100-$300 if you ship directly with the trucking company and not through a shipping broker (more on this below)

You will typically save $100-$200 if you tell the transport company that they can pick up the vehicle any time at their convenience

You will typically save $100 or 10% of the quote if you are a military member

You will typically be charged $50-$100 more if your vehicle is non-running


Steps for Choosing a Shipper:

1. Use a search engine such as Google and search the terms like "auto shipper" "auto shipping quotes" and "vehicle transporter".

2. Most of the major shipping websites you will see will issue 10 different quotes and are not the trucking company that would transport your vehicle,

but instead a shipping broker.

3. Shipping brokers have a separate website that truckers pay to subscribe to. The broker advertises the location of your vehicle and its destination on

this separate website, and different truckers bid on the job based on how close they are to the trucker and how empty the trucker's trailer is. The

broker may quote you $695 to ship the vehicle, but the trucker picking it up may have bid $300 on the broker's site to get the job. That's the price

you could have shipped the vehicle if you knew the trucker's contact info and that they were close to your vehicle. Instead the broker pockets the


4. You will save a lot of money if you choose a trucking company directly, but brokers can be more convenient if you need a vehicle shipped soon.

Some will work of a very small broker fee or are sometimes even a trucking company as well.

5. Call the company you choose and try to negotiate the price...the worse they can say is no.

6. Make sure you tell the transporter that you want the vehicle shipped directly door-to-door and not to any shipping terminals.

7. Get the cell phone number of the truck driver ahead of time so you can ensure a good time is coordinated for pickup or delivery

8. You will save money if you give the broker or trucker a range of days where they can line up a truck that happens to already be near you and have

space available on the trailer. The savings can be hundreds of dollars if you're not in a hurry and can wait a few weeks.

9. Make sure you document the condition of the vehicle and its odometer right before it goes on the trailer or as soon as it comes off. Try to take

pictures or even a video clip of it going on or coming off the trailer

10. Don't drive your car onto or off the trucker's trailer! Make them do it! You could be held liable for anything that happens to the vehicle if you are

the one that places it on or takes it off the trailer!

That's it! Good luck with your move!

Guide ID: 10000000015931330Guide created: 03/07/10 (updated 10/10/11)




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I have used DAS, Direct Auto Shippers a couple of times with good results. Car must be turn key driveable. This last time, they picked up the car at a residence in CA and delivered it to a yard out side of Chicago where I picked it up for $705. I could have saved about $50 if we had driven the car to the yard in CA but inconvenient for me. I think it took about two weeks before the car was delivered because they need to fill the trailer and it stopped at a couple of terminals along the way. You can track the progress on line. NFI

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I've used Diamond Express transporters many a time for my 02's. they are resonable, and deliver to your door not to a depot station. And they àre based out of Colorado Springs!

Highly recommended!

"Helmut" '73 2002 Touring ~ verona red :: sold march 2013 - so sad :(

"Hans" '69 1600-2 ~ florida green :: sold september 2012 :(


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Here are a few tips for you:

Avoid Eric Rappaport at Allied Auto Transportation based out of Florida (https://alliedautotransportation.com/) LIKE THE F'ING PLAGUE!!!!

While you're at it, RUN SCREAMING from Motion Auto Carriers based out of Happy Valley, Oregon.

Or, if you want your car to get rammed&smashed&fucked, call Eric and have him book Motion to perform said work on your car.

Pardon my English, but F both of those operations with a rusty chainsaw. Seriously, they are the worst imaginable. Significant damage to the brand-new BASf Diamont paint on my car, and excessive lack of respect in the amount or oil and grease that was caked all over it. Or how about the inch of gravel in the hood vent as a result of being positioned behind the drive wheels of the truck WHICH HAD NO MUD FLAPS INSTALLED!!!

Okay, I think I'm done...

Das Moneypit, an F20-swapped 1973


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