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Found 442 results

  1. While I keep a set of original steelies, I also have some 15" Panasports with Yoko S-Drives that I put on 4 years/15K miles ago. They were sticky out of the gate, but I now find myself slip/sliding around with some regularity. That seems like a very short life for a tire. Does that sound nuts to you, or is 4 years typical for a daily driver tire?
  2. Many are referred to the "stance thread" for tire and wheel fitment questions (lots has been tried), but if you are like me you may be craving more. For those looking to get a bit more technical, i have begun to compile some resources. Feel free to post more or critique and i will add it. Eventually i may even combine all of this into a FAQ article. -John --------------—-------------—---------- Want to compare your wheels to what was on the car bofore? Use this site http://www.willtheyfit.com/ Circa 2005 bimmerforums but it seems like good stuff. This is also an invaluable resource on all the details of tires and wheels. The tire size and offset calculators are incredible, especially the calculator on page 4 that allows you to compare rolling diameter of two different tires. The ultimate suspension article for the 02. This is circa 1987 but i still learn something new with every read. Very focused on performance driving, not just "stance." If you have not read this one yet, you are new, or need your head adjusted. I copied some tire and wheel appropriate info. Our friends at Ireland Engineering have some excellent advise including backspacing tidbits... The "stance thread" is too valuable of a resource to ignore, even if it's sheer size frusterates me. The original intent is excellent. If you posted in the thread, i would suggest you go back to your original post and update it. Especially in regards to details the original poster requested like offset, spacers, and how it held up over time (things always get softer). On way to use it well is to find a car with the setup you think you want, and message them for details. Tip: "fits" is a subjective term so beware.
  3. To anyone running Rota R20 wheels on your car, I have a question. My new R20's came with black plastic center caps with the Rota logo. The Rota logo is in a resin disk (medallion) that is affixed to the center cap with adhesive.. I'd like to display an Alpina logo on the wheels. From what I've seen researching this, it looks like I have two options for this: a). Buy a center cap with an Alpina center cap that fits the wheel which can be used in place of the Rota plastic center caps. b). Remove the Rota logo medallion from the Rota center caps and replace it with an Alpina medallion. I found these alternate center caps from coupeking on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-Alpina-Wheel-Caps-NEW-16-or-14-Alpina-or-Vintage-BMW-OEM-Alloys/222813361082?var=null These look pretty classy, and they appear to fit the opening on the Rota's (2 1/2"). I've purchased items from coupeking in the past and found them to be great to work with. I also found a number of Alpina logo decals specifically designed for center caps. These seem to vary a great amount in terms of quality. Here is an example of one that looks pretty decent, and appears it will fit inside the tapered outside of the Rota center caps: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ALPINA-47-mm-Resin-Wheel-Center-Caps-Logo-Badge-Decal-Emblem-Sticker-BMW-x-4-ps/122558114793?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D52474%26meid%3Dfa069188c4704685a49ee0fb5360577e%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D9%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dlo%26sd%3D222813361082%26itm%3D122558114793&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 For those of you that have done this, I'm curious if you used replacement center caps that already have the Alpina logo on them, or if you have used the Rota caps and replaced the logo decal. Any experience you've had and examples you can share would be much appreciated.
  4. I'm presently running 13" Cosmo wheels on my '73 tii. Car was lowered by PO by cutting one coil off each spring. I'm replacing them right now with Ireland Stage 1 springs, so the ride height should end up about the same. I need to buy new tires now, and I've noticed that the choices for 13" tires are even more limited now than he last time I replaced mine a few years ago. It so happens that I have an opportunity to pick up a set of 14" Alpina replicas (OZ), so I'm considering doing that and going with a slightly lower profile tire that will end up approximately the same height as my current setup. But in looking around for 14" tires, it seems that they are now also becoming somewhat limited in choices. So... the dillema is... do I make the jump to 15" wheels (probably meaning and even LOWER profile tire) or do I go with the 14" Alpinas and accept that the tire choices may be a little more limited. I'm setting the car up to be a reliable, easy driver, so comfort is a factor. I don't drive it much and won't be tracking it at all, mostly just long weekend drives. If you were me, would you go with the 14's or the 15's, and why? Appreciate any insights. Thanks,
  5. cant find any at local stores for now. 165 80 13 seems to be more and more obsolete....
  6. Any one have a close up picture of a 195/50 15 on a 15x7 rim? I want to see if it looks stretched? Than ks in advance for any pictures sent. Stuart
  7. I’ve been searching for 4 – original, steel wheels for my ’72 tii and ended up finding 5 wheels, all from the same person. I bought them sight unseen. The good news is that all 5 wheels are from the same manufacturer, Kronprinz AND they all have the same date, 2/72. The bad news is that they were badly pitted, as you can see in the first couple of photos. I decided to try JB Weld to fill the pitted areas. The first step was to have them media blasted to get rid of the rust and provide a clean, dry surface to apply the JB Weld. I applied it fairly heavy and then sanded the excess away. It took two applications of this process to get the surface to an acceptable “smoothness.” It was quite tedious as the sanding was done by hand with various sized, contoured sanding blocks so as not to flatten the filled areas. The before and after photos are of the same wheel and that is probably the worst wheel. Before I invest more time and money getting a finish on these wheels and buying new tires, do you think they are viable to use? I was thinking I would buy the Michelin XASs with tubes to minimize the leak issue. I look forward to reading your thoughts and suggestions. Tony
  8. If the current or past owner of this 75 is on here, can you please send me the tire size as well as the ET for these 15x7 BBS RS rims? Thanks,
  9. Bought a set 4 years ago and having trouble locating them again. Can you still get these? Stuart
  10. My oldest son is taking over the Agave project. He moved away from the stock rims to a traditional 13x5.5 et18 BBS rim. He made the change because his brother kept the stock set up for his Inka. It's interesting how a change in rims makes such a difference in the overall look of the car: Before: After: The Inka:
  11. You offer them to a buddy who’s been dying to find a set for his ‘83 Chevette. These wheels were in rough shape and were headed to the scrapper. But, after some serious sanding, polishing, and paint, your ‘83 Chevette just got a whole lot prettier!
  12. Set of 4 original "Cosmic" wheels, made in the UK with Sumitomo 205x60 HTR 200 tires. Exact vintage of wheels unknown, but I think they were new sometime in the early '90's when my car was restored by the original owner. Painted white...they are a little dirty, but otherwise in great shape. Tires are a little old but not too cracked. Set comes complete with lug nuts. Very cool if you like the vintage look and want to stick with 13's. Fits standard 2002 fender wells without modification. Local pickup in Sacramento, or will assist with shipping if desired. I also drive to the Bay Area regularly so will deliver if you can wait for my next trip. First $200 takes them, but I need these out of my garage, so make me an offer. Thanks! Crash
  13. While cleaning my hands, I gave a wheel a rub a dub, and what do ya know!?
  14. The Tread Depot (treaddepot.com) is running another of their free shipping on Toyo tires promotions--depending on which ad you read, either thru the end of Sept or the end of August. They stock 185/70x13 Toyo Extensas. I've had 'em on my car for 6-8 months now, and they're quite satisfactory, dry or wet (haven't autocrossed 'em yet). They're also running free shipping on other brands through the end of August. I've deal with 'em several times and they provide good service, quick delivery and good prices. And with shipping these days being so expensive, free shipping is a Big Deal. cheers mike
  15. The rear wheel studs are 14.4 mm diameter at the spline part. ARP sells their 100-7717 which is 14.3 mm, and some other guys on ebay sells some that are 14.2 and 14.8. What will the major problems be using some of these studs? Especially the ARP which is 0.1 mm smaller in diameter. I cannot see any. The 14.8 will probably be more difficult to press in, and the 14.2 starts to be on the small side, but will it really matter from a practical point of view?
  16. (Photo from forum member dlhoovler. Thank you, Dave) These leather-rimmed, metal-spoked wheels are best known here in the U.S. from their appearance on many 1970 model year '02s, something to do with a fire or labor strike at a steering wheel factory. What IS the metal finish on the 3 small trim pieces, applied where the spokes meet the rim (bottom photo below)? I have two of these rims -- in "core" condition -- and both have dull, pitted trim pieces. I don't want to restore the rims without restoring these trim pieces. None of my 6 trim pieces exhibits an actual "brushed" appearance but they are all dull and pitted, and thus may not reveal an accurate image of their original finish. How much of the present finish is due to deterioration and how much represents the original finish? Of less pressing importance, is the factory fire or strike the whole story behind these rims? My wheels are clearly dated '71 and '72. Were they simply replacement wheels for '70 cars with bad wheels? It seems to me that the (imitation) leather rims are a clear upgrade over the more common hard-plastic rims. But I don't believe for a second you could get one of these as a factory option on a U.S. car (Hoffman Motors' importing process wouldn't facilitate it) -- apart from the '70 cars that just "came" with them. Could they have been a dealer accessory? What further complicates things in my mind is that they are identical to the leather-rimmed, metal-spoked wheels seen on European models EXCEPT the spoke indentation on the U.S. (?) model is represented by a cut-out on the Euro (?) model. In my mind, I've speculated that U.S. DOT requirements did not permit the cut-outs so BMW modified the design to an indentation when they were forced to install the wheels on U.S. '70 cars, presumably due to wheel supply problems. And then they started selling the wheels here as a dealer accessory, since they were actually, and finally, U.S. legal. But I'm pretty much making this up as I go along, and surely we have more group knowledge about these wheels! Here's the parts schematic, showing the European version of this wheel, the only difference I note being the cut-out rather than indented spokes. http://realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=2583&mospid=47141&btnr=32_0978&hg=32&fg=35 So here's my entirely conjectural timeline: 1. "Euro" leather-rimmed wheel with cut-outs is introduced as an option and accessory for the European market. 2. "Oh s**t: the steering wheel factory burned down!" "No problem: we can install leather-rimmed wheels temporarily," 3. "Oh s**t: U.S. DOT says our European leather-rimmed wheels don't meet their requirements because of the spoke perforations!" "No problem: make them comply!" 4. "U.S." version of leather-rimmed wheel with indentations is introduced to solve the supply issue. 5. Smart BMW business-school type says, "Hey, now that these things are U.S. legal, let's sell all we can through the dealer network." Later becomes CEO. Thanks and regards, Steve
  17. Hi guys, I'm in desperate need of a single E21 13" turbine rim. Mine was stolen! Let me know if you have an extra one that you're willing to part with. Any help would be most appreciated. Shipping to Baltimore. thanks >G<
  18. SOLD For sale is a set of 5 BMW 13" basketweave wheels with brand new Bridgestone Potenza GIII Tires, size 205/60 x 13. 5 new tires (one has never been mounted on a wheel). 4 of the wheels have been restored (sanded, painted with Wurth silver paint); 1 wheel needs restoration (but it is in excellent condition otherwise). The 5th wheel has a new tire on it, different brand, size 185/70 x 13. So, 5 basketweaves, 5 new Bridgestones, and 1 no-brand new tire. $600.00 obo. The attached pictures are of the wheels on my car. The pictured center caps are not for sale and are not included. I estimate that the tires have maybe 200 miles on them. They are balanced (weights on the inside) and have steel valve stems. No shipping; that is why I am posting this ad in the PNW section. Thanks, Stu. Call me (206) 300-3207.
  19. 15x7 ET 25 4x100 57.1CB approx 16lbs Italian made cast alloy. Id need to buy a lot of them and Im not sure the interest is there but I for one think we need something other than the Panasport look. This is a guess... but I suspect them to be in the 250.00 per wheel range Put your name down if youd drop 1k on a set of Cromodora reps in 15".. All comments pro or con welcome..
  20. Im building a 75 widebody 02 Turbo M42 and Im looking for opinions on Wheel tire fitment. The car will be raced (VIR/RoadATL) fun street use, it will have Coilover suspension with Rack and Pinion Currently the 02 has e30 basket weaves. I mocked up the widebody kit and it measured 1in clearance to the outside. reading A LOT.. 02's like a 4.5 backspaced wheel. Found some 15x8 ET 0 quick measurements this would give me 4in back spacing Also priced some RS3's 225/45-15 Should I go wider wheel/tire or play it safe? Pics of kit purchased: Not My car
  21. what is the correct offset for a 2000 nk ? Im looking at wheel options at the moment but cannot seam to find what the best offset is meant to be ! Regards James
  22. Terry F. sent me a link to a NOS set of factory TiSA wheels available on German Ebay. Bids are already way up there. Here's the link: http://www.ebay.de/itm/321738176571?ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  23. Hi Guys! A kind user pointed out to me that I had accidentally posted to a group instead of the larger general discussion. Apologies!!! If Mod's could delete my previous post that would be awesome. I'm an American living in Germany with a 74 2002 I'm working with. I've picked up a clean set of BBS RS001's (15x7, ET25) from an E30 that have 205's front and rear, but all could use replacing eventually. The rears clear the inner fenders just fine, but the fronts are sticking fairly far out and there's no avoiding rubbing the fenders under cornering. I'd need a combo of roll/pulling the lips to get anywhere close with 205's. I see plenty of people claiming fitment/ no rubbing with 195's with this wheel setup. My question is this, What high performance (or performance/comfort) tires do you guys recommend in 195's that have worked for you to clear stock, unrolled front fenders? I come from the Subaru world with a really rowdy 2002 WRX Wagon Track-meets-street setup, and i've been through this before. I run Federal RSR's on that car because they're extremely affordable, relatively durable, and with their performance being marginally off a Pilot Sport Cup at half the price there's no reason to get anything else. Only problem with them is they typically run a size-wider than what they state. I'd get them again for this car, but with the way TUV is here in Germany, a 185 ist verboten even if it's wider than a 195. PS, just so ya'll know, the car has been lowered 50mm with an H&R Sport Cup Kit. Would getting some fixed-camber plates to add some negative Camber to the fronts be advised or necessary as well, not only for handling but for tire-fitment? Best Regards, -J
  24. Just picked some up for a Volvo and figured they might be of use to you guys who run 15's. A little meaty maybe? Closeout price on 185 / 60 15's Pirelli P7's http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Pirelli&tireModel=P7&partnum=86HR5P7&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes

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