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  1. rover1

    Lynx Manifold technical question

    install a wide band A/F sensor then use the data for tuning and if your still getting the same condition start looking at mechanical issues like valve adjustment. compression, leak down. etc.etc.etc.
  2. rover1

    M series oil pan, mods fits 2002

    so what you do is, grind out a small section of the 2002 front sub frame on the left side to make that oil pan work in a 2002
  3. rover1

    5-spd Getrag 240 $375

    killer deal!
  4. will you take 25k for it?
  5. rover1

    1974 BMW 2002

    much to glossy! try posting some realistic photos
  6. rover1

    Bimmer history buffs

    Bimmer parts Co. i totally remember that catalog. whenever i come accross stuff like this it really reminds of how simple things used to be. pre-internet that is
  7. maybe for other makes and models but so much for 02 related stuff on CL
  8. are they still available i remember seeing those ads in European car mag in the 80's
  9. rover1

    BavAuto - now ECS Tuning

    how will this affect the 2002 community?
  10. rover1

    Will be selling complete running drop in motor.

    looks awesome! but why are you having a change of hard?
  11. rover1

    M10 Engine (For Rebuild)

    i need this if its still available
  12. rover1

    Bav auto

    who is the successor to BAV auto ireland?
  13. rover1

    1967 1600-2 Shell

    will you ACCEPT $20k?
  14. rover1

    Corrado 15" Steelies

    would you accept $200 without the tires?