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  1. check tsayther.com he had some flanges for sale, if he is selling them you can trust that they are good.
  2. (1) 2002tii 50th birthday | Facebook It's hard to believe but the first TIIs are turning 50 years old! The U.S. test car was born on April 20 1971, and Euro market cars were probably coming off the line at the same time. I want to chart the known production dates by VIN to create a timeline and help celebrate these anniversaries as they occur. Please comment with your production date in 1971 if known, and if you roll that way, join the facebook group noted above. I'll start... 2760136 December 17 1971
  3. I have used a couple of their digital speedo cable drivers, no problems and good tech support on some issues I hd applying it to a 1934 bmw
  4. I'm looking for the black cardboard trunk side panel with the cutout for the fuel filler for a Touring. Alternately, if anyone knows who posted this ebay listing that I can't seem to find the original of, I'd love to contact them . BMW 02 E6 1600 1802 2002 Tii TOURING Verkleidung Kofferraum R+L TRUNK PANELS L+R Rate this topi
  5. try contacting Jack at JF Pro auto near San Fran, he was in the Milwaukee area then, he knew most of the local cars
  6. I installed two sets of dealer supplied door panels and found the upper metal support too long, obvious when fitting the top aluminum trim. The new oem trim below the rear vent windows are not wrapped around the b pillar trim as nicely which reduced the clearance as the door swings. I always thin the edge of the vent trim to allow it to be bent around the b pillar a bit more but the door panel still gets too close for comfort
  7. i have used these on a few cars, they work and look appropriate
  8. the supply of good examples of this particular part has been picked over after two years on back order
  9. https://www.facebook.com/1226490906/videos/10219560493262716 check this turbo out, replacement unit designed for better performance and original as possible appearance. It is installed and Friday test drives provided huge smiles, much better midrange, way less lag and better than stock peak horsepower with otherwise stock induction components. Leo is the founder of the iconic Midwest Motorsports, Chicagolands premier BMW tuner of the 70s and 80s.
  10. originally they were side specific but it was due to the brake hose brackets. it didnt take them long to figure out that a universal bracket was easily designed and freed up one shelf in the parts department
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