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Found 445 results

  1. While I keep a set of original steelies, I also have some 15" Panasports with Yoko S-Drives that I put on 4 years/15K miles ago. They were sticky out of the gate, but I now find myself slip/sliding around with some regularity. That seems like a very short life for a tire. Does that sound nuts to you, or is 4 years typical for a daily driver tire?
  2. To anyone running Rota R20 wheels on your car, I have a question. My new R20's came with black plastic center caps with the Rota logo. The Rota logo is in a resin disk (medallion) that is affixed to the center cap with adhesive.. I'd like to display an Alpina logo on the wheels. From what I've seen researching this, it looks like I have two options for this: a). Buy a center cap with an Alpina center cap that fits the wheel which can be used in place of the Rota plastic center caps. b). Remove the Rota logo medallion from the Rota center caps and replace it with an Alpina medallion. I found these alternate center caps from coupeking on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-Alpina-Wheel-Caps-NEW-16-or-14-Alpina-or-Vintage-BMW-OEM-Alloys/222813361082?var=null These look pretty classy, and they appear to fit the opening on the Rota's (2 1/2"). I've purchased items from coupeking in the past and found them to be great to work with. I also found a number of Alpina logo decals specifically designed for center caps. These seem to vary a great amount in terms of quality. Here is an example of one that looks pretty decent, and appears it will fit inside the tapered outside of the Rota center caps: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ALPINA-47-mm-Resin-Wheel-Center-Caps-Logo-Badge-Decal-Emblem-Sticker-BMW-x-4-ps/122558114793?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D52474%26meid%3Dfa069188c4704685a49ee0fb5360577e%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D9%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dlo%26sd%3D222813361082%26itm%3D122558114793&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 For those of you that have done this, I'm curious if you used replacement center caps that already have the Alpina logo on them, or if you have used the Rota caps and replaced the logo decal. Any experience you've had and examples you can share would be much appreciated.
  3. I'm presently running 13" Cosmo wheels on my '73 tii. Car was lowered by PO by cutting one coil off each spring. I'm replacing them right now with Ireland Stage 1 springs, so the ride height should end up about the same. I need to buy new tires now, and I've noticed that the choices for 13" tires are even more limited now than he last time I replaced mine a few years ago. It so happens that I have an opportunity to pick up a set of 14" Alpina replicas (OZ), so I'm considering doing that and going with a slightly lower profile tire that will end up approximately the same height as my current setup. But in looking around for 14" tires, it seems that they are now also becoming somewhat limited in choices. So... the dillema is... do I make the jump to 15" wheels (probably meaning and even LOWER profile tire) or do I go with the 14" Alpinas and accept that the tire choices may be a little more limited. I'm setting the car up to be a reliable, easy driver, so comfort is a factor. I don't drive it much and won't be tracking it at all, mostly just long weekend drives. If you were me, would you go with the 14's or the 15's, and why? Appreciate any insights. Thanks,
  4. cant find any at local stores for now. 165 80 13 seems to be more and more obsolete....
  5. Any one have a close up picture of a 195/50 15 on a 15x7 rim? I want to see if it looks stretched? Than ks in advance for any pictures sent. Stuart
  6. I’ve been searching for 4 – original, steel wheels for my ’72 tii and ended up finding 5 wheels, all from the same person. I bought them sight unseen. The good news is that all 5 wheels are from the same manufacturer, Kronprinz AND they all have the same date, 2/72. The bad news is that they were badly pitted, as you can see in the first couple of photos. I decided to try JB Weld to fill the pitted areas. The first step was to have them media blasted to get rid of the rust and provide a clean, dry surface to apply the JB Weld. I applied it fairly heavy and then sanded the excess away. It took two applications of this process to get the surface to an acceptable “smoothness.” It was quite tedious as the sanding was done by hand with various sized, contoured sanding blocks so as not to flatten the filled areas. The before and after photos are of the same wheel and that is probably the worst wheel. Before I invest more time and money getting a finish on these wheels and buying new tires, do you think they are viable to use? I was thinking I would buy the Michelin XASs with tubes to minimize the leak issue. I look forward to reading your thoughts and suggestions. Tony
  7. If the current or past owner of this 75 is on here, can you please send me the tire size as well as the ET for these 15x7 BBS RS rims? Thanks,
  8. Bought a set 4 years ago and having trouble locating them again. Can you still get these? Stuart
  9. My oldest son is taking over the Agave project. He moved away from the stock rims to a traditional 13x5.5 et18 BBS rim. He made the change because his brother kept the stock set up for his Inka. It's interesting how a change in rims makes such a difference in the overall look of the car: Before: After: The Inka:
  10. Nicely redone set of rare Borrani wheels with excellent Toyo Proxes. 205/60/13 . Wheels are 13 x 6 ET 17 with Alpina center caps. Perfct 2002 fitment, ready to bolt on. $800.00 plus shipping.
  11. Hello all n happy holidays!! I have 14'' bottle caps and would like some input on what size tires to go with. I friend of mine has a 73 w/ 2056014's. Sits real nice. But i'm having a tough time finding some @ a decent $$$. Whats the true size should i run on a complete stock car? Would 195 be cool? Next , while i got you experts , i need a new muffler. I like magnaflow . Any sugestions?? Thanks guys. Patrick
  12. You offer them to a buddy who’s been dying to find a set for his ‘83 Chevette. These wheels were in rough shape and were headed to the scrapper. But, after some serious sanding, polishing, and paint, your ‘83 Chevette just got a whole lot prettier!
  13. Set of 4 original "Cosmic" wheels, made in the UK with Sumitomo 205x60 HTR 200 tires. Exact vintage of wheels unknown, but I think they were new sometime in the early '90's when my car was restored by the original owner. Painted white...they are a little dirty, but otherwise in great shape. Tires are a little old but not too cracked. Set comes complete with lug nuts. Very cool if you like the vintage look and want to stick with 13's. Fits standard 2002 fender wells without modification. Local pickup in Sacramento, or will assist with shipping if desired. I also drive to the Bay Area regularly so will deliver if you can wait for my next trip. First $200 takes them, but I need these out of my garage, so make me an offer. Thanks! Crash
  14. cannot find much about them but they seem nice and soft... stinkin 185 70 13 is hard to find a good tire... http://ssl.delti.com/cgi-bin/rshop.pl?dsco=135&Cookie=nextag&details=Ordern&typ=D42421&ranzahl=4&nichtweiter=1&pk_campaign=nextag
  15. Hey can any buddy guide me to the best bank for my buck for an up and comming winter for my 2002 1972 base, I need to be told war to do and where to go,
  16. I'm currently running 195/50/15 and am experiencing rubbing near the peak of the arch in the front wheel wells. While I've got a few options to address this (the least expensive being to simply reinstall the spacers), given that they're roughly the same diameter as the 195/50s, I was thinking of going to 175/55s: wouldn't look as cool, but would be more practical. So, I was if anyone has any experience running 175/55s. Thanks,
  17. I'm helping a friend. He will settle for any of these sizes - 195/55/13 205/55/13 195/60/13 205/60/13 (I did find these on the Tire Rack) Thanks! Bob
  18. I have been running Kumho ASTs for years. Always seemed to be a decent tire to me. Would get about 25 to 30k miles from a set. So I am going on the fall BMWCCA Lonestar Chapter drive on the 18-21 Oct in Eureka Springs. My 19 year old daughter is going so I want to make sure the car is as safe as possible. My tires were at the indicators and dicey in the rain. So I head to Discount Tires. No 205/50/15 Kumhos in stock but they have BFG Super Sports in stock in that size. They run about $45.00 per tire more than the Kumhos but I decide to go for it since it is a better rated tire. All I can say is WOW. Even with new Kumhos my car was never handled this well. I am no race car driver and I push my car moderately. Hardest driving I do is trying to keep up with Skip from his shop to Mid America every spring. Then trying to keep up with Bo after that. I can not believe what I was missing with my car! It is like new all over to me. The kind of fast corners I normally drive every day I can now take much faster and the car does not feel like it is wanting to slide and I do not get that weird feeling like my sidewall is folding over some. Sometimes change is good Yes meaningless post but just wanted to share
  19. I'm looking at Kumho Solus KH16 175/70R14 tires to put on my 14x6 bottlecaps. Currently I have 8 yr old Warrior 195/60R14 tires. The front tire slight rubs the tie-rod ends -- not all the time, but perhaps on turns or something. So I'd like to go narrower to give more clearance as well as to reduce effort needed with the fast ratio steering box. The 175/70R14 on some sites is shown as fitting a 6"wide rim, but on the Tire-rack they recommend it only up to 5.5". So wondering if this size is ok for the 6" rim? Thanks! Byas
  20. Sorry if this seems off topic......I HAD to share this. Guys, I have taken advantage of this offer before the previous 2 times it was offered. Check out the site (www.discounttiredirect.com) to see what brands are covered (most all are) and save big. Bought a set of 4 Falken's ($59ea) shipped to my door for $136 after the $100 rebate !!! Further, If you buy the tires with their Discount Tire "CarCareOne" credit card, like I did, you get an additional $30 off the entire order. So, to recap, four brand new tires, including free shipping, for $106 !!! Worth a look...
  21. Ok so now you have your 14 inch wheel and can get just the tires you want. A thing to remember is that the bigger tires are designed for cars that weigh about 1000# more than your 2002. Ergo They will last for ever and ever. Sounds great but if they are rated at 40k miles for a 3500# car you may get 80K. Again super! Not so fast How many years will it take for you to drive 80K miles? If you drive 12k per year it will take about 6-7 years. In 6-7 years your tires will be hard as a hockey puck and provide about as much traction and be literally beyond oxidized to the rotten stage. Better to look for a softer compound that matches up with the miles you drive and be worn out after no more than 4 years. Or dump your tires after 4 years even if the tread is only 1/3 gone. It will be hard for me to dump my Pilots after 4 years with about 24k on them but they really will be shot. (I will have a hard time but I will!) Have fun
  22. beating a dead horse... Any recommendations for a 185 70 13 tire? I see sumitomo HTR4 as the best tire in that size.... tons of goodness in 205 60 13 but my ET18 5.5 x 13 Alpina rims will not be good with that size... My 185's already bulge out of the wheel well. I am barely lowered and looking more for a period modded look as opposed to the slammed modern or pristine showroom. I am sticking with 13" as they have the look I like!
  23. (Last edited 10-10-2018) Note: A PDF version of my CMR steel rim matrix is attached at the end of this original post. I long hoped to find a set of 5x13 Borrani steel rims for my very stock '76. Why? My snows, of course! Rare? You bet! Desired? Not so much! They were, however, regularly offered for sale, such as in the '70s GS Tuning catalogue and The Roundel. I suspect many, perhaps most, of the 5x13 rims served "snow-tire duty" back in the day. And in November 2012, I purchased a set of four 5x13 rims, most-recently worn by a bona fide German 2002ti and still wearing their factory-applied gray-beige finish (third photo below, after hours of polishing). Provided they run true, I will keep this amazingly-intact original finish. While waiting to find that set of 5x13 rims, however, I decided to assemble some data on CMR-manufactured steel rims. CMR are the initials of Costruzione Meccaniche Rho, S.p.A., the Rho, Italy-based wheel manufacturer into which Carlo Borrani S.p.A. merged in the 1950’s — reportedly after the Borrani-named firm found itself lacking heirs to carry on its business independently. “Ruote Borrani Milano” survives as a division of CMR. It produces — or at least is used to market — all Borrani wire wheels, as well as a number of bi-metallic and specialty rims produced over the decades since Carlo Borrani S.p.A. was merged out of existence. There was a great deal of information out there, but it wasn't organized or summarized, leaving us with lots of loose ends. For example, what models of these rims were produced and when were they produced? I looked primarily at old Roundels, this forum, and the forum offered by the German BMW 02 Club e.V. Here's what I found -- nothing likely to blow your socks off but it dispelled my personal belief that Alpina steel rims (CMR with circular cut-outs) were superseded by Borrani steel rims (CMR with triangular cut-outs). Looking at photos or text that provided dates for rims, the earliest dated Alpina example I have is October 1967 and the latest is September 1972. The earliest dated Borrani example I have is April 1968 and the latest is December 1983. Examples of CMR steel rims produced prior to 1971 may not have stamped markings on the front or rear faces of the rims; only the tire race (a.k.a., barrel) will exhibit the manufacturer, size, and date of manufacture. Alpina steel rims were offered in 5" and 5.5" widths. One contributor thought he recalled, but no longer owned, a set of 6" Alpina rims. Having found no trace of such a width among examples and documentary sources, however, over the course of 4 years, I have now dismissed the possibility of a 6" Alpina rim as a CMR factory offering. I will be happy to be proved wrong: just show me the rims! Borrani steel rims were offered in 5", 5.5", 6", and 6.5" widths. Examples wider than 6.5" were likely modified after leaving the factory, and examples have been modified to a great many different widths -- I've seen widths ranging from 7" to 10"! My conclusions are based on a relatively small population of examples, 157 rims. I would like to expand that population, particularly to improve the accuracy of the date ranges. If you don't mind, could you please post a photo of your rim(s), showing the cut-out shape and the impressed data either on the rim's face around the hub or under the tire, i.e., in the "tire race"/barrel (the latter is obviously not accessible if you have tires mounted)? Attached are my examples. If you are shy, or terribly discrete, feel free to simply send me a PM or an e-mail ([email protected]): that's great as well. The entry I first initiated on 7-10-12 -- found below, posting #38 on page 2 of this string -- contains a listing of my observations to date, prepared on the basis of the attached pdf summary (which is also attached to posting 38 of this thread). Thanks kindly for all your input. The following represents your work and contributions. I'm just the compiler! Steve CMR Steel Rim Analysis Summary.pdf

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