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  1. Images fit on standard printer paper. Keep a copy in your glove box. --------------------------------- Front - Rear - Key - Fuse box front - Fuse box rear -
  2. Let me know if it works - I can resend it or try sending it in a ZIP file if it doesn't come through.
  3. Early version - the one the dead link referred to. It's about 6 meg - not sure my mail will accept that large a file - willing to try. It would be nice if someone could host this file and post a link on the forum. EMAIL: jerzy(AT)tds(DOT)net
  4. I don't know how to post an .exe file. I can mail it to you. The file size is about 900 K. contact: jerzy(AT)tds(DOT)net
  5. http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg814/6162/42usatoday021024.jpg' target="_blank">
  6. It won't be a round metal can - but a black plastic rectangle. About $5.00 at any auto parts store. The spring tension on the horn ring is supplied by a button that should be sticking out the back of your steering wheel.
  7. If your speedo starts to spaz - Disconnect the cable before you trash the speedometer. That's about a 1 minute job.
  8. You may need to help the fan get moving by turning the blade a little. Past posts on the subject in-car fan resuscitation - http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,0/page,viewtopic/t,296087/highlight,/sid,73b0192de3fceb93d1f6ffff3bab000d/ http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,0/page,viewtopic/t,333182/highlight,/sid,6fd4f31f1fb975c808e4d0c74fc2a736/
  9. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,50/page,viewtopic/t,342159/sid,525b6151b3652f7cb0fcdfb6cd90cfcc/
  10. Larger diameter than the bus wheel. I couldn't resist the horn ring and the classic emblem. The only concave roundel I've seen. The splines match the '02 but on my '76 I am not able to tighten it properly. The back of the wheel binds up against the shrouds. The horn works but turn signals don't cancel.
  11. Coming soon . . . http://www.02forum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=911 http://www.amazon.com/Restorers-Reference-BMW-2002-1968-1976/dp/0760327963/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1272752973&sr=1-1
  12. - the pump turns on via the steering column wiper stalk. It seems like you have the relay (your wipers work) and you have 12 volts going to the pump. You need to re-establish the correct ground connection from the pump to the wiper stalk. The wiper relay is reached from under the driver's side of the dash. I don't know the part# - the relay says something like " Wisch-Wash" on it. (Try SEARCH for more info.) Follow the yellow line in these drawings to see the pump to stalk connection that should be made. (*40 is the fluid pump; #50 the wiper relay; #56 is the wiper stalk connector; and #57 is the wiper stalk switch.) ENGINE SIDE: http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg225/4954/9320101012095606.jpg' target="_blank"> INTERIOR SIDE: http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg225/7509/9020101012095737.jpg' target="_blank">
  13. Neither wire goes to the five wire wiper motor harness. The Violet/Black (hot) wire should run to fuse #5. The Brown/Black (ground) wire should run to the wiper relay under the dash and on to pin#3 of the wiper stalk connector. Pulling the wiper stalk should ground the pump circuit and trigger the wiper relay to activate the wipers briefly.
  14. These are the best I've found . . . http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg337/4447/692007042601l.jpg' target="_blank"> http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg337/8266/28bmw02roentgenbildp002.jpg' target="_blank"> http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg337/6458/91touringcutaway.jpg' target="_blank"> http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg337/839/68bmw4zylp0034905b.jpg' target="_blank"> http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg337/5641/49motor.jpg' target="_blank"> http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg337/63/48eng160.jpg' target="_blank"> http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg337/5935/34autobooksmanual010.jpg' target="_blank"> http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg337/7977/14dali46.jpg' target="_blank">
  15. http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg808/7173/69boat4cyl2.jpg' target="_blank"> http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg808/6712/78boatmtr2.jpg' target="_blank"> http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg808/545/94boatmtr3.jpg' target="_blank"> http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg808/4237/76boatmtr.jpg' target="_blank">
  16. I have a '76 2002A. Weber, Pertronix, electric fan. I bought it in 2001 in Denver. Stored winters. Have extra parts and tech info. Currently licensed and insured. (I drove it to Elkhorn last week.) It has flaws, but its pretty solid over-all. $1300.00. If interested, email: jerzy[AT}tds[DOT]net This picture flatters the car - http://www.imgplace.com/viewimg153/5427/16homeontherange.jpg' target="_blank">
  17. First I find out my car's not safe and now this -
  18. cheap magazines discount magazines magazine subscriptions[/img]
  19. The basic ignition switch wiring shown remained the same throughout production. Here's a link to a '76 schematic - http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,50/page,viewtopic/t,316840/
  20. Schematics in PDF form - http://2002tii.org/kb/tag/electical-diagram
  21. Click - http://www.zf.com/zfXmlServlet?resultUrl=/corporate/de/company/tradition/product_information/TraditionProductContentPage.jsp&sessionAttribute=xmlRoot&serviceUrl=http://apps01.zf.com/zf.productDataBase/service/applicationLayerContentPage&pageID=328752&productTypeID=328746&versionID=329284&applicationID=12288&applicationGroupID=&businessUnitShortcut=&divisionShortcut=&languageISOCode=DE&oemID=12108&oemProductID=328666#toggleBox
  22. - on some cars the key can be pulled with the lock cylinder out of its parked position.
  23. I have an ignition assembly on the desk here. I can get the disk in and out but it's a chore . . . You need to retract the steering wheel lock. Using a screwdriver, pull it into the unlocked position and move the wheel slightly to hold it in the unlocked position. If that works, take the switch off the bottom of the assembly - it will make it easier to get the disk back in. (Careful - those are hot wires.) Below where the disk sits is a black, spring-loaded plastic part. This must be positioned to apply pressure to the bottom of the disk. (Look at the back of the disk - you should see marks where this piece rubs against the disk.) The disk will only go in one way. The "U" shaped opening in the face of the disk should be in the 12 o'clock position. Insert the disk past the black plastic part. Using your fingers or a needle nose pliers, wiggle the disk around until the post that engages the switch drops through the hole and into the switch cavity. Don't push the disk out when you screw the switch back in place. Good luck!

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