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  1. for once, the oem parts are actually superior. We had two 02s in a row with fuel smell, both with new Walloth/nesch boots. we found microcracks when flexed and being in a time bind, ordered two from the dealer. No such cracking, and odor gone!
  2. I could use one as well, we have one with spiral cracks deemed unrepairable
  3. I used the same cables and fabricated ends that adapted to the bent wire ends. I checked several late seats and found none like the replacement parts so I went to the e21 pace, same hinges as late o2, and found the same wrong cables shown, same #s
  4. I would never use the plastic fuel pipe under pressure. There are no barbs to help the hose stay on, it runs through the interior and I've seen the pipe crack and split which would flood the carpet with fuel. If the old metal return is there, I would use it instead. If not I would move the pump to the engine compartment and wire in a relay.
  5. from the archives, I need to open it and make sure its perfect
  6. I'm looking for a pair of drip rail moldings for a 2000 touring, longer than 02 sedan. They need to be new or almost perfect condition. please PM if available Dave
  7. last I checked, new handles are available for less that chroming. they may be available pre coded
  8. i have anew bmw pouch, later manufacture but divider spacing and size are the same, black with red trim. I probably have all the tools as well, but it will take a day or two to round them up. pm me if you like
  9. I never saw a U.S. spec two barrel car with a "non AC" radiator from new, I think they were so equipped given the likelyhood of having AC added, and the cost difference to the factory was likely nothing. The core size and thickness is the same on AC and Tropical radiators. Therefore, if you have a donor AC radiator, you can have the complete bottom tank swapped to the replacement radiator, I just checked the dimensions last week.
  10. I will be getting a set in exchange for some stock seats, might not be for a couple months. I think I have a scheel in black cloth, currently sorting a 40 year collection near Chicago. Are you in the Chicago 02 group? Dave
  11. the original is the same as used on Fords of the same era,
  12. 73 US models all had auto choke, early '72 should look right. I'll check the archives.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/groups/363150687052055/ Hi Rich, Most activity takes place on the Chicago 02 facebook page. I'll forward your email to the admin so you receive non facebook notifications. Some members should be at the Winnetka fuelfed event Sunday, I will try to get there with my (almost Fjord) 72 tii, I park on the south entry road. Dave
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