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  1. any chance we could meet up half way between OC and LA
  2. those are most likely Wiseco Pistons wish you had a suitable block to match the pistons
  3. Hello peeps! looking to buy a 2 liter core m10 bottom end (Block, Crank, Pistons, Rods and Main bearing Caps) dont really need the cylinder Head. Southern California area
  4. killer wheels but will they fit 2002 without the aid of hub spacers or shims?
  5. pretty good deal to bad its not in california
  6. just for shits and giggles i wonder what what would happen if you shimmed the head and block to simulate a thicker headgasket so that you would know the exact point at witch you no longer have any interference
  7. rover1

    M10 engine

    wish it was in california
  8. if those engine blocks dont have the original main bearing caps there kinda worthless
  9. i wonder what im doing wrong for example "why dont i get the same number for each cylinder"
  10. Hello peeps trying to calculate compression ratio. the head has bin machined down to 128.26mm and the CC measurements im getting are between 59-61cc but im curious to know what the original numbers would have bin when the head was casted years ago for combustion chamber volume.
  11. do you know if the original crank bearing caps are lying around garage to match the engine blocks? those blocks are kinda worthless without them
  12. i think there is also a measurement for the deck height but if the block has never bin decked or machined its safe to assume it is at the original height
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