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Alpina Wheel Help. And thanks 2 Stu!


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Thanks to Stu I got these period correct 6.5 x 13 Alpina wheels off craigslist. I need help with correct silver paint -? standard Wurth euro wheel silver or other. Powder coat-Yea or nay? Does the wheel center get painted black. What tires (Maximum rubber for the turbo, I will probably be putting hoosiers on for the track but wonder what the best street tire is that will fit under stock turbo flares etc) are size optimal?

If any FAQ brothers have 13" Alpinas on a 2002 Turbo or similarly flared car and could share some photos I would be grateful. I want to make the car as period correct , fast and cool as possible. Thanks again, sincerely, Peter

P.S. Does anyone have or know of a source for the Alpina center caps?





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P.S. Does anyone have or know of a source for the Alpina center caps?

The Alpina center caps actually appear on German eBay regularly, brought out, no doubt, by the sometimes spectacular pricing. I believe the caps you're looking for are a smidge under 60 mm. in diameter, 44 mm high, and have a dead-flat flange at the base which fits into a recess on the back of the rim's hub. But check your rim's hub diameter and for the presence of that recess first. Assuming you find a set with a seller willing to ship to the U.S. -- it doesn't hurt to use a translation program to ask them in polite, if sometimes imprecise, German -- you should expect to pay from $350 to $600, including shipping, for a set of 4 original caps in good condition (meaning "not rusted out or with substantial dents").


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The center caps for those wheels should be the black plastic ones, readily available. Walloth and Nesch has them, pretty reasonably priced as well.


Wurth silver is good for the silver part, the center should be matte black. 205/60-13 tires fit just fine on the wheel and in the car. Looks pretty good too, I think.

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Guest Anonymous

As previously stated the black plastic caps that fit from the outside are correct for these wheels (lucky for you) as the metal ones that fit through the back are very hard to find and super expensive (used). Your call on powder coat or paint - my powder coater used to be able to get a silver color (Mercedes Silver) go figure with clear - was pretty spot on and bullet proof. You can't go wrong with the Wurth silver either with clear. Centers were painted a low gloss black (always) including the several sets I purchased directly from AlpinA. One thing I would give strong consideration to and that is having them checked to make sure they are straight. You would be surprised with alloy wheels, in that they can look straight (but not be). Best to have them checked (and straightened if need be) before paint.

Good luck


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