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  1. Hi all, The PO cobbled together a Volkswagen dipstick for my 71' 2002. It works terribly and I'm in need of replacing it with the correct part to stop moisture getting in and oil fumes getting out. If you have a spare dipstick and tube for a >1970 M10 laying around please let me know. thanks G
  2. 02G


  3. Thank you Jeff, much appreciated.
  4. Hey there, Anyone know the general diameter of an oversized eccentric ? ( A standard eccentric is 16mm (+5/8 inch) O.D ) Appreciate any input thanks G
  5. Great job! Thank you for sharing. I admire anyone willing to undo those bolts and delve inside a gearbox case, let alone swap around parts. I have a question for clarity, but I'll start with my understanding and context. I removed the stock 4 spd Getrag 232 from my 2002 as it was shot. It had a speedo port, of course. I sourced a 5spd Getrag 240 from an E30 - M10 318i (1985ish model). It had no speedo port, but it bolted straight in on the back of my 2002's M10. So I sit in a similar predicament to the M42 conversion club without mechanical speedo. The E30-M10 5pd Getrag 240 you sourced appears to have a speedo port, yes ? And it is the M10 Getrag 240 that has the longer output shaft then ? I'm in South Africa, and it's possible that the E30's assembled and sold here had different gearboxes fitted ?!? Just want to clarify the variations out there, as I'm feeling rather confused. Thanks G
  6. Thanks for the replies. It doesn't pull in a straight line,Tzei. What do you mean by off level, TobyB ? and why do a lot of 02s have this ?
  7. Received a spec readout after doing alignment at a local tyre shop and the camber specs are bothering me a bit. Left : -1deg 18' and Right : -0deg 30' . I must add that I have fixed camber plates installed, new strut mounts and new polybushes, lower ball joints are also in good condition and there doesn't appear to be any damage to the control arms. There car hasn't been in any accidents from what I can tell. What would be an acceptable difference in camber angle between the two sides ? And any recommendations on what I could do to rectify this, just short of installing adjustable camber plates ? thanks 02G
  8. I second TobyB's suggestion, and make sure to hit the edge of the freeze plug all round with an appropriate size drift. I think it's a 36mm OD. Never tap it in the centre when fitting it. Sure fire way to doing it over again.
  9. I'm using E30 front seats and they're horrible. Prop you up way too high. Not very sporting! The raised view over the bonnet is good for inner city driving, if you're really looking for an excuse to use them.
  10. Otto, add a fixed camber plate on the front and the rubbing will stop, as Slavs mentioned too. The additional camber gives great cornering improvement especially on the tight and twisties! I also have the turbines with 185/70 tyres. Best combo. 195 might possibly have been better, but are impossible to find in 13". I think the turbines are a BMW signature wheel style for the era. The E9, E12 and E21 came out with them. Alpina also produced their own versions in really tasty profiles.
  11. Thanks for sharing Chris!! You guys have such stunning roads and landscapes in California! I'm very envious of this event. I wish something akin to it existed in South Africa. Great to see the 02s in on the action! Is the Canepa design facility a restoration shop ? That multi-level storage rack is unreal, not to mention the cars that are loaded! cheers Guillaume
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