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  1. mike472's post in Transmission/exhaust bracket was marked as the answer   
    They changed the design. They use four with one on each side of the bracket making a sandwich with the bracket in between. There used to be two rubber bushings with a metal sleeve going through the middle.
  2. mike472's post in Steering locked problem was marked as the answer   
    Got the steering lock to let go.  Driving with the lock cylinder out caused the piece that you see in the picture to back out of it's bore and cock sideways and jam the steering lock and the switch.  Once I took the ignition switch off the back it unlocked.  It took a little jiggling and the steering unlocked.  I looked at a spare steering column I had out turning it upside down I saw how that inner rotating piece has a blade that engages the ignition switch.  Once this comes out of it's hole you have to guide it back in.  This is easy with the ignition switch removed.     I put a working lock cylinder back in and then the switch behind it and all was good.  Moral of the story is:  Don't drive your car around with the lock cylinder out using a screwdriver for a key.    I only was going a short way and it happened when I stopped and tried to shut the car off.  This could have locked up on me while I was driving which might have been an accident.  As I mentioned, this happened at my friends shop and they couldn't move the car because the key wouldn't work.  It was easy to pop out the lock cylinder there and get it unlocked.  I shouldn't have driven it but I wanted to work on it in my own shop.
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