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  1. if Vana doesn't take it, I am interested. please send price.
  2. 02 group tech session at The Werk Shop this Saturday, 2/11 9-12
  3. I remember in the "90s, there was a recall to install two replacement tires with higher carbon content on a particular BMW model for static buildup, apparently air friction is one of the causes
  4. I think these are aftermarket from Rogers http://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-2002-white-cap-for-rear-vent-window-latch/
  5. You need the driveshaft removed either way or it's a pain to move the car. Once you have the shaft out, removing a four speed trans is easy, and whether a tii or not this is the way to pull the motor. drop the drivetrain and subframe from the bottom if you want the subframe loose for reconditioning but not otherwise.
  6. Jeff at Odometergears.com has some good looking repros
  7. throw the old master back on and see if it makes a difference?
  8. The Chicago 02 group will host a tech session at The Werk Shop feb. 20 at 9 am, main topic Is the 02 heater box. All welcome! pm me with questions
  9. if the brakes were free prior to heating up, I would bet one of the rubber brake hoses to that wheel was swollen internally, the high pressure generated by the master would pass the obstruction but the pressure due to the springs trying to retract the cylinder pistons would not, and heat did the rest.
  10. I found 3, I'd sell one for $35. I'm not photo savvy on the FAQ, I can send via text or email
  11. but replacement relays often do have a diode where the original did not even from bmw
  12. try running your b+ jumper to the 30 terminal of the relay and see if it honks. if the relay doesn't click when you ground it. it may be that the original relay was bad and the test relay has a different terminal orientation than original, or it is a diode equipped relay, a non diode relay doesn't care which is 85 or 86, but I think a diode relay grounds through 86? 02 lamp and possibly horn relays are oriented differently than generically supplied horn/foglight etc. relays
  13. installed in all automatics regardless of year
  14. I have a set, prefer to sell all 4 for $100
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