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Engine power loss with acceleration leading to cut out...?

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I'm in need of some engine power related advice from the brotherhood of '02.

I have a '71, stock motor recently rebuilt running perfectly with a Weber 36DCD carb, everything else is stock.

The situation :

I accelerated hard up a hill last night on my way home and very shortly after I began to loose power until the engine cut out completely.

I was able to start the engine again and it idles reasonably, however when I give it some throttle it cuts out completely at around 1500rpm.

When I pull out the manual choke I gain a bit of power and am able to give throttle to limp around.

This was a very abrupt event and appears to affect the whole engine.

My suspicion is something in the carb...but not sure what exactly to look for.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.



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how old is the fuel pump ?

sediment in the gas tank ? junk clogged tank pick up strainer?

what is the level of the gas?

float adjustment ?

look in the carb float bowl for new collection

of old sediment coming thru the tank/lines

how old are the rubber fuel hoses?


what is the battery voltage switched off?

what is the voltage reading at 3,000 rpm?

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DO you still have points?

or have you swapped it over to Pertronix ignition system.

Check timing..

With the air cleaner off, when you flip the throttle can you see the gas spray down in the carb.?

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Thank you for the replies!!

C.D I presume you're referring to the level of fuel in the carb.

I'm not sure what the float level needs to be in a 36DCD...

I haven't yet opened to check for gunk in the carb, will be doing so


I don't know how old the fuel pump is. Hoses look to be replaced by P.O.

Battery voltage could be better, I don't recall the exact volts now but it

wasn't as high as it should be, however I've been driving with it this way

for some time now without any problems.

Could hard acceleration cause issues in the ignition ?

I still feel the fact that pulling the choke provides some power is a pointing

in the direction of the issue....


I do have a Petronix and the engine timing was done earlier in the week.

I did take off the pan filter and some throttle action does spray fuel into the carb.

I haven't checked the fuel filter, Dave.

It's probably worth replacing.

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You should probably take the carb off and give it a thorough cleaning. Main jet in bottom of bowl, idle jets on side under a cover. You are not going to fix this by spraying shit down the carb throat. Time to get greasy my friend! If you really want to do it right buy the deluxe rebuild kit from pierce fo about $35 and a couple of cans of spray carb cleaner.

That carb type sounds a little odd, not the usual DGV, AV, or EV as we normally see here in the US but the same principles apply.

Good luck.

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Hi Mike

The carb is indeed a bit different it's a 36/36 DCD.

The best way to describe it would be as the small cousin of the 38/38.

I haven't been able to find much information on the web about it,

but here is a little video of a local guy here in Cape Town explaining it :

I'm still playing around with the jetting, but once I find a spec that works

I'll be sure to post it.

To come back to the issue.

The main jets are conveniently located on the outside of the carb.

I unscrewed them and low and behold found some dirt, blew it out and

voila all good again.

Thanks for all the input guys, much appreciated!!


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