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  1. we dont see this type of thing very often NICE!!!
  2. Hello peeps im reconditioning an M10 2 liter. so the cylinder head gasket was leaking motor oil but i was thinking this my have happened because the PO did not use dowel pins to align the cylinder head and the block probably. anyway i noticed some really deep swirl marks on the deck surface. so measured the deck with a straight edge and came up with .002 inch run out. so block is pretty flat my machinist says it wouldnt be much trouble to deck it BUT is it wise to do so?
  3. there ugly! Kamie or Zender is much moore sleek
  4. always loved those wheels but never seen a set mounted on an 02?
  5. if its a replica is there more wear this came from?
  6. awesome 02! but not very desirable in California because of the smog law. but if you can afford a $40k 02 you could probably figure out a way to make it work.
  7. it will have more torque then most 02's out there
  8. its a dr Shrick 284 cam and the valves dont show any evidence that they ever touched the pistons and like i said the leak down test was 3% although i wasnt actually able to tell where the 3% went anyway im anal about stuff like this so i ordered a set of ross 89.9mm pistons
  9. Hello peeps! bought a engine from craiglist a few years back. installed in my 76 and ran it with full synthetic 20/50 for about 40 thousand miles then i noticed it started leaking oil from the oil pan and the cylinder head and the timing cover so i yanked it out to do a inspection tear down/reseal now this engine ran real smooth and didnt seem to lack any power. anyway i measured the compression witch was like between 163-170 psi across all 4 cylinders and the leak down was 3%. the thing that irked me was how much carbon was on or in the intake track so i cleaned it all off and found piston to valve contact evidence on all 4 cylinders then i found some really strange paint inside oil gallery fyi the pistons are Arias type anyway take look at the photos and tell me what you think
  10. wish it was in california F-me

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