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  1. Nice going, Mike! Wish I could adopt a NK to add to the collection of wrecks, but I need the economy to improve and to find more room first! vince
  2. Sounds nice, but the font size of the text is very small and hard to read, might be keeping some potential buyers from reading the ad?? Good luck! vince
  3. Okay, another one is discovered! Do tell us more info, especially the VIN # when you get a chance! Yes, the tis are rare, but that does not always translate into high values. Looking forward to hearing more! vince
  4. This is an interesting topic....and one that is useful to give a better idea of what radios were usually used and and when. I need to look at it closer to see if any of the radios I have would be worthwhile to take pictures of. I'd agree that it's worth making into an article at some point as it has a lot of useful reference info that isn't easily found elsewhere. Thanks! vince
  5. Yep, u-joint starting to go. You may feel some vibrations in the seat of your pants, and it's not a bad idea to have it rebuilt if you're going to take the car on any long trips. vince
  6. I am flying out Tuesday, then heading north to visit my brother near Ukiah. If their time and my time permits, I may try to visit Tom and the gang at Casey's. Thursday I head south, hope to visit a few old places along the way. Friday I'm planning to be at the Legends, not sure if I want to go to the Festorics too, feel free to communicate with me regarding these events and/or the Quail. I'm still looking for lodging Thursday, Friday, Saturday if anyone has any good leads in the area. Sunday I am at Oktoberfest, staying at the Hilton the entire week, checking out Saturday. I'm looking for a room mate for the week..... vince [email protected]
  7. I felt a bit of a vibration in my seat (no joke) while on the road mostly at speed. Guibo, etc all checked out okay. I pulled the driveshaft and found the rear u-joint to not go back and forth smoothly, it had a sort of "kink" at the center point. I got a new driveshaft from Dave Varco at Aardvark and there was no kink in the new joint. Once in, the vibe was gone. I would wonder how old the guibo and center bearing are, and if the center bearing is aligned, preloaded properly and not sagging? Hope this helps, vince
  8. Sometimes it's not the mounts that are the problem, but the front panel that supports the radiator has been pushed in a bit from prior parking lot incidents, and it's too close to the fan. vince
  9. Michael Mitchell tells me the BMW Owner's Club was the BMW ACA, and from what Tom says it sounds like the Stanford BMW Owner's Club must have been the ACA's group that became the GGC, am I reading this right? Michael tells me the Archives has a copy of the booklet. John, the booklet is about 24 pages long with a couple missing. I can scan it, but I don't have any place to host it. If you have a place to host it (or if the FAQ does), I'll be glad to send you the scans. Tom, I'll send you a PM about a copy... Thanks for the great info, this has turned pretty interesting! vince
  10. Thanks, I am aware of the 'CCA-ACA situation, but did send an email to Michael Mitchell at the Foundation, as they are always looking for stuff. I rarely hear of their being a place to contact for info like this. I'll be seeing him at Oktoberfest soon, too, so that may be a useful lead. I wish Leif was still around.... vince
  11. This is one for the old timers, LOL. In the trunk of a 1600 I recently I found a booklet titled "Guide to a Better BMW", published by the BMW Owner's Club, Stanford, CA copywrite 1972. It is basically a Xeroxed booklet of about 2 dozen pages put together by members about how to maintain and care for your BMW, with sections on the engine, suspension, electrical, and misc. The car seems to have spent some of it's early life in the SF Bay Area and the Eugene, OR area. I'm wondering if anybody else has seen a booklet like this? Could it be from the BMW ACA, or a predecessor or different group? I've contacted David Lumbra in Eugene, OR and he isn't aware of the booklet. I'm waiting to hear back from Greg Mierz as well. Comments or other contact suggestions welcome! Thanks, vince
  12. I agree that it was a great deal for someone, especially if the rust isn't too bad.
  13. Congrats, Rob! I've ordered a copy through the FAQ, and will bring it to O'Fest to get it autographed, of course! vince
  14. Great photo show, great soundtrack! vince
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