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  1. I sent you a message. I'm close to you in southern VT and just put my car on CL. -Karen http://burlington.craigslist.org/cto/5138727340.html
  2. I'm considering selling my '73 roundie w/sunroof....I'm in metro ATL and also Florida quite regularly. Le me know if you want to chat. Its a reliable little driver, Colorado Orange, needs some work but never fails me even on long road trips. -Karen
  3. 2742507 from what I could decipher from the pic my friend sent
  4. OP I am looking for a tank for a 73....so if you chose to resell the one that doesnt fit I might be very interested!
  5. Spotted FS on the side of the road (in a commuter type parking lot?) in Archdale, NC. Anyone from here?
  6. Spotted FS in Archdale, NC. A friend stopped to look & sent me pics & info. (also sent me the VIN #) Asking price says $7K OBO. Anyone know this car? I'm not in the market but just curious!
  7. How close are you to metro ATL? I am south of the airport. I migh be interested in bits & pieces.
  8. Ok. Where in Altamonte? Every Wed. night 8pm at Proccolinos Pizza on Westmonte Dr. Mostly Mitsubishi Evolutions and that type of riced out imports. I have a local friend that drives one & makes custom brake components so I am meeting up with him there tonight. I'm sure the 02 will be the oldest thing there other than me!
  9. Greg just sent you a text so you have my cell # now. -Karen
  10. Just keep me posted guys....I'm flexible on location/time! I'm taking the 02 to Altamonte Springs tonight for a car meet. (mostly ricer imports, bleh, but meeting a friend) We will see how that all goes! -Karen
  11. How far are you from the jct of 27/192? Thats where my place is. Right by Devenney's Pub.
  12. Are you free Sunday? Koblenz is working up something TBD. But I'm up for it and free anytime...with my perky little '73 Colorado!
  13. Nope still here at my place in High Grove....will be in town another full week! -Karen
  14. Also just sent you an email with my contact info!
  15. Sure thing! Just let me know where/when. -K
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